Me and Benito [inaudible]. Welcome to my Denver water damage. Denver friends, new and old. It’s a pleasure to bring you another episode of the big foot restoration podcast of gold. We’re going to spend a, spend a few minutes this morning talking about what sorts of things can we help help out with with respect to water damage, Denver issues. A lot of times people think that it’s all structural that Oh, I had a flood and so I need my, uh, I need a company to come out here and clean up my water damage Denver issue. I’ve got a flood in my basement, so I need you to come get the carpet dry, get the drywall, you know, set up, get everything structurally addressed so that I can get back on with my life. And that’s true to an extent, but there’s also content in your home that is going to most likely be affected by any water damage Denver experience that you have.

And so let’s just take an example of a what, you know, just a couple of things that people that we’ve helped, um, with respect to their water damage. Denver issues in the last few weeks. So we’ve had an ordinate amount of toilet mechanisms or inlet hoses or something related to two people’s toilets failing and causing massive amounts of water damage. Denver, when it comes to to that, we’ve had, um, water softeners, probably two water softeners that have failed in some form or fashion that have caused substantial water damage. Denver, we have, we have had, you know, and this isn’t all that uncommon, but a couple of water heaters that have rusted out and failed and, and caused a fair amount of water damage Denver in people’s basements. So when that happens, obviously water does whatever it wants to, it’s going to find its easiest way of escape so to speak. So if there’s slippage in your basement or if there’s a little register that it can find and kind of disperse, it wants to disperse as evenly and as quickly as possible. So it will do that and it will do that every time. It, it’s not something that you know, you’re immune from the laws of gravity. It will find the easiest option to escape. Now, if for some reason, um, let’s just say you have

the hot water heater fail right by a drain and everything sloping towards that drain real, real heavily, then you might hit the lottery and not really get that much water damage Denver because, uh, you know, that whole area and room has been set up, um, in such way that, you know, everything drains properly. But still there’s so much water typically in a, in a hot water heater, you know, and then all those other areas that I’ve mentioned, you know, you’re just kind of at the mercy of whatever the basement’s set up like, um, but you’re not only gonna get wet flooring, wet carpet, wet pad, let baseboard potentially what drywall framing, things like that. But the content of your home, things that you have anywhere near the floor on the floor are probably going to be compromised as well. So it just kind of all depends. You know, how quickly the person finds the water damage Denver, how, how quickly they act on getting it dried up themselves or you know, calling a company like Bigfoot restoration to come out and help him out with the project. But inevitably, you know, if you have your own personal property that is anywhere in there near the vicinity of the loss, it’s going to be affected as well. So things like clothes, things, you know, that

Water Damage Denver | Content Is Key To Growth

that can easily be, you know, kind of thrown in the wash or dry it out, you know, without concern of any, anything being problematic. That’s one thing. But what about things like mattresses, like fine rugs? Um, no, we’ll just, we’ll just kind of keep it like that. Those are things that, you know, probably the homeowner isn’t going to be able to dry out properly know what to do, especially if it’s a higher end piece. Um, it might be a little bit presumptive that they would know exactly how to deal with that. And we kind of found that out. Um, last week when we, we do a lot of work for a dry cleaning company, the dry cleaning company accepts, um, area rugs to be brought in to, to their facility. And they, uh, they subcontract us and, and our, one of our companies to properly clean the area rugs for them. And so when they bring them in, I don’t think the dry cleaning company does a whole lot of qualification on them. Um, they just kinda throw him over, you know, in a pile. And then at some point they bring all of the rugs and to us and then we get after him. So who knows exactly the time period between when the customer actually brings in

the rug to when we actually get after it. And when it’s a case like happened this week where we, we got a delivery from the dry cleaner and immediately started looking through the rugs to measure them up, to look at the content or kind of the composition, sorry, of each rug to make sure it was being prepped correctly to clean, which we, you know, it depends on the fiber, all sorts of things. Uh, we noticed one rug we pulled out was soaked. It was really what it had very easily definable water damage. Denver. It was stinky kind of mildewy and

made us realize that we needed to get back in touch with the dry cleaning company ASAP to make sure that they knew, to make sure that the homeowner knew, you know, who, who we didn’t know when exactly this rug could have been wet, could it have happened, you know, before maybe the person had water damage Denver at their house. They just rolled it up, took it in. Maybe there was water damage Denver at the dry cleaning facility that they didn’t know about and this rug was subjected to that. Who knows? But all we knew is when we took possession of the rug, it was wet and gross. So, you know, we were able to get right on that, get it speed dried process treated so that this rug will be salvageable. They’ll be able to use this. And it wasn’t an incredibly high end rug, but it was something that, um, you know, this, in my opinion, this family definitely would want to keep this.

Um, for years to come. So always keep Bigfoot restoration in mind, you know, even beyond what would be considered water damage, Denver to the actual property, to the structure, to the installed flooring. Also keep us in mind for the content and what, you know, what are the options for content to be processed, um, once water damage Denver has occurred. So with respect to rugs, all sorts of different belongings. Um, you know, we’ve got quite a bit of experience when it comes to all things content. So reach out, think of us in the instance that you do have water damage Denver, whether or not you have big foot come out to actually perform the mitigation for, for the actual loss. Um, perhaps a, you would have a need for us, for the content as well. And even if it’s just questions that we can help answer, we’d be happy to do it. So 70 zero five, seven, five foot is how you get ahold of us for any sort of water damage, Denver issue issue. We’ll be happy to help. Thank you so much. Have a good one.