Yo, Yo Water Damage Denver, friends and family and strangers and enemies. This, uh, this is going to be a good day. This is going to be a great day. Let’s speak some positivity into our lives here. I’m not into a lot of Zen, like a picture and it will materialize in your life type stuff, but we’ll get a shot because

I, um, I have to be honest, I, I have, I have some news that I’m, I’m a little bummed out on and I want, I just need some more positivity in my life. This morning I wanted to address this situation and I, I want, um, I want to identify kind of, um, what I think might be an epidemic with respect to, um, bird enthusiasts across the nation. But, um, I also, I just want to try to, um, put some sense to it, you know, in, in every, in every, in every bad thing there. There’s usually a little bit, at least a little bit of a silver lining in these clouds. A little bit of, of a lesson that we can learn and let’s, we’ll just try to do that. And, um, I, I just have to decompress her. I apologize. Um, words aren’t coming to me. Well, um, but I guess, uh, rather than, you know, beating around the Bush here, um, I understand that, uh, that we have, we have a, um, a parakeet that may have, have perished, may of May not be with us. He or she, I’m not really sure, um, the gender of the parakeet, but, um, I just understand that, that this little life may not be with us anymore. Um, you know, if it were a rapper, I might pour out some malt liquor for it and, um, you know, I’m going to read it in that way, but, um, let’s just take a moment and pour out a little bird seed for this little guy.

Okay. Thank you.

and you might be, your mind might be completely spinning here and wondering, what in the world does this have to do with anything water damage Denver related, anything to do with a, a typical, this is not the way the typical bigfoot restoration repair podcasts of gold podcasts of usually usually go. And there’s a reason for that. Um, it’s just a current event, you know, any, anytime a, a, uh, we have an event like this where, you know, a young parakeet went on potentially before, before its time. Uh, you know, I had a pair of cute when I was younger and it lived a very long and full life because I treated it like a parakeet in your again, just hang with me here. Don’t, don’t, don’t turn turn the channel yet. Don’t uh, hit stop and erase on this podcast quite yet. There will, there will be a moral to this story when I was young and I had my little parakeet, I’m trying to remember his name at the moment.

Honestly I don’t remember. I think it might’ve been Gladys. Gladys, the per kid. I think that was his or her name there again, not really sure how you identified genders and parakeets. Perhaps they can identify as either, um, I, I just don’t know. I’m, I’m not, not well versed on, on gender location or I’m attributing a gender to two birds in general, let alone parakeets. But, um, I had one and yet it was with us for quite a while. But, um, you know, we just try to treat it like a parakeet. We Fed it, we gave it water, we made sure it was chirping and doing parakeet like things. And Reese we respected its, um, its limitations as a very nice, beautiful functional pet. But, uh, but that was it. And that’s really kind of what, um, that, that that’s the way that we, uh, you know, approach kind of what we do on a day to day basis.

Uh, we understand exactly who we are, what we are, what we can do, what we can do. And to deviate from that in a, in a way seems as if it may be detrimental to the company or at least affect it somewhat in a negative way. It’s very, in my opinion, over all of the businesses in the decades that I’ve been involved in, uh, cleaning restoration, water damage Denver repair, fire smoke, you know, situations, mold mitigation. Um, it’s always been very important to me to identify exactly what you can promise to a property owner as a company. And nothing more, nothing less. And really it can be pretty problematic, um, for companies when, when they, when they try to act bigger than they are or make promises that they may not potentially be able to keep. And as well, you know, as a consumer we want to be honest with ourselves as far as what we expect a company to do and what, what is reasonable for, you know, to, to make sure that they perform and, and, uh, you know, for whatever reason, sometimes there was an emotional tie sometimes and you really want to go with the company or perhaps with the brand because you just have, you know, you, you liked the way it looks or he liked the way it feels or maybe, um, you know them or there’s some sort of, some sort of a kind of secondary or tertiary relationship.

They’re just want it to work, but it’s not going too well. In the case of this little pair of key guy, um, it, it’s coming to my attention that, that the owner really wanted to treat him like a parrot or another exotic bird that just has more ability than a little parakeet guys do. And is that the parakeets fault? No. And perhaps the abilities of the pair of key could be stretched. I don’t know. I mean, I, I can’t imagine their brains are real large, but perhaps they could, you know, be taught to whistle or they could be taught to Bob their head a little faster than usual. But at what point do you just realize and understand and come to terms that it’s okay, this is just a parakeet. It’s not apparent. It’s not, um, gosh, I don’t know what, uh, what other sorts of birds people have as pets that can talk and interact.

You can teach them all sorts of things. Maybe put them on a leash and take them for a little hop around the house or something like that. But every pair of Keith that I’ve ever known, and certainly being an experienced parakeet owner, um, I, it, it never entered my mind to spend valuable time in my day trying to make that parakeet anything other than a pair of [inaudible]. And so with respect to our, our industry in our efforts and the water damage Denver jobs that we perform day in, day out, um, you know, again, this just kind of, it kind of touched me because I can just imagine the traumatic stress that this little perky guy went through. Um, you know, probably, um, just unfairly to a certain degree. Like I said, perhaps he could, you know, take on a little bit more on his little parakeet plate then, then maybe other birds perhaps, you know, he’s kind of a, an astute little guy. Maybe he, you know, scored high on his, on his parakeet exam. I don’t know. But again, um,

for, for, for the, I guess what you call the, the owner or the, uh, the caretaker of this particular little guy, um, wanting him to be able to operate on a parent level or do things that other, you know, birds that are just more accustomed to being taught and to being a, you know, more of, more of a demand being put on them to perform in these entertaining ways. This poor little guy, his head was probably spinning going, dude, I’m just a pair of [inaudible]. I like to Chirp. I like to sing maybe an occasional whistle. But other than that I’m a, I’m just a pretty little bird and hopefully some little, some Wacko doesn’t pop my head off like in the movie. Dumb and dumber rest in peace to, to PD in that, in that film, if you remember that from the late nineties. But um, in any case, uh, water damage Denver, how does this relate again to a parakeet being treated like prepare it? Well, again, it’s, it’s up to both of the company to identify themselves as what they are, what they can do, what they’re certified in, what they’re competent in and you know, do, do they really understand the mold game? Do they really understand and indoor, environmental, um,


Testing and how to read a test and how to go about protocol wise. Um, cleaning up that environment. Do they understand how to read a property of, of uh, of a smoke smell once, uh, you know, smoke damages occurred. Do they know how to properly evaluate when a structure is then exposed to fire and how, how to get that structure back to, to hold and to get, you know, all of the content, the containment, the um,

the things, the, the content is the word I was looking for. Um, cleaned up, you know, odor, neutralize, things like that. What’s, what’s their ability, water damage Denver wise of being able to, um, properly address the amount of water damage Denver, um, that’s, that’s taken place. Do they have the equipment to get just a small room dry? Do they have the ability to get a whole house dry, a commercial building, dry it. It really is just up to the owner, to the owners, to the workers to, to know exactly what those capabilities are and then to be able to, you know, confidently take that knowledge that those abilities and perform for the customer. And again, opposite on the opposite side of the coin from a consumer perspective there, there may be a company would, you know, it doesn’t matter if it’s water damage Denver related, you know, restoration or something completely different maybe, you know, so and so that is really recommending a um, you know, an experience they had and maybe more on a small scale, but you want, maybe they hired a company to come out and do a birthday party for a few kids and you want to throw, you know, a birthday party for 200 kids and you want this, this company did come out and give you a great experience.

Well that’s great. And I’m sure if they could, they would love to, to operate on that scale, but they just can’t because they’re not designed to do something that large. You know, same thing, you know, I’ve got a teenage son or close teenage son, I was a teenager kind of a long time ago, but not that long ago. And we get stuck on different brands and their stuff. That’s cool because you know, your friends are wearing it or it’s hip or it’s trendy or somebody that you look up to, you know, maybe a sports person or whatever, where’s this type of logo or they’re endorsed by, by these people. And, and man, you just, you just need to do that too. And so you’re gonna go out and invest in that brand or that logo and maybe you get that pair of shorts home or that pair of sneakers home and man, it’s just not comfortable or just doesn’t look right or it doesn’t fit right, but it’s, but, but that, that’s still not a deal breaker for you.

You just still want to make your parakeet be a parent. You want them to learn the word or you want them to whistle to you when you come in the room and acknowledge your presence, you want it very, in this case, relatively speaking, a, a cheap bird to perform like an expensive bird. And I don’t know what parents are going for these days. I haven’t researched the, the retail market for, for parents, but I do know that you can go to petsmart and pick up a little parakeet guy for 20 or $25. And I’m absolutely certain that parrots are, are not going for that dollar amount. Maybe on the secondary market. I don’t know. I’ve been, I, I’ve not looked on Craig’s list or let go for any second hand parrots. Um, perhaps you could find an elderly parent that, um, is on its last, you know, Little Swan Song.

Nope. Uh, to, you know, give you maybe a couple of days, couple months of enjoyment, get some kick out of that guy before, you know, he bites the bites, the dust. Perhaps you can, you know, find a lower price point there for a para. But please Burt owners out there. Treat your, treat your poultry friends like the poultry they are, if they’re parakeet, let him be a parakeet. If there, if they’re a parent demand more good. Yeah. Do what you needed to do. You know, spend your hours of the day teaching them naughty little things to say that you and your buddies can giggle at. Um, you know, on a, on a Friday night when you get into a few [inaudible] or something. Um, but you know, I mean, if you’re going to have chickens running around, let, let him just lay eggs, man. Just let them be chickens. If you’re gonna, if you’re going to have a, a Falcon, let that thing be an amazing falcon.

Let it roam your yard for mice and, and for rabbits and let it do its Falcon thing and make sure you have your leather suits on and your gloves and your arm thing so it doesn’t rip your flesh off your bones when it returns to you. I don’t know that Falcon ownership is legal, but the whole point is just let the bird be what it was designed to do so we don’t have another unfortunate potential fatality. Again, I’m not neither confirming nor denying the fate of this little guy, but from what I understand, he may have been stressed out to the point where it was just too much for him to handle and he might be flying around, um, you know, and in the Birdie afterlife right now. So, uh, pick your company’s wisely. Understand what they can do, what they can’t do. Companies out there, regardless of it’s in the water damage Denver restoration industry or other, be honest with yourself, with your clients about the promises you can make, the duties you can perform. It’ll work out best for everybody. Again, I’m going to pour out just a little more bird seed for this guy just in his memory, assuming that, um, he is in a better place now. But, um, you know, I appreciate you riding with me for this episode. I thought it was a, it made complete sense to tie in water damage Denver.


News and information and resource too.


To this, uh, this event that, that just kinda hit me, you know, very deep emotionally big foot restoration is, are always here when you need us. We are ready to roll. Seven, two zero five, seven, five, three, six, six, eight. You have a wonderful day. We will talk to you on the next bigfoot podcast of gold.