What’s up my Water Damage Denver friends gonna talk at you for just a minute today and give you a handful of reasons why bigfoot restoration is your go-to for water damage. Denver repair for smoke and fire for mold and for all of the odd type things that we do, which the list is too long to go into, but talked about that before. We are not just necessarily disaster restoration, we do a lot of water damage, a number of jobs and so on and so forth. But talk to many times about how we’ve helped people out. Another, a number of situations, whether it’s, you know, a raccoon, a family of raccoons have gotten into an attic and done damage with respect to insulation and drywall and things of that nature. Um, we’ve helped out with a number of projects, including, you know, when renters go ahead and take liberties of maybe doing a nice little medical marijuana business out of a home.

Probably not something that was okayed in the lease. We’ve, we’ve helped out big time with those, but we have, um, um, we have a, one of the main reasons, excuse me, that we seem to be so highly valued and respected. At least that’s the feedback we get. Not tooting my own, our own home corn here. Um, the feedback that we’ve gotten time and time again is our ability to communicate and to help facilitate, um, a number of different things that go along with the claim process that go along with the aftermath of a water damage Denver job that we may not necessarily handle in house. And yet we still, um, do everything we can to help facilitate the event so that people get their home buttoned up and back to normal as soon as possible. Um, what do you mean you might be saying like further explain yourself sir and be happy to uh, there are a handful of restoration companies that um, would have you believe that they do.

Everything from start to finish in house that mr um, head honcho goes out, um, the day that you call them, you have a water damage, Denver loss, uh, you are snorkeling in your basement in four to five feet of water and when you come up for air, you call the restoration company and let them know you need their assistance immediately. So Mr. Head honcho comes out and assesses your Water Damage Denver loss. Uh, he tells you what, um, steps need to be taken immediately and how they would like to proceed. Um, he then says, uh, that they will take care of uh, the rebuild after, after the dry out, after the mitigation is done in the case of a water damage number job. So, uh, smoke and fire maybe he says. Yep. We’ll, we’ll attend to all of the, um, structure that needs to be demoed and, um, all of the safety precautions that need to be put in place to make this structure livable and habitable for now, blah, blah, blah.

And once all of that is done and we’re ready for rebuild, we’ll get our construction division in here to do that. I am only speaking from being in the industry for about two decades now. Um, if, if a company tells you that it’s probably legitimately true, maybe one out of 10 times, and that’s okay. There it’s not, it’s not the, um, that’s, you know, a, a, a huge, huge deal. It’s just to kind of delineate between the kind of sort of truth and full truth. And a lot of times, um, it’s, it’s a very difficult for restoration damage, water damage number company to, um, employ technicians that are proficient in water damage, Denver jobs and smoke and fire mold, all of these different categories. And then also employ folks that are, uh, you know, w two employees that go out and do drywall, um, repair, structural repair, paint, texture, mud, all of these things, trim work, finish work.

Some of it can get pretty intricate when it comes to some of, you know, the nice homes that, that we deal with. There’s some pretty fancy stuff and, uh, it requires pretty skilled labor to go in and, uh, execute on getting that, that loss back to the way it was before everything happened. So, um, it’d be awesome if, you know, and I would respect the big time the company or companies that, that do that, but more often than not, and like I said, it’s OK. um, these companies are just coordinating with construction companies, with general contractors, with tradespeople and subbing them in to go out and, uh, you know, do the different tasks that are required to get your loss back to hole. And it is an art to be able to do that for sure. It takes proper time. Budgeting, scheduling relationships with good quality individuals.

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There’s a, uh, a litany of things that, you know, water damage Denver company would need to have in place to help facilitate, um, that rebuilding process. Um, and more often than not, that’s exactly what it is. So they’re reaching out to their, um, their friends, their partners in different categories and saying, Hey, uh, we need this. Now if you’ve got a good painter, uh, and you don’t have a good drywaller, then you need to get ahold of your, get ahold of some dry Waller and you schedule them. But maybe they don’t show up on time. So that pushes that back a couple of days. And then you’ve got a painter that was scheduled for a certain day, but, uh, your drywall guy fell through cause you weren’t 100% sure about them. And sure enough, they no-showed on ya. And two days later they finally got at it. So then you’ve got an upset painter and maybe he walks and says, I’m not doing it.

You just screwed my, my schedule up and snow. You’ve got to go find a different painter. So there’s many logistical and kind of relational type aspects to, to get that part of the process done. And, um, in my opinion, in my humble opinion, that is what most restoration companies do. They’re not actively, uh, sending out w two employees, actual employees to perform the work. They are subbing that labor in. And again, there is nothing, nothing, nothing wrong with that. Um, but it can lead sometimes, um, individuals to believe that, um, you know, the framer and dry Waller knows the guy that did the water work or the smoke work or whatever and that, um, you know, Hey, could you give so-and-so a master’s or something like that. So, um, we, you know, at some point may build towards where everything is done in house.

But as for now, we either just do our part, the mitigation portion, the dry out for Water Damage Denver jobs, the, uh, the safety, make sure everything is safe, there’s no growth, anything like that. And then, um, we, and we have this discussion long before we’re done, but then it’s time for someone else that does that rebuild portion to come in and do their craft. And we make it very plain upfront and we, I guess we will again, right now to say that we don’t do the build back in the house and we don’t suggest that we do. Um, so if somebody has a preferred contractor or somebody that they have a great relationship with that they want to, uh, go ahead and do that part, then that’s wonderful. We do our deal, submit our numbers if it’s a self-paid or the property owner, if it’s an insurance claim to the adjuster or the insurance, uh, provider.

And we, um, go on our way. If, however, uh, our assistance is needed to help try to provide or help facilitate, um, something that may need done, done along the way. And it’s, it’s different for every project. So, um, would be unfair to say, you know, the, the exact same people are needed on every job. But over the years we’ve developed some great relationships with some highly skilled and trained individuals and companies and we are happy to help, um, coordinate that and help put people in touch with our customers so that the process can be as smooth and as immediate as possible. It doesn’t mean it’s always going to be, we’re done one day, they’re ready to start the next, but, uh, we sure aim for that as much as possible. So, uh, you know, there are some companies, and I understand why, but they really don’t dabble in, um, networking with other trades or with other companies because, you know, if one thing goes wrong, it can kind of look bad on them.

It can maybe cast a shadow on great work that they’ve done and somebody that they’ve recommended drops the ball and somehow some way they’re associated with it maybe not be a hundred percent fair, but, um, I can see how, you know, somebody gets burned like that. Once or twice, they might say, okay, we’re done. I’m doing anything but what we do, and it’s up to you, mr and mrs. Homeowner or property owner to, you know, kind of figure out that second part of how do you get this back to normal. So just one of the many ways that we really try to go above and beyond to help, um, in whatever way we can. And, uh, if we are needed to help in that, in that way, we’ll, um, you know, put, put folks in touch with companies that are individuals that we feel will do a great job for them and we will communicate all along the way. So, um, anyway, again, this is just a reaction. This is just off feedback that we’ve received and, uh, wanting to pass along to anyone that might be interested. So if you or your friends or family have any sorts of needs with respect to water damage, number, smoke, fire, mold, any sort of other odd restorative type requests, please reach out and we’ll be happy to offer our professional opinion. But until then, you stay safe.