podcast of gold that hopefully will bring you a bit of perspective on how to avoid water damage Denver, we are Bigfoot restoration repair and we serve the Metro area and beyond for all water damage. Denver smoke damage or fire damage and mold damage needs. It is summer, summer, summer here in Denver, Colorado. Dawn are those nice mild days of super comfortable and just amazing temperatures and the high seventies to mid eighties with that afternoon shower cools off nicely at night. It is in full swing, 90 to a hundred degree weather with little to no precipitation. And if you want a 10 step outside for about 30 seconds and you will get slanty of color.

It’s funny how the weather can bring people to and nothing else can. You know, you can literally start and end and probably totally encompass just about every conversation right now with man. It’s hot out. Yes, I know it is. And when I say that to two people, Holy cow, it’s hot. It’s like, yeah, I’m standing in the same 99 degree weather that you are buddy. Thank you so much for that observation. So it’s kind of funny how we can all collectively agree that yes it is indeed hot outside. I know that in general people don’t love paying their energy bill. They don’t like to see that energy bill spike in the dead of summer like it is right now. And so a lot of folks understandably so try to keep that AC off off, off, off in their house as long as possible. Try to cycle it so that it only is running when they absolutely need it to be running. And

that’s in my opinion, that that that’s come to an end. You need to have to maintain a temperature in your house. You pretty much have to have that bad boy on 24 seven this time of year. But probably for a lot of people. I like my house. Cool. I lie, I can’t sleep unless it’s cool. So I probably pay a premium for my energy service because I don’t know, it’s just one of my creature comforts that I feel like is a non negotiable. But I know a lot of my neighbors and folks they will hold out for as long as they can before throwing their air conditioner on. They will use fans and different things, um, open up windows and have a bit of a super strategy when it comes to not having to pay that exorbitant energy bill. Totally get it. So ACS crankin not everybody has AC fair amount of people have other options, whether it’s a whole house cooling fan or a swamp cooler type thing. That is what, um, typically folks use for cooling efforts. So when we’re talking about

air conditioning, typically those lines are pretty tight and people don’t have to worry about water damage. Denver when it comes to whole house air conditioning units, whole house fan systems, same thing. Obviously there’s no liquid happening in that scenario. However, swamp coolers are a different story and if you would like to experience maybe what Noah did years ago and the whole earth flooded, go ahead and turn on your swamp cooler on the top of your house without checking that it is ready to rock and roll. You want to talk about some instant and immediate water damage Denver, that is a recipe for that and we’ve seen it happen multiple times, so

Water Damage Denver | Crank The AC Up!

I don’t know. I’ve never had a swamp cooler personally, but I know folks who had it and man, those things work. They are awesome. They are amazing to sit under where that nice, cool. Slightly humidified air is coming out yet. It’s just great. Yeah, it’s super relaxing. It’s almost like you need to go grab a blanket when it’s 114 degrees outside and you’re sitting in a house that gets kind of chilly. But please, please, please, please, please, please double and triple and quadruple Dupal check all of the connections, all of the inner workings, all of the plumbing, all of the intricacies of your swamp cooler so that you don’t flood your entire house.

I don’t know the technicalities of what what you do, but all I know is just like everything else. If they’re not properly winterized and kind of powered down in the fall, things can freeze up. They can contract, they can expand and you can have an incredibly damaged home if the conditions are right. Now, sometimes people have them kind of attached to the side of their homes and some may be if they fail, it’s not as big of a deal. But in general, you don’t want to be wasting water. You don’t want it to be a operating an appliance or a system that isn’t working at its prime capacity. Our water damage Denver tip for you today is to not die in this heat, to be safe, drink lots of water, stay hydrated, and when you are using your comfort system of choice in your home or property, do your due diligence and prepare yourself to avoid major water damage.

Timber. We don’t offer that service, but I know that there are plenty of capable folks in town that can assist with problem solving. If you do have an issue, but test it on your own, keep an eye on it and make sure there’s nothing problematic. Make sure there’s no potential that you under no for water damage Denver, and be very intentional about that before you trust it to be running constantly throughout these crazy silly hot days. We hope that you really never have the need to reach out to the premier water damage Denver company in town, big foot restoration, but if you ever do have a fire loss, a smoke loss, a mold loss, or a water damage, Denver loss, we sure want to be ready and able to assist you in that challenge. That’s what we’re here for. Seven zero five seven five foot is how you get ahold of us to inquire about your potential water damage. Denver challenge. We will assist. We appreciate the consideration. Until next time, stay safe. Bye bye.