What’s going on by water damage Denver friends. It is just about the perfect little window that I have here to have a quick little fireside chat about, well, we always talk about water damage Denver issues, but a want to pass along a couple more news and notes on the experience. Con, uh, the experience convention and trade show that we just attended. Uh, we do every year. And uh, just like always, uh, water damage. Denver ex experts were in attendance, lots and lots of, um, good industry leaders as well as people in the industry, both locally and really worldwide. Um, now working, sharing ideas, introducing, um, you know, some kind of new and groundbreaking stuff and, you know, revisiting a lot of old and not so groundbreaking stuff that needs to be, um, just remembered and studied and researched and honed in on. So we loved it. We always do. Um, we had a great time. And D, the benefit that I’m going to talk about today from this particular conference is the, the trade show and the

kind of the cool stuff, the toys, the, um, electronic platforms, uh, that, that we always see. And so what happens is the conference, um, conferences, you know, essentially like a three day thing. And so you’ve got talks on water damage. Um, you’ve got talks on, you know, cleaning and restoration. You’ve got people, you know, talking about how they want to build your websites and market your company. Uh, best cleaning practices, all these different things. But I’m kind of synonymous with the conferences, the trade show. And again, there’s people, you know, pedaling silly stuff like knives and you know, facial cream stuff that it really has zero to do with what we’re there for. You know, all the way to just super cool equipment, accessories, um, big, big beasts of machines. Um, some cool new stuff that maybe is just kind of prototyped out and people are trying to get the word out to the marketplace to see what sort of traction they can get.

And it’s cool and it’s, there’s a ton of vendors and so you really do need three full days. Um, they open it up in the afternoon. You really do need three full days to uh, get, get in all, you know, get a chance to look at all the vendor boos and different things. So the, the cool thing that I found about this this year show that I want to talk about here for a minute is a product that very soon we will be implementing that is more on the electronic side. But what it’s going to do and what it’s designed to do is absolutely clean up, tighten up, perfect.

The documentation and the specifics of every single job that we do. Now you might say, well cute, that’s what you should have been doing already. And that is a point well taken. And I think just about every company would say whether you’re a service company or you know, you’re offering something camp tangible, you’re, you’re going to have something in place, you’re going to have your accounting system that, that you prefer. You’re going to have your inventory control and you’re going to, you’re going to have everything in place that suits you for that time. I think we can all say though, at some point you need to change. Certainly the offerings change. Uh, you know, I mean, people [inaudible] I didn’t always wear $300 Nike Jordans, but once they started, came coming out, people did. It was a newer, improved, comfortable, stylish, um, tennis shoe. And so it was developed and people caught on.

Water Damage Denver | Confirming What You Know

And what, what sorts of multibillion dollar [inaudible] of industry has that one shoe created in the last 30 years? It’s crazy. Well, same sort of deal with, you know, everything that we do. We have platforms, we have systems, we have, uh, all sorts of things that we use and that really do benefit us every, every day. But, um, you know, every, every so often something comes along that’s even better. And if you believe in that product or service or whatever that is, and you can justify it, you know, not just being better in the short term, but in the longterm as well. Well then as a, as a business owner and somebody who wants to do great work, you know, in the community and ha, you know, tighten up the ship, so to speak, on the back end as well. Uh, you know, it’s coming upon you to, to take a look and consider it. So I’m really happy to, to have found a company that we don’t top talk about them specifically until we do, um, tighten things up and make sure everything’s in place. But I have high hopes and it’s, um,

I can’t wait to get it started and it’s going to be just an incredible benefit for everyone. And so here’s kind of the way that it will enhance things on our end. So as a water damage Denver company, uh, when we go and do a home, it doesn’t matter if it’s a self pay, if it’s an insurance claim, you know, commercial, residential, we always want to take incredible documentation of each job. We need to know exactly what happened, the state of things as they currently we stand. And, um, you know, basically a, a projection of a desire of where to get to some goals and a game plan along the way. Just about every self-paid individual that has a water damage. Denver situation doesn’t really love the idea of just having kind of a fluid bill and saying, yeah, just, you know, do what you guys need to do, bill me at the end, I’ll pay whatever you want.

Now some do and they understand it. Trust Bigfoot is a water damage Denver company there. They know that we would never take advantage of that, but most people would like to know what do you think is going to run? What would, what would you guess, give me a ballpark here. And most of the time we can give them a pretty accurate idea of what to expect. Uh, sometimes we do have to say, look, you know, this is kind of a number that you should be thinking in terms of, but there, there does need to be some exploratory stuff to take place and that will help us, you know, really understand then where our, where our number might be at. So there could be a caveat from time to time and that’s totally fine and we don’t mind providing, you know, those, those estimates to people. But again, going back to documentation, it, it helps incredibly by really, really getting the specifics of the job, um, in detail so that, you know, it’s not always gonna be just one individual doing the entirety of the job. There’s going to be other people coming in and they need to know kind of what’s going on, where, where are we at the beginning, where are we now, what’s happened between now and then? What should I be looking for? What are the news and notes, you know, all these different things. What is the customer, what are their,


You know, kind of what’s going on with them. Do you know, are they home all the time? Do we have pets in the home? Do we have children? Do we have elderly people with kind of an immunocompromised situation going on? All sorts of, you know, information that we need to know. Um, just to kind of profile each individual water damage Denver situation or any other service that we perform. So, um, this particular platform allows us the ability all in one place, all in a very neat and clean, um, kind of set up to, to be able to put all this information in incredibly organized. Uh, we’re talking about pictures and you know, every line item that you could imagine with respect to the claim number and you know, all of the, all of the information for the customer. So that’s number one. But number two, you know, and this again might get a little geeky as far as what you know, you really care about.

But here I guess here’s the benefit is, you know, the fact that we can, um, customize each, each job to the, to the situation. You know, some jobs are done in two to three days, others take a month and you need to have the ability as a contractor to succinctly put in information for small jobs as well as for huge ones. Um, it makes no sense to just focus on one or the other because you just never know. Exactly. You know, even you might have goals, you might have thoughts and estimates on how long things are going to take. But, um, there again, just to have found software that easily adds a day, easily subtracts a day is easy to, um, add on all sorts of information. It’s just incredibly helpful for us. Now, how does that benefit others while we have other interested parties in that information than just just the water damage Denver company or you know, Bigfoot in this case, you know, and the other restoration companies that use this stuff, they’re, they’re not the only ones that need this information.

The insurance agents may want it, the adjuster may want it, the homeowner might like to take a look at it and it on this platform with this software, um, these folks have designed it so that anyone and everyone, um, that you would like to send the link to and have them, you know, have access to as much information as you’d like. Uh, they can be included and they can check in, um, at their leisure and just kind of audit and in a sense take a look at everything that’s going on. Again, the progress that’s being made and kind of understand, you know, kind of how we’re doing here, what’s going on and that that can be great because, you know, we’re happy to communicate with customers and we want anyone that goes through any sort of kind of tragic or just kind of unfortunate event like water damage.

Denver too. We want to, you know, have a conversation with them if they want to reach out and have a phone call with us. But sometimes really people just don’t, they’ve got enough going on in their lives. They don’t really want to talk to you or you know, need to talk to you necessarily. That might not be that they don’t want to, but you know, if, if they can go in at their, you know, at their easiest time to check things and you know, if they can understand, disseminate what the information is, perhaps they’d like to do that and not be confused by a phone call or maybe they just don’t, like I said, consider that a huge priority to actually have a talk. So that’s another benefit. And then obviously the adjuster is going to be the other incredibly interested party. So, um, they’re the ones that obviously are obviously wanting to protect, um, their best interest by if they’re going to pay for, um, you know, equipment to be placed, uh, labor, all the material, whatever the, um, whatever the specific scope and details of the job are.

Um, they’re going on, they’re going to want to see justification for the need for all of that, for all of those line items. And so if you could have all of that, again, very clean and in place and show, uh, you know, equipment on site and, um, show readings and levels improving and, you know, citing sources. If, if, if explanation is necessary. Um, there again, that’s just something that you can allow, uh, them to take a look at again at their leisure and to be able to understand that the water damage Denver job that they’re paying for, um, it’s going the way it should. And again, they may not need to make a phone call to the water damage Denver company or any restoration company because if they can see everything that’s going on, um, they can slide that one off their desk or put it, you know, kind of in the, to continued file and, uh, you know, get, get to another claim that maybe they do have questions on. So tons and tons of cool, um, features and options and benefits for everyone. And so excited to roll that out soon. Um, so again, we’ll probably hop back on some of the other cool stuff that we brought home from this conference, but until then, you stay safe.