Water damage Denver friends. Hope you’re doing well. Hope that you are ready to spend the next 10 minutes with us and loving every little nugget that we put out there on our big foot restoration podcast of gold. Typically we talk a lot about uh, water damage Denver losses, some of the jobs that we’ve done. Um, maybe stuff that’s in the news that might be water damage, timber related, but um, right now just because of the enormity and the seriousness of the fires that are going on with our friends in Australia. Want to just talk a little bit about what air quality means to you? Um, especially in the case of a smoke loss, a fire loss, um, whether or not it’s in your immediate environment or not, what, uh, things to think about and certainly what kind of damage can result and what you may have to have a water damage Denver or S, uh, smoke or fire damage, different company like Bigfoot restoration do for you. Um, in the case of a fire, either near or somewhere in the vicinity that affects you. So, uh, I am not somebody that has the news on a lot or, um, necessarily concerns themselves with what is going on throughout the world. Um, so I can’t say that I am the foremost source to project what exactly is going in on Australia, but we do have a number of friends that live on that beautiful continent and I know how it’s affecting them. So pardon me?

Pardon Megan? So I do know, um, kind of what those people are going through and what they’ve been through. I’m certainly hoping and praying for their safety and uh, that everything gets taken care of as soon as possible. So here in the Denver Metro area, especially in the summertime, we have, uh, days throughout the summer that are concerned, you’re considered a medium to high to very high fire danger. Um, just depends on how dry things are, how much, uh, you know, maybe snow pack we’ve got, um, from the winter time, um, you know, how much current precipitation there is, a number of different factors can result, um, to determine what the fire danger level is. And we all know or should know, that super dry climate, um, with not a lot of precipitation and I’m just not a good amount of saturation, especially up in the mountains, can be a huge kind of breeding spot for fire.

And what does it take for a fire to start and then erupt? Well, not much. Literally a flick of an Ash from a cigarette. Um, you know, a fire not being put out properly from a campfire. Um, lightning strike kind of an incidental thing perhaps. Um, you know, just the result of, um, something super freaky or random, but you couple that with just a small, um, brush fire or something relatively insignificant, um, with wind and then you’ve got fuel that can just completely destroy acres upon acres of forest or really any sort of geographical type. Doesn’t have to be just heavily wooded areas at all can be. But obviously, even relatively recently, Los Angeles, Bev, uh, kinda the Hollywood area was inundated with, with fires. So, um, you know, certainly when you’ve got something crazy going on, there’s no way that you can, you know, dictate obviously when it’s your house, there’s certain things you can do as a homeowner to potentially mitigate or not necessarily mitigate but prevent or control, um, smoke or fire damage. When it’s external like this, it’s gonna do whatever it’s going to do. I mean, you can put certain barriers and do different things around your home, but, um, probably not something you want to try to fight on a personal level. Best to be safe, get out and,

you know, worry about things from afar. Thanks. Can be replaced. Homes can be rebuilt, health cannot, lives cannot.

Water Damage Denver | Ever Been To Australia?

But just say in the case of a lot of these Australians that the, the fire may or not may not be incredibly close, but they may feel the effects of that in the air. You know, for the first day when there’s a fire, and I’ve, I’ve dealt with this plenty of times firsthand. First day it kinda, it’s kinda cute. It’s kind of nostalgic almost. There’s, there’s kind of that wood smell in the air. It kind of, you know, it doesn’t necessarily smell awful. Um, just kinda smells like campfire. But after a couple of days or even now for these poor folks out in Australia, weeks on end of breathing, smoke and filtrated air is not a good thing. And I’m not a doctor, I’m not going to go into the anatomy of the lung and how our bodies work, but it’s not a positive thing for any human being or mammo in general to breathe in smoke infused air.

So there again, even if you’re not an imminent danger, um, just being, just kind of getting the collateral effect of, of the fire along way away can be something to be concerned about. Remove your you and your family from if need be. So obviously, um, if that’s the case from a fire away far away, you know, if you’ve got smoke damage in your home, the air quality probably isn’t great either. And it’s imperative to get a restoration company out to, um, to handle the odor, to potentially pull some air sampling and make sure you get your property back to a super clean, habitable, safe place for you. And your family, your coworkers, whomever. Um, oftentimes I should just throw this in as a side note. When when people do experience fire loss, they can actually act also experience a water damage Denver loss as well.

Um, what happens when a house is on fire while the fire department comes and they do what they use, their massive trucks and resources, hoses, whatever, to put out the flames with flame retardant chemical, water, anything that can extinguish the flames, right? Um, they’re probably not too concerned about, um, the water damage Denver that will result from their attempts to get your house to quit burning, which is fine, but that needs to be mitigated and remediated as well. So, um, could be kind of a double doozy with a fire damage job that kinda turns into a water damage job as well. Um, but for now with these fires, smoke damage is the topic, digital ware. And so, uh, hopefully we’ve illustrated how even smoke a far off can affect you can affect your property and you know, if, if you are close to a fire, hopefully, you know, we’re not wishing this upon anyone, but if your home or your property is close to a fire and that odor in that soot in that, you know, just kind of collateral damage from the fire infiltrates your home or property, it may be caused to have a restoration company come out and assess the damage that’s been done and how to get things cleaned up and counteracted, um, so that you can get back to normal life.

So again, we hope and pray that these fires in Australia are handled and that everything is, uh, there’s gotten under control as soon as possible, but more locally in the Denver area. If you are ever, you know, under the duress of a smoke damaged job, a fire damage job or a water damage Denver job, please reach out to Bigfoot. We’d be happy to help in whatever way we can. And um, yeah, we don’t want you to have to contact us. But in the time of need, we want you to be our first. We want to be your first contact until then though, you stay safe.