Hello? Hello. Hello, Water Damage Denver. A number of friends. I hope you’re doing well. And welcome to another fine, fine edition of the Bigfoot restoration Water Damage Denver podcast of gold. I believe I made mention of this within the last couple of weeks, but I don’t think it’s something that we talk about very often. Um, and we always like to educate on the four major services that we offer. Those would be Water Damage Denver jobs, fire jobs, smoke jobs, and mold jobs. That’s what you’ll see on our website. If you look at bigfootrestoration.com, that is what you will see. If you see any of our signage, our work trucks, our business cards, our marketing materials, But we offer also a number of other ancillary services and all of them coordinate with restorative type work, cleaning. Sanitization, deodorization all those fun things, all those very necessary and healthy things. So one service that we provide, and like I said, I believe that I’ve touched on it relatively recently, but probably didn’t expound very, very much our deep cleaning and fogging services Right now. There is a massive, massive interest in Standardization. And I don’t know about you, but when I open up my Facebook feed or just my internet search in general, I don’t know. I guess I just really stopped counting how many ads that I would see that would show people and Tyvek suits with full-face respirators gloves, the whole nine yards walking through usually commercial facilities with their canister in one hand and the hose or the spray nozzle and the other, and they’re spraying and magical product into the air.

Now, I think I’ve mentioned frustration with how opportunistic many of these companies are. Um, if you do any kind of Google search history or a better business Bureau search or anything that would vet many of these companies, you would find that they are incredibly brand new. Why would that be well, what happens in the Gulf of Mexico or on the Florida panhandle or on that lower East coast? After a hurricane, all of the disaster restoration companies go there, roofing companies go there, Water Damage Denver companies go there. And a fair number of them really are legit. And they will travel literally from across the country with their vehicles, with their trailers, with their supplies, with their equipment, and with their people. And they will literally set up shop and get to work on the massive amount of Water Damage Denver restoration that needs to be done.

But they’re clearly going there to, you know, and it’s not a bad thing. So it, I don’t mean it to sound poor, but they’re going there to take advantage of an opportunity and if they’re there to help and they’re there to fix and to mitigate and to dry and to rebuild fairly with normal pricing, with acceptable pricing, I have no problem with that, but there is a very sad reality of price, gouging of incomplete work of all sorts of super shady newness that, um, comes out a lot of, a lot of those major disasters. Well, the pandemic, the whole pandemic thing is not specific to one area by any means. It’s obviously all over the world. So there’s no reason to need to travel here or there to offer a service that you feel is related to, um, you know, germ clean up, disinfect, disinfecting services, whatever you think, uh, provides a solution to what we’re being told is the problem with the best Water Damage Denver repair service.

But when Many, many companies, I don’t know if it’s tensor if it’s hundreds or whatever. I mean, I just see what I see on my feed. I certainly don’t go looking for them, But If there are good handfuls of companies that are just randomly popping up, suggesting that they have the skills, the ability, the knowledge, the equipment, and the product to disinfect large commercial buildings, I guess I kind of find that hard to believe. I think one of the main things that get under my skin is that There’s no attention to cleaning. There’s no attention to removing soil load before doing any of this. It’s simply dressing up in a fancy, interesting looking suit. Searcher looks, you know, professional shirt looks like a big deal. And then walking through a facility, like I said, spraying some magical product. And from what I’ve seen, many of these are thrown out some pretty outrageous invoices.

Now, A company needs to be compensated for the work that they do, and if it’s highly specialized and it requires significant amounts of personal protective equipment, then that needs to be considered. And oftentimes some of those services can and do cost quite a bit, but I’ve literally seen people, um, kind of bragging in certain groups about how they did this or that at a church we’re there for two hours and charge $2,500. Um, I try to not judge and to critique anyone else’s business, but I know what I know. And I know that that sort of service for that sort of time commitment is not appropriate to be billed out at $2,500. However, if it’s done right, it is a necessary service. So what is the proper dollar amount? Well, again, that is subjective from job to job, but the most, well, not, maybe not the most important thing, but an integral part of any sort of job where sort of fogging technique is going to be used is the fact that if soil load isn’t Removed, if point of touch surfaces, aren’t cleaned first before with the best Water Damage Denver.

The disinfectant, the sanitizing agent is applied. Then I wouldn’t say that it’s completely irrelevant, but it’s making it much less useful. It really, in a sense does make it pointless, um, to go through that process and that expense. But back to my original premise, which I kind of went down a rabbit hole, but we do offer deep cleaning services and we are performing a handful of those types of, um, services for many of our customers. So obviously just like every day, we’re still doing Water Damage Denver jobs. We’re still responding to smoke and fire and mold calls, but because of what’s currently going on and the knee, the legitimate need for it, we do have a crew that can go in and do a very good, thorough, deep cleaning, followed by a sanitizing, a fogging application,

And do both have to be done. They don’t, but it just depends on the customer’s request and their expectation. And we can provide, um, plenty of information on the benefits of each of those services, but, you know, doing a final, deep clean as what is quite often necessary, just about any job that we do, you know, at the end of a Water Damage Denver number job, if you know, drywall has been cut and replaced and all sorts of trades have been in and out of there, we will provide a final deep clean for the customers so that everything is nice and perfect when they move back in. There’s not dust on the furniture, there are no smudges on the mirrors and on the glass. Um, everything is been totally detailed and it looks awesome. So if you have a workspace that you would like us to come in and do a good thorough soil load removal on all the point of contact services and, and just really concentrate on a good, thorough, deep clean, we’d be more than happy to do that for you. And we’d also be happy to apply that sanitizing agent, you will see us get all dressed up in that super spaceman looking suits. And it doesn’t mean that it’s a harmful product. It does, does.

It just means we’re literally, um, you know, applying it everywhere in The facility and it’s not appropriate for it to come back really down on your scan or for you to breathe it in while you’re doing that. It’s not a harmful thing, but just one of those things that you should protect yourself while you’re applying it. And then once you’re done with that, it’s totally good to go ahead and be, and in the facility. But if that’s something that you’re interested in, you’d like to find out more information on, or you would like to schedule, um, a deep cleaning and sanitizing prod, um, service for your workspace. We would be happy to do that. Uh, just contact us@infoatbigfootrestoration.com or seven two seven seven, sorry, (720) 575-3668. And we will have a chat, see what you need and, um, do our best to meet your needs. Whether it’s Water Damage Denver job or deep cleaning job, we will look forward to serving you. And until then you stay safe.