What’s a water damage Denver friends. What a great way to spend your next 12 minutes. Then snuggling up and listing to just the most profound water damage Denver tips on the slightest Besos of the big foot restoration, water damage. Denver podcast of gold this week. This last weekend, uh, I took a little getaway, took the family out to Southern California and had a great little three and a half day. Get away absolutely jam packed with everything from the beach to Disneyland to universal studios to a hockey game and trying to get in as many stops at good restaurants as possible while we were there. Loved trying new food, local food when we’re in different places and was absolutely exhausted when we came home. By no means was this a rest and relaxation get away. It was actually kind of a Christmas present for, for our family to be able to spend some time together and have a ton of fun and wear ourselves out completely. So, um, had a wonderful job. Didn’t, no water damage Denver jobs for the last four days. And it was fun and we are back and I’m ready to rock and roll. And uh, you know, even though it wasn’t a real relaxing get away, it was still incredibly valuable to kind of reset and everybody needs that time to just kind of focus on family and, and I’m loving your babies and hanging out and being recharged for what it is that we do every other waking minute of the day, the rest of the year. [inaudible]

but I noticed something while we were out there and wanted to share it on this water damage Denver episode and it really has to do with the, the type of lifestyle and the way people live and the way people act and the way they think and dress and talk and interact, um, based on where they live. And I found it incredibly interesting that


to us leaving, um, last Thursday and leaving from Denver when it was about, I dunno, 18 degrees or something like that and touching down in Los Angeles a couple hours later where it happened to be in the mid seventies. Um,


what, how amazing that felt to us and how it just felt like having, as as far as the weather was concerned the next day, however yet dipped down into the 60s for a good part of the day. And I saw so many insulated puffy coats that I just had to giggle. Um, it really, I think seemed like a cold front to a number of Californians, um, as the, you know, it was kind of overcast and just the little cooler and the day before


Saturday, however it dipped down probably even a little further than that, maybe into the low sixties with some rain and some clouds. And honestly, it, you know, a few people that I saw, it looked like they were getting ready to leave on an Antarctic adventure. Um, super bundled up, um, just freezing. Obviously, you know, maybe not freezing since they had all of that, uh, equipment on, but you could just tell it’s a different way of life. They are used to that beautiful kind of 80 degree weather year-round. And that’s essentially what they get. And every once in a while it’ll pop up to hotter than that and you know, occasionally dip down lower. But that is what they are used to. They’re, they’ve got an amazing, um, location to live as far as having super reasonable weather just about year-round. Obviously we know of the, the things that can happen really everywhere, but uh, you know, especially with the climate and the, the way they deal with fires out there, that’s a whole different subject.

But in general they are used to that. Just like board shorts and tee shirt. Maybe a long sleeve shirt in the evening, but it’s super as far as the weather’s concerned, I don’t know that that necessarily has anything to do with people’s attitudes and their personalities, but it definitely is a different vibe out there as far as the way people, um, just kind of live and interact. And, um, I am very big into the psychological aspects of the way people choose to live and the way they choose to, you know, deal with their, the people that are close to them and then the people that they meet casually every day. And I think living in the Metro area, there’s still a fair amount of kind of old, old school, um, you know, kind of genuine interest in, in people. And especially out in the suburbs. There’s, there’s maybe just kind of more of a warm dynamic as far as the way people act and interact with each other. But you get in the city and things are more busy and they’re more maybe a little bit more white collar and, uh, you know, people have a job to do and it, you know, might carry a little more weight as far as what, you know, the scale of importance or whatever you would call it. Um, but, but, you know, people are on their phones, they’re on their devices, they need their coffee and they need it now, and they, um, just need to get on with their day.

Water Damage Denver | Different Experiences By Location?

But I noticed it even in kind of the customer service aspect out there, uh, it was very, I guess you’d say business strict business. Um,


not a whole lot of chit and not a whole lot of conversation, not a whole lot of, uh, kind of going a little bit out of their way to, to, um, I dunno make you feel just a little bit better as a customer. The obvious

Asterik to that would be Disneyland where those people are on point, whether it’s the person going around sweeping up trash or an actual character or you know, somebody, you know, with an information sign. Those folks clearly have been trained to be the cream of the crop when it comes to the customer service experience. But it was just kind of a mixed bag as we went on throughout our week. Um, you know, when we went to the hockey game on Saturday, we, you know, we were hungry. We wanted to go grab some food from one of the food stations and man, that was about as cold as it could be. And my wife and I both looked at each other and we’re like, did we inconvenience them by asking if we could buy four cheeseburgers for French fries, an order of nuggets and three waters and pay $78 for that. It was that something that we inconvenienced them by asking us for it. So kind of weird, but again, you know, not like they were rude necessarily to us or we’re, you know, nasty. It was just very, okay, you want that, okay, here’s what you need to pay us. And five minutes later, here’s your food. No, nothing else. Literally no other conversation at all.

So I was trying to take those experiences, good, bad or indifferent and apply them to how we run our water damage. Denver efforts day in and day out here. Certainly in a different location of the country. But to me, I can’t imagine operating a water damage Denver company or you know, like I said, any other demographic in the country any differently. What we do every day is deal with individuals that have had an unfortunate circumstance in their deck of cards. Maybe it’s something that they could have prevented. Maybe it’s something that was just kind of going to happen no matter what. But at that point, like we’ve said it, it really doesn’t matter if it happened. It happened. It’s their world. They are dealing with it. And we want to do everything we can to help them get back to regular life as soon as possible.

And that’s not only doing a great job technically and doing all the things we know how to do from a professional standpoint, but it also has a lot to do with the emotional, psychological side of things. Being sympathetic, empathetic, being sincere, making sure that they know that we will do everything we can to help them in any way and that they are on our minds and that, you know, we will, we will help. We will be there until we get this thing figured out for them. So, um, you know, maybe something that most people don’t think is necessarily all that applicable to a water damage Denver company, but definitely in our opinion, a huge part of wanting to, um, give the entire experience, um, complete and total. Um, consideration for the people that are going through something that they definitely didn’t want to have happen. I’ve never yet heard somebody say, man, I’m really glad this happened. It’s just a bummer when it does, but it’s all about the reaction of the customer, the insured, and the company that they choose to hire to mitigate and rebuild for, um, for what they have going on. So if you are one of those people that needs our help, please reach out to us. We would be happy to offer everything we can. Um, but until then, you stay safe.