Good afternoon, Water Damage Denver friends, whomever your dope buddy is doing well. And certainly, hope that everybody’s life is returning back to normal in some form or fashion. It feels like it’s getting there who knows really don’t know what to expect on a day to day basis anymore. But in any case, um, one thing that’s kind of a bit of a perk about what we do on a day to day basis is seen how things are coming together to see how projects are, um, wrapping up and really looking awesome. It, um, It’s pretty common for us to walk into Water Damage Denver job, smoke job, a fire job, and see quite a bit of chaos, quite a bit of destruction, quite a bit of a challenge. So more often than not, when we walk into a home or a business place, the first thing we see is not the way things would typically look in that space. We see drywall falling out of the ceiling. We see levels all over the place on one smoke and fire jobs. We see Waterlogged carpet cupped or crowned wood flooring.

Just kind of chaos. And so typically, you know, from an aesthetic standpoint, it gets worse before it gets better. Uh, there’s demolition that typically needs to be done. There’s tear-out. So you go from having a property that has damage to it, to a property that. It has to have holes cut in. The ceiling has to have flood cuts performed along the base of the drywall has to have flooring ripped out. And so it can kind of look a little bit more challenging. It can look a little bit more sparse and an ideal as the project gets going along. But after that mitigation part is performed and everything is dry, everything is clean. Um, everything is safe, then the rebuild can happen. And, um, we’ve talked about in the past how, what, you know, what the responsibility of the insurance company is for their insured is to,

To make sure that the property gets back to pre-loss condition. So they’re going to look at what was this like before this happened, we need to get it back to that, nothing more, nothing less. And that’s, that is their objective with every claim. And sometimes property owners, um, are good with that. Some, you know, often they’ll just say, okay, yeah, perfect. Um, just like it was before, I’ll be happy with it, go for it. And other times they say, well, I’m kind of like the way they cook kitchen looked before, but really quite honestly didn’t care for the wood flooring. It was outdated. It was pretty rough. Um, didn’t really like, um, the Island because of the constant Water Damage Denver.

In the place that it was, we want more open space in the middle of the kitchen. Um, didn’t really care for that. Carpet wanted to, you know, put hardwood flooring or, you know, some sort of a luxury vinyl tile down. And so we are able to go ahead and put those pieces in place. So as the rebuild happens,, they get exactly what they want as far as an end product. And if that’s the same exact thing, essentially, as it was before, same paint colors, same, same finish work, same trim, same flooring, same, same appliances, same cabinetry, whatever. Then we will do exactly that.

If, if they have little things that they’d like to change more kind of a medium switch up here and there for changes or kind of more of a, over an overhaul of, of which they may need to, um, supplement that with some, some money of their own, depending on how extreme they want to get. You know, our goal is to provide them with whatever type of end product they want so that they are just super happy and super pleased. And, um, probably, you know, not wishing they could go through that experience again, but glad for the result. So part of my chore list today is to get around to a couple of properties and kind of make sure that some of these build backs are going the way they should be. And again, it’s kind of neat to see things tape, take shape, and see, um, building materials, go back in and see some of the steps that all go together to present the final product after the best Water Damage Denver repair job.

It’s not typically a quick one or two-day thing. It, it requires, you know, certain steps, certain, you know, there’s timing to certain steps today. We had huge, huge, um, rain showers in the morning. And so the humidity levels were pretty high and that affects, um, some of the drywall work that we’re doing today. Some of the mud isn’t going to dry quite as fast, and can’t be those next steps can’t be taken until it’s fully ready for that additional step. Now that’s something that probably could be hurried through and continued on. Um, but it’s a benefit to the customer to consider, you know, kind of even the atmospheric conditions and do what can be done appropriately based on that. So may take just a couple days longer, but, um, again, it’s all about being able to confidently offer, um, you know, the end product and, and, uh, Assure the customer that no corners have been cut. So if, If, if an individual understands and what we try to do from the get-go is to communicate the potential timelines of these projects. We, we always want to kind of over promise or under promise and over deliver, maybe get, you know, I mean, it would be kind of cool to be timeline projections and all this, but we always want to be as accurate as we can. And we could tell somebody that their project is going to take two months to complete just so that we can complete it in six weeks and,

You know, say, Oh look, we, You know, we’re two weeks early, aren’t you happy? Well, we had that person known that it more accurately would be six weeks instead of eight weeks, they may have been able to make other plans in their life. They may have been able to have that company come and stay with them, that they told them, go rent a hotel room. Cause we can’t have you type thing. Um, maybe they had other things that they needed to do to get out of town or whatever. And so we definitely want to always try to be super accurate, um, but also realistic when it comes to just kind of the finished work, the build back how long it should take. And then also just be upfront about the potential for things maybe happening that would, would have an effect on the timeline of that process, but really what it all comes back to is communication. And I think most people appreciate, um, just having an open line of communication and saying, Hey, these are my best guesses based on everything that I’ve been through.

Everything. I’ve seen things that have been similar to what you guys have here. And you know, my best professional guests is this. Now it could go right on schedule. If we could wrap up sooner, it may take a little longer. But what I can promise you is that I will communicate any and all of those things keep you updated, make sure you understand how things are going. And if there is a change in schedule, why that is, and that’s what we’re all about is just making sure those lines of communication are open. Not that it’s always going to be just some perfect process. Every single time, 100%, no exceptions. That’s just not realistic. But what we will do is try to keep everyone informed and try to work as hard as we can to, you know, respect people’s time, their schedule, and, uh, certainly advocate for them, do everything we can to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

So if you’ve had Water Damage Denver project that you need us to take a look at, we’d be happy to that’s what we do. We are your Water Damage Denver experts. We also do heavy, heavy work on the smoke and fireside, as well as mold. And those are areas that are not DIY and they are not something to really tackle yourself, but we are always happy to help, um, kind of qualify a project and let individuals know what they may be looking at. So please get in touch if you need Water Damage Denver assistance or any other sort of disaster or mitigation or repair. But until we meet you, stay safe.