damage. Denver buddies, compadres, Amigos associates, dignitaries, good to be with you today. And um, crazy, crazy turn of events here in the metro area. Typically late in June. Um, we’re sneaking up pretty high temperatures on a daily basis. Moisture levels can kind of be low to non-existent, but this year it’s just


it’s acting like it wants to hang on to spring as long as it can. We’re now into our second or third day of summer and they have been anything but summer like temperatures in the fifties and sixties. Crazy

[inaudible] big

scale rain yesterday, some hail and the way the forecast looks, we might be in for another bout today and tomorrow. So to review some of our prior additions of big foot restoration podcast, gold students, we should know that water damage a Denver incidents can occur when ground saturation reached its peak level. And when we have large volumes over a period of two, three, four, five days in a row with maybe one skipped again, the ground doesn’t have enough time to distribute that water out and it will continue to compile and find its way into its easiest way of escape, which could be your crawl space, could be your basement, could be places that you don’t want it to be. So, um, we, we want to help remind you continuously of these sorts of things. Cause in, in our minds, we should be in the middle of summer here.

Typically we’re in the 90s, you know, maybe a light sprinkle in the afternoon or something from time to time. But this is kind of a funkier, I guess so far at least. And you know, I was thinking today happens to be Sunday and, uh, I was thinking about a church song that I, I learned when I was a little kid, head and shoulders, knees and toes. And, uh, I, I can’t say that I, maybe I should look out to s look up rights on that song. Um, you used to do a little work in the music industry, so I certainly don’t want to infringe upon anyone’s copyrights idol. I don’t know where the royalties go when I’m, when I suggest making up a song based off of head and shoulders, knees and toes. And it would be something like roofs and gutters, downspouts and negative drainage. And that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like head and shoulders, knees and toes. But I mean it’s not bad. You know, roofs and gutters and downspouts and negative drainage, downspouts and negative drainage downspouts and negative drainage.


maybe it, maybe it needs to be worked down a little bit. So I’ll perfect that song. Um, I think that, I think that could be going somewhere. Um, again, I’ll need to reach out to, um, whoever, you know, may have written that song or maybe their family to make sure I’m not, not overstepping my bounds by taking that hook and making it, um, for the water damage Denver restoration purposes. But, uh, I just want to be in compliance anyway. Um, again, you know, just one of those songs that you learn when you’re a little kid and 40 years later it’s still with you. So perhaps if we can make a little jingle that can also get in people’s heads that can save them from some water damage Denver from, from a leaky basement, from a flooded, flooded crawl space. Um, if not no big deal, just a, just an attempt to make life easier for folks out there. So, um, if you have gotten into that summer mindset of uh, don’t need to worry about most turning up more, don’t need to worry about rain. Um, don’t snap out of it. Be Alert, be aware. Another thing that can happen, and we don’t usually get crazy hail here, but just so you know, insurance claims that involve hail, where you know, you get a golf ball size hail where bigger, it can easily break glass.

I have seen more often than not, um, claims get denied when Hale breaks the window and then rain comes in. Water causes water damage Denver, it can,

uh, no

caused pretty decent damage. We did a job or two not too long ago where that exact thing happened. Hailstorm broke the window in a egress, so on the lower level. And then I don’t think these folks even realized it until like the next day. So hail broke the window and then water came in, um, until the rain storm, you know, obviously went away and they had some nastiness going on and it was in a beautiful kind of entertainment room, Paul Pool Table, some fun stuff going on. And so they, they had damage to a lot of that stuff. So those sorts of things are super, maybe not, oh that don’t happen all that often. But they do happen from time to time and certainly we want people to protect themselves from potential water damage Denver when, especially when, uh, a claim is likely to be disapproved by an insurance adjuster, just a little snippet.

Maybe your adjuster is really, really nice. Maybe they like you a lot and maybe they will take care of you no matter what. But in the instance instance that that’s not the case. We want zero water damage Denver to happen to you. So if it does, we’re here. Seven two zero five seven, five foot, and it’s always a pleasure to be a resource and to help and a friend. If you do ever go through anything water damage Denver related, we are happy to be here. We are more than happy to help. If you need us, we’ll talk to you soon.