What is up water damage Denver friends, hope you’re doing well out in water damage Denver land or wherever you may be. It has been on my mind to address, um, an article that I came across a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to do a little more research on it and kind of get a little more info. But, uh, I think the story has kinda come and gone. And so, um, I don’t know that it got a whole lot of press, but I thought it was incredibly interesting. And then just more recently we, we kind of have been dealing with a potential loss at a home in the metro area. Uh, water damage, Denver loss that has mold implications that, uh, I think there’s, there’s a couple interesting similarities, uh, with these two things. So a little bit of a current event and then a little application. So that’s the way we like to do it here in water damage Denver land. And, um, and so here we go. Um, I can’t remember the name of the company right off the top of my head and I’ll, I guess that’s probably the best in any case as I, I’m not looking to pile on or, or necessarily out anyone as far as their personal products that they’re trying to get introduced into the marketplace.

But to be

brief a certain, I don’t know if you would call her a or B list celebrity, probably more like B, B minus type celebrity. If that gift even that has decided to get into the cosmetic and lipstick and that sort of space. And you see a lot of people that are in, um, TV or media go this route and try to develop their own line of makeup or facial care or home products or things like that or, or fragrances, uh, just because they have the platform and their, their name is recognized and so, um, they have a following and they’re able to prepay something that typically has pretty low overhead and relationship to what these products are ever able to be sold for. But enough about the of it, it’s just something that is, you know, quite honestly kind of probably a smart idea for folks that already have a platform and should be able to to draw on that for the product that they’re purveying water damage Denver friends. The point that I’m getting at is that on this Gal’s first launch of her product, she got immediate and pretty consistent feedback that there may be mold on the lipstick that she was sending out to people. And I think there was another product that people were really concerned and curious about because the smell that they smelled when they opened up this certain product just didn’t seem right. And apparently there was some sort of


aesthetic to whatever they were seeing that just didn’t, didn’t really make them happy, didn’t make them feel like they wanted to put this on their face or their lips or whatever. So understandably so. There was, there was quite a bit of negative pushback and people pretty grossed out and wanting to know what exactly they were sent and what exactly they should be concerned about if this stuff really was tainted or had been compromised in some way. So, um, it was interesting, uh, you know, the, the reaction of this gal was to get on her social media and throw out some videos and it’s always interesting to see how people respond and in negative situations. And


obviously when you’re, when you’re putting something out there with your name on it, you’re pretty passionate about it. It’s emotional thing or it should be at least, right. But, um,


yeah, it was for her and she, you could tell she was pretty defensive. She was pretty shocked and I don’t know, maybe, I mean she’s probably embarrassed. She didn’t really, she wasn’t too, too apologetic. I mean, it was more like, excuse mode or, or something like that. But she was very, very adamant that absolutely nothing that was sent out had mold or had anything that would be risky health wise for these people. And she had a couple little, uh, I guess excuses or caveats for why, um, why it may have smelled the way it did and something about the manufacturing process that maybe gave the appearance of whatever these people were seeing. That was for whatever reason, I’m translating to them as something moldy. So, uh, it was interesting to hear her give, give the reasoning, but also kind of suggest that it wasn’t that big of a deal and she would make it right or she would attempt to make it right and people should, you know, just trust her. And, you know, I think she offered, uh, a replacement or something like that. But there again, it wasn’t, it wasn’t quite as, Water Damage Denver

yeah, a stand up dish as you would hope by, at least not from my taste. Um, especially right or wrong, whether these accusations were accurate or not. I mean, as somebody that’s standing behind their own brand, you’d like to just hear them say, look, if there’s anything that even remotely concerns you, please send it back. We will refund your money. We will replace it. Don’t worry about it. We’re gonna make this right. Um, you know, don’t lose faith type thing, but, um, that would, that would be the way that we would handle things. You know, as far as standing behind anything that you’re, you’re putting out there. Um, it’s just so much more of a, a relief to the consumer and you know, just makes a lot of things really, really go better if you put all the concerns to, to rest and say, don’t worry about it.

You’re not, you don’t have to worry about us getting silly, Anya, we’ll, we’ll figure this out. We’ll make it right. So, um, just interesting like the, there wasn’t a lot of science behind what, um, she was saying and it was just a kind of a blatant, hey, I promise type thing. Trust me. And so in that case, as you know, a total outsider, I don’t use lipstick. I don’t use the facial products that this person puts out. And I have no clue. But obviously you’re, you’re getting two very different sides of the story. You’re getting one party saying, you gave us something that hadn’t, has mold in it and not really Water Damage Denver