What’s a water damage of Denver people.

He had another big foot podcast of gold for you and your friends and family to gather around your choice of media and spend some good quality time learning and listening to incredible content brought to you by bigfoot restoration and repair. I made a promise and I’m gonna come through. Last episode, uh, we were getting into a project that we’re currently working on and you know, as I went through the broadcast, the podcast and was discussing our little Denver Aurora or water damage Denver’s situation for these particular folks, I realized if I were to go through the entire story, it would get a little long. It might get a little, little laborious. And I want to respect your time and your attention span probably more appropriately and keep them short and sweet and maybe tease you a little so that you would come back and listen to part two of craziness is basically what it is. Uh, so we spoke in the last episode about this couple that were doing some work for, uh, that called the day before the 4th of July. So for all of our,


intelligent folks out there, that would be the 3rd of July, the day before the fourth would be the third and lots of water in the basement. Not a lot of information as far as where it was coming from when they called. And certainly we confirmed that mystery when we got there, it was not obvious where this water had come from. Now by the time we got there and it stopped and the homeowner attributed that to turning off the water main line in her home. However, when we turn the water main line back on, nothing happened when we turned all of her appliances on, nothing happened when we turned on her shower. Fletcher toilet turned on, her sprinklers turned on her outside spigot. No water damage. Denver not no water damaged Denver at all. So why, what could have happened? Well we’ve talked about groundswell before if your piece of property, yeah, it’s a lot of rainstorms gets a lot of just craziness in a short amount of time.

The ground can only absorb so much and at some point it has to have a place to go and water will take the easiest way of escape. And it’s if it’s into your basement, that is where it will escape to you. Doesn’t mean it needs to come over the walls and come flooding in, crashing through your eagerness windows or anything like that. It can definitely come up from below kind of from the foundation and it can kind of materialize there. So that’s a conversation we had, but they didn’t think that was possible and we didn’t either for a number of reasons. And it, it, it just, it got crazy frustrating because you want to know where this is coming from because in their minds they’re thinking, well, this isn’t gonna happen again and we’re gonna keep paying you guys to do the same thing over and over.

And we don’t want to do that. We don’t want them to do that either. But what are you going to do when you’ve checked off every box you can think of? And it just happens to be about five o’clock on an evening before a holiday. And guess what? No plumbers are available. No professionals in a trade that could be potentially helpful to us. They’re all probably well off by that point. Getting into their 4th of July celebration. So of course we went through quite the list of plumbers and nobody was available till Friday, the day after 4th of July, which would be July. Follow me, come with me, water damaged and for friends. So


as I explained in the last episode, we got them all dried up, extracted a ton of water, sat equipment, everything was good to go and


then it wasn’t on mid morning, July 4th phone call. Hey, more water. Okay. Anything Weird happen? No. Are you sure? Yes. He positive? I think so. You think so or you know? So kind of think so. Okay. I’m coming over. So again, going over, checking moisture content. Yeah, there was a little more water in just the bedroom of the basement. Not everywhere that they had out, had water damage Denver the day before, but still something and still not a great reason why, but it’s always something we want to see. Maybe the light bulb will come on. Maybe something will just make sense all of a sudden. But it just didn’t, literally water damage, Denver friends, there was no moisture reading in any of the ceilings in any of the walls above the foot. And the only reason, you know, well not the only reason, but the main reason there would be moisture content, heightened moisture content in the, and the trim is that it’s absorbing it up from, from the ground and just kind of wicks up that way. So not what you really want because still it’s, it’s a mystery. It’s not something you can definitively tell your client. Okay, we figured it out. You’re good to go. We’re going to help you get this fixed, dry out, get your rebuilt, it’ll all be good.

So they were able to get a plumber over, uh, the day after 4th of July again, July 5th, that morning. And the plumber went through everything and he s he just said, I don’t know, I’m right here with you guys there. You know, he went through, Kinda did all the whole checklist of interior pipes and drainage and all that stuff again and gave us Nado and that was kind of frustrating too. But there again, it’s good to have an industry professional in a trade kind of legitimize or verify what you’re thinking or kind of what you’re feeling and you just always wonder, okay, would they have a different perspective? Would they say, oh, you’re not thinking of this and point us right to so good, good to have that person out and kind of give us their 2 cents. But at the same time, we’re left with


no answer as far as where this is coming from. Now they did get, we, we had quite a bit of rain and hail and craziness, uh, 4th of July afternoon, evening. I was not in the forecast. Thank you meteorologists for nothing. Um, and it was insane. And I don’t live really by these people, but they apparently experienced the thing, that same thing as I did at my house, which is tons and tons of violent rain and some hail and some big hail. And about five minutes of our, do we, should we build an arch? Should we have purchased those jet skis because we need them right now. Um, or are we gonna have water damage Denver right in our own basement or coming through our windows or what? What’s gonna Happen here? But it got, it kind of subsided and it kind of receded in, we were okay, but the fact remains, our clients still


they had their situation, they didn’t get any more water damage Denver from that torrential rain. So couldn’t be that. Even though they did think they found a failing downspout couldn’t have been that because we got crazy rain, we got super ton of moisture and their basement didn’t do anything.

However, after 48 hours, we are pretty much dry and that’s our goal. We want to get dry as soon as possible. I’d say another 12 hours and we will be absolutely good to go. So what would we do in this situation? Well, what our recommendation would be is if the client is able to, if it works for them, we want to get everything dried out. Certainly once we do, we are going to pull our equipment. We’re not going to continue running anything. We’re not going to continue charging anything if it’s not necessary. So once we’re below dry standard and once we’re dry, we’re good, we’re done really kind of at least for now. And let’s wait. Let’s see, let’s see what happens. Let’s not rebuild quite yet. Let’s not replace carpet or not carpet. Let’s not replace pad. Let’s not stretch carpet back in and clean it quite yet.

Let’s not do all these things. Let’s see if it replicates again and if obviously right now everybody’s on red alert, so we want, you know, we would know or we would at least think we have. We would have a good chance of knowing if this happens again in the next two, three, four, five days. Okay, this is what happened. And then we got the water, now we know which wall to tear into or now we know we have something going on first. You know, almost for sure. And we didn’t know before for sure. So that’s where we stand right now. We’re, you know, our, our,

the process is pretty much complete. We do help, um, help facilitate the rebuild. We certainly can patch pad back in clean and stretch carpet and get all that taken care of for the clients and then we, but then we would just be kind of running the risk of that water damage Denver happening yet again. And we don’t want these people to have to go through the whole process again. We don’t want them to have to pay for things that they wouldn’t have to if we just hang out and wait and see if the process replicates again. So that is story time for today. I’ll put a little bow on craziness, part two and just suggest that if you have a water damage Denver situation that’s similar, sometimes it can be even more frustrating than it obviously would be in any case. But we will do our best to kind of guide you and direct you in a way that you’re not going to, you know, compound anything any more than you have to by getting a little hasty or you know, super with the rebuild. If there’s still those questions to be answered, but it’s always up to the client and we will allow them to make the decision, um, as long as they know all the pros and cons of, of that decision. So hope you never find yourself in that


in that situation, in that scenario. But if you do, we will help you to 70 zero five, seven five foot is how you reach us. If you have a water damage, Denver loss, if you have any sort of smoke or fire damage, or if you happen to have mold growing in your property and you’re worried about the health and safety of that indoor environment, that would be a good reason to call bigfoot restoration repair. It has been an absolute amazing 12 minutes and 45 seconds and I appreciate your time and attention and your love. We will talk to you very, very soon.