Hey, what’s up? What a damage did her friends wanted to get with you here for just a few minutes to discuss what we um, run into sometimes and that is not the funnest topic in the world, but let’s, um, let’s get dirty. Let’s get smelly today. What do you say? I want to get smelly. Well, it was smelly on Friday when we got a phone call from a client that we do some more of a cleaning work for in this particular client. It’s a, it’s a chair. It’s um, it’s a nonprofit organization. They do some amazing, amazing work for, for disadvantaged youth and things of that nature. And they have campuses all over the Metro area, so they’re serving tons of kids. Kids live there 24, seven, you know, they try to help them get everything turned around and get their life on track and help mentor them and you know, get them just set off on a positive note.

So love their work. We’ve supported them for a long time and they’ve been gracious enough to have us out when they need carpet cleaning, done air duct cleaning, done. So on and so forth. But the call that they gave us on Friday afternoon was, um, water damage, Denver related, but grew stinky water damage, Denver related. They had a toilet overflow, um, on their main level of one of their, uh, campus houses. And it went all over the floor in the bathroom down through event and to the, you know, ceiling down below in the basement, which is finished. It’s like their gym down there, lots of workout equipment, things like that. And so they, um, you know, and they’ve got, I mean these are minimum security kind of medium security type places. So, you know, doors have to be locked, everything’s super secure, and they were just kinda little overwhelmed as to what they should do and, um, how they should proceed.

So like we always do, we put, uh, everything we could, you know, as far as our ability to get out there ASAP. Got that, uh, accomplished. And we were on site, well within our 90 minutes threshold of when we, um, attempt to be to every emergency water damage Denver situation by him. So, um, the kind of the thing issue cause complication with this one was that they hadn’t had a plumber out yet. He was still in route. He wasn’t, he wasn’t there, he hadn’t fixed things yet, which it, you know, I’m not a plumber, don’t pretend to be, don’t want to be, but it just looked like something that, you know, they could roto Rooter out pretty quick, plunge out pretty quick and it should be fine, but that’s not our line of work. So we don’t necessarily try to get involved with that, but we did have to work around what was, technically speaking is still a broken toilet.

So pretty gross to have to deal with that right there in your face while you’re trying to get work done. But the fact of the matter is you’ve got a ton of kids in this facility. You’ve got, um, grossly, you know, this is a category three water damage, Denver job. It is grossly contaminated. Um, it’s not something that you just wipe up with some paper towels and put a fan on you. Uh, as a matter of fact, you have to be very careful to protect yourself and all other inhabitants of the property. So we, uh, to keep it brief, you know, we obviously went through the protocol of proper containment, proper cleanup, disinfecting, um, making things sanitary again, but then comes the dry out process. And, um, unfortunately down in the basement, you know, it affected us, you know, decent amount of drywall in the ceiling.

So we were not able to, because of the threshold, um, contingencies, we weren’t able to just get right after it and start cutting out drywall because, um, we’re required to pull as best as tests if we’re going to be cutting over an area about three square feet. So we had to request that service, uh, to be performed, um, that day. And we have a great couple of companies that get in and do those tests for us. But, uh, obviously, you know, we had to wait in to get the results back from that. It’s not immediate. They do get stuff turned around pretty quick, but you always have to wait a list at least a little while. So, um, we did everything we could that afternoon got right on it, got uh, things cleaned up like I said, as best as possible, but um, definitely had to uh, hold off until we got that clearance back.

Water Damage Denver | Don’t Lose The Cats

And of course we got that clearance late Friday night, so we got back in there Saturday and did the rest of uh, the demo work. Uh, set up containment in the basement. Um, you know, you just never want, especially with uh, grossly contaminated water damage, Denver’s situation, you don’t want any gross nasties floating the rest of that livable space down there. Like I said, it’s their workout area. Lots of big heavy equipment. Kids are going to be down there breathing, hard, sweating, working out, things like that. You don’t want an unsanitary environment. So set up containment, completely blocked it off. Basically made a little room down there, Florida ceiling so that we’d be able to properly remove the effect of drywall, treat and clean the structure above the drywall, the two by fours, the trusses, the cross beans and everything like that and the underside of the sub floor from up top and get drying equipment and going to get them dry and back to normal so they can do their reconstruction. Now, something that we talked about quite often, um, in these little podcasts are that things like this, this is why you have insurance, but, um, you know, each person’s deductible is different. So, um,

there are decisions to be made when it comes to that. And with these folks, there was a decision to be made because apparently their deductible is just astronomically high. So after kind of shooting them some ideas of what this job may come to for us and for rebuild, things like that, they opted, um, they just said, well, our deductibles way too high, we, we won’t be getting them involved. So our insurance company involved. So, um, tough one there. Um, because then, you know, every, every single process and everything, I mean, it, it’s no big deal. We have no problem with this at all. But obviously every single process, every single day, every single piece of equipment is being billed for charged and you’re going to be, have to be paid for by the client, straight out of pocket. And especially with a nonprofit, you know, there’s, money’s always an issue.

Budget’s always an issue and we certainly want to help them watch their bottom line as much as possible. But the work has to get done properly as well. You know, we just can’t skip steps. We’ve got to, we’ve got to do the correct job again to make sure that down the road nobody gets sick. Nobody’s complaining of this and that comes back, Oh yeah, this wouldn’t happened if the step would have been done correctly or these things would have been, uh, tended to, things like that. So, um, in any case, it does add an extra element, you know, when again, dealing with either contaminated or grossly contaminated water damage number situations when you are dealing with, you know, a self pay as opposed to insurance and not that, you know, anything has done necessarily differently. But there again, um, you know, this is what insurance is for and adjusters, reasonable adjusters will understand and verify and okay, all of the necessary steps to getting things taken care of properly. So when that is not a part of the mix, that can be a little difficult for some clients to understand why this or that has to be done. Because ultimately, you know, obviously they’re, they’re writing the check for it. And for someone that just doesn’t do it every day, um, it might not be incredibly palatable as to why each thing needs to take place.

Okay. Pardon me. Had to cut out there for a sec. Okay. So just to put a bow on this, a little guy, um, those grossly contaminated type deals are a little bit more of a challenge. Again, it’s, it’s all about health. It’s all about safety. It’s all about being able to present back to the client a property that they can feel safe in proceeding with, rebuild that they can feel like they’re family friends, you know, coworkers, if it’s commercial property, whatever are going to be able to live, work, play, whatever is normal and not have to worry about any sort of gross Snus going on as a result of mismanaged or miss attended to category three water damage. Denver job. It’s got to take the steps gotta do the right thing. Got to clean it up and got to dry it out. God forbid you ever have anything happen like that to you, but if you do have a toilet overflow, the cha need assistance with. If you do have, uh, you know, those water damage, Denver losses with respect to a failed plumbing issue or something like that, uh, that’s right up our alley. Those are the types of things that we do every day. So again, your water damage number, ask experts are here when you need us. Seven two, zero five, seven, five foot. Until next time, please stay safe.