Going on water damage Denver friends going to drop about 10 minutes of knowledge. Anya, hope you don’t mind. Get out a pen and a paper and make sure you’re taking notes. Cause today I want to focus on the variety of ways that you can get in touch with Bigfoot restoration and repair. There is no doubt that we love to help out with any water damage Denver claim that you may have. A certainly our expertise covers the areas of smoke, loss of fire loss, fire damage, the odor that goes along with both of those unfortunate circumstances. We also are very proficient at mold remediation and we do dabble in a number of different things. Um, that may be classified kind of as odd jobs, but we commonly help out on, on things where people just need, um,

something done that they have no other contract that they can think of to turn to. And they’ll give us a call and say, Hey, can you demo that this? Can you get that out for me? You know, what, what can a wait can you guys do for us in this specific situation? So if there’s ever a situation that you have that you know, just whatever project you have doesn’t make sense as far as who, who should we call, what, what sort of company would take care of this? Definitely give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss our thoughts if we think we’re a good fit, if we don’t, if we have somebody better in mind for you, we go out of our way to make sure that the customer is taken care of. So what was interesting today is that it’s Sunday today and um, you know, we’re reminded time and time again that water damage Denver losses and all the other different things that I just mentioned. Those don’t happen nine to five, Monday through Friday when it would be so nice and convenient if we could, um, you know, just limit our hours to those hours and do that on a consistent basis. But they don’t happen like that. People find leaks all the time. People experience fire and smoke damage all the time. People run across unfortunate mold situations

any day, all day, every day. So we’ve always got a mode or two or three or four for people to reach out and contact us if they are in a bit of a panic and they need some questions answered. Somebody to get out there, take a look. Um, just resource in general to uh, point them in the right direction. So let’s start with the good old fashioned phone number. Seven two zero five, seven five foot which numbers out as three, six, six, eight. So again, seven two zero five, seven, five three, six, six, eight. That’s our phone number. That number is live and active. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There’s always somebody at least one person if not multiple people whose phone rings if you dial that number. So that’s a great way to get ahold of us and to um, you know, speak with somebody live and uh, you know, reach out with, um, any sort of need there.

You can also text that number. And that’s a cool thing about the platform that we operate is that it is a hard phone line, but we also do have the ability to receive text messages from it. So we understand that that’s just the medium that a lot of people like to use these days. Sometimes it can be a little difficult if you need a lot of questions answered or if you need some specifics. And a lot of times it’s interesting just in day to day life you send or receive a text and then you look at it. That text may not necessarily be received the way that you intended for it to be. There can be a little bit of a, you know, difficult communication-wise. Um, whereas if you’re having a conversation, sometimes you can immediately say, wait, clarify that for me. Or what do you, what exactly do you mean?

And you can just, uh, you know, streamlined can come communication that way, but text is fine. Text that same phone number, we’ll get it. We do not receive text message or a picture messages on the number. I don’t know why that doesn’t happen, but people try to send us pictures on that. We can’t, we can give you our other phone numbers or dif different lines of communication to give that a shot if you need to get some pictures over to us. But, uh, that number does not receive picture messages. So we’ve talked about phone number, good old fashioned phone calls. We’ve talked about text messages, we have an email address. Believe it or not, we do. We’re super fancy. Our email address is info@bigfootrestoration.com. I N F O like information@bigfootrestoration.com you are more than welcome to email 24, seven. It doesn’t matter. We will get it immediately. We will try to respond to you immediately. And a lot of times that’s a great uh, method of communication to get, uh, all

Water Damage Denver | Communication Is Imperative

the information about a job. Just ride right there. All concise, nice and neat name, phone number, address loss, um, type of loss policy number, uh, for insurance claim number if they’ve gone ahead and started the claim process. Um, so yeah, that’s a great, great way to get ahold of us. You can also go on our website and essentially email us as well, but you can go on our website@bigfootrestoration.com and you can fill out a um, customer contact form. So you can basically, you know, kind of look at what we have to offer, maybe get some of your questions answered, um, from our website. And then also go ahead and fill out a form right there that essentially emails us and lets us know what you have going on. So again, info at Bigfoot, restoration.com www.restoration.abigfootrestoration.com, um, to fill out a contact form. Let’s see, what else do we


We don’t do smoke signals unfortunately,

but, um,

we do, we do offer, I’m just and available, um, pretty much 24 hour line of communication to reach out and let us know if you have a water damage Denver job, smoker, fire, mold. Um, there are a number of different ways to, to reach out and get in touch with us. So we certainly don’t ever want you to experience any of that. But, uh, we do know that it happens and it happens sometimes in the middle of the day. Sometimes at the most opportune time, you get up to let the dog out


you find that your, you know, your clothes washer is backed up or that your plumbing is backed up and it’s two 30 in the morning. So it doesn’t matter to us. Well, we would sure prefer daytime, but we understand when people are going through something and they need questions answered immediately and promptly. So we will do our best to assist in even most inopportune times. So please, please, please feel free to reach out to us either by phone, by text, by email, through our website. Um, man, in this day and age it seems like, um, there should be more, but those are the only ones that come to mind right now. And if there are others that you can think of, I would imagine that we would be able to, um, to operate on those mediums as well. So again, if you need any sort of assistance with respect to water damage Denver smoke and fire odors that result mold, so on and so forth, please think of big foot restoration repair and tell them you stay safe.