What is up water damage Denver friends hope that you are just having a fan tastic life today and every day hi, got, um, a little bit of knowledge for you on this podcast of gold. As I watch people drive like absolute maniacs and endanger other people’s lives. Um, you know,

something just dawned on me and I always catch myself. I, you know, when you’ve been doing something like this for so long, um, it’s almost like it’s the language you speak with respect to cleaning and restoration. And so having been dealing with water damage Denver issues, uh, just cleaning and general restorative type things for the better part of the last 20 years. Um, you know, the first thing that catches my eye if I go into a restaurant and the carpets are filthy, disgusting, the upholstery that they want you to sit on is greasy and stained and crusty. Um, you know, I, I just noticed that stuff right off the bat. Uh, obviously I then look for an opportunity to potentially offer the services that we offer with a couple of our cleaning companies. But it’s just something that I know is important and that other people notice.

And you know, sometimes you have to help business owners or different, you know, managers in different industries to understand the perception that, that customers have Water Damage Denver. If they go in and maybe the food is phenomenal, maybe the experience is great, the customer service is right on point, but some of those ancillary things can get overlooked and can really drive down, uh, the presentation, the overall perception of, of that doctor’s office, pediatrician’s office, any health related, um, place or, or restaurant really are the main ones. But anyway, um, just in, in the vein of, you know, just kind of thinking in terms of, you know, what we encourage people to do to protect and maintain their homes on a daily basis or in the event of a water damage dimmer situation or any other sort of, uh, loss. Um, you know, I’m just sitting here over the last few days and I, I put quite a few miles on my vehicle.

I love my truck. I love my Toyota Tundra. It’s uh, I kind of have actually a, a kind of a crush on her. She is, um, she’s just, she’s just phenomenal. And she was my dream truck when I got her and still five years later, I love this truck. It is phenomenal. It gives me everything I need as far as space and room. And with respect to the cab, I can fit the whole family in here plus dogs. Um, the bed of the truck offers, you know, just about as much space as I ever need. The window in the back rolls down completely so I can actually fit stuff through the back window all the way up to the front of the cab, which I’ve done. And that is a huge asset. So everything about this vehicle I love and it has been super reliable. It has, you know, just had typical maintenance stuff.

And maybe like one little thing that I can think of over the last five years that I’ve needed to take it in to get serviced. Other than that, it has been incredibly reliable and that is just not the case. I’ve had other vehicles way be, you know, before this truck that it was like, it seemed like every week we were having to take the vehicle in for something. The check engine light would go on for whatever reason. And it was just draining and it was, it was just annoying and it causes you to almost hate those vehicles. So that is not the case with this one. But here’s my thing, I’ve been driving around now for probably a week or so with my maintenance light on and that’s because I’m due for an oil change. I, I only put full synthetic oil in this truck. Um, I’ve always tried to do the extra service type stuff when it comes to putting like a KNN filter, um, which is an air filter, high performance air filter, and, um, any little things that I could do, you know, just a little bit better products in it.

Water Damage Denver | Does Your Home Need Updating?

I always do at least mid-grade gasoline. Um, and it’s really just about the, almost kind of the same thing with our bodies. The better you treat them, the better fuel you put in, the better fruit food that you feed yourself, the more healthy and unprocessed and all of these different things. No, you know, no sugar or little sugar, um, you’re just gonna feel better. You’re going to perform better. And same thing with your vehicles. So I’m kind of feeling a little bit like a bum today for getting ready to podcast on maintaining your home and different little things that you should do to just expect the best results out of your home and indoor environment. And meanwhile, I’m driving around in a vehicle that I claim to love, claim to want to last for all a long time and yet I have neglected to get in and I’ve got, you know, in my mind, good reasons, been super busy, just haven’t had the opportunity to take it in.

And you can do these quick little oil change places, but still, even though they say they’re going to be, you know, pretty quick in and out, I’ve literally sat at some of those places for an hour and a half and you know, they’re just understaffed or whatever the case is and you can’t really get too mad at them but you’re locked in, you have no choice at that point. Your truck or your car is in their Bay and it’s not like you can say, all right, time’s up. I’m out of here. You have to let them finish their, their deals. So just knowing what the reality of kind of the time requirement of that is, I have not made it in. So if I let it go too much longer, I shouldn’t be all that surprised if I run the risk of, you know, something kind of happening and I really hope so.

I’m not hope, I’m not jinxing myself right now, but that is just kind of the risk that you and I take when we understand something is possible and we know how to approach it. Maybe not personally, but we know how to reach out to, to have that service performed. And then we also rely on that individual in the case of automobiles to give us their professional opinion on other things that needed to be attended to. And I know a little bit about vehicles, I know a little bit about how all of the different components of the vehicle work and how they work together to make sure that the whole thing drives and performs great. Your engine could be running in tip top performance, but you know, if your brakes are shot, uh, that’s going to be an issue. And it’s not like the engine and the brakes necessarily feed back and forth off one another.

But as far as the entire ability to drive from point a to point B safely, you need several different systems working and operating properly and you know, ideally at peak performance, but at least at an acceptable performance. And that is, uh, that parallels your home, that parallels your indoor environment. Um, obviously you’ve got a number of different, different systems. You’ve got gas, you’ve got electricity, you’ve got water, you’ve got sewer, you’ve got, um, air exchange that, you know, you need fresh air coming in, you need air movement in a home. Um, you need insulation. There’s a lot of different things that kind of work together to provide you with the comfortable and safe indoor environment. But a lot of people, um, willing, willingly neglect and just ignore things that, that really they shouldn’t. So, you know, um, you know, there’s only so many dollars to be spent, so much disposable income.

So sometimes it really just comes down to a matter of what can we afford, what can we reasonably do and what can we not. Um, and then obviously, you know, just sometimes people have to prioritize and they say, well, I get that. I might need to do this, but I sure would rather do this, whether it’s something, uh, you know, maybe a little bit more materialistic, like, you know, newer car, your furniture or something that just feels a little more fun to purchase and to have to enjoy as opposed to some damage that you know, can be dealt with. I guess is the way most people look at it. Yeah, we can deal with that. No big deal. Nobody ever sees it. It doesn’t bother us. We can throw a rug over it, we can paint over it, we can do whatever. It’ll be fun.

Um, it might be, and if it is and you can live with it and you can promise yourself that you’re, you’re providing a safe and healthy environment for you and your loved ones or your, your workers or whatever, then that’s, that’s great. That’s fine. But there are definitely times when water leaks that happen, water damage Denver that occurs that, um, you know, Oh yeah, we tried to drive that up pretty well. We, you know, we use towels and we got, um, our, our little wet back out or we went and rented a rug doctor and we feel like we sucked out, you know, as much carb, as much water out of the carpet as we could. Um, we got, you know, three or four fans, you know, a little box fans and put them all over. And we had those running for a week and yep.

Think we’re good. Well, again, you might be, and hopefully that’s the case and we, we never want to push anything that we do or that we would want to do if somebody doesn’t need it. But, um, oftentimes people do need a reality check. They need, need to understand there can be a little bit more than what meets the eye. Um, you know, what you can see visually on the surface may appear one way, but with a closer look or maybe some use of diagnostic tools or maybe just a little bit of exploration, uh, you may find something totally different and something that you may want to and need to know about to make a good educated decision if you want, uh, to fix a problem. So it really, as far as the services that we offer, it’s really more about water damage Denver, it’s really about leaks that have, you know, occurred long ago or are kind of just like slow, slow leaks or things that people feel like they can deal with and kind of keep an eye on and clean up and whatever. Um, but maybe it’s something that kinda happens, like, uh, you know, maybe you’ve got just a, a wacky sewer system

that you just feel is going to back up once a year. And so you just expect it. And when all sorts of nasty stuff starts coming up out of your, you know, basement drain, um, you just put on your rubber boots and plug your nose and go down there and do the best you can. Well, like I said, um, just depending on the logistics of your home and, um, the type of material that that stuff touches when it does come out

or come come up, uh, you might be okay, but you might, uh, you might need some assistance and education on how you really things things are, are in reality and what you should consider either doing yourself if it’s possible or having a restoration company that is highly trained and able and willing to get that taken care of in a very safe and professional manner. So, um, just a little constructive advice on a beautiful day. Again, um, just something to remind you that, um, maintenance and attention to detail is necessary just like it is for our bodies, for our vehicles, for anything that we want to continually run and that we want to continually enjoy. We definitely need to need to apply that same perspective to our home or workplace anywhere that we’re living or spending an ample amount of time in an indoor environment and make sure all the systems and the health and safety and those are on point as well. So do you have any questions or concerns with respect to that? Please reach out. We are always here when you need us until then you stay safe.