Hey, hey water damage Denver friends. It’s good to be with you on a chilly day here in the mile high city. We got a little cold front that moved in last night through today and probably be moving on now tonight. So one of these spring plunges that I’m probably, it’ll give us a little precipitation tonight, maybe even some snow. But as far as our line of work is concerned, I don’t think that we would have to worry about anything. Um, with a ground freezing or anything like that where, where pipes are or sprinklers or anything like that should be something that people are concerned about too much. We always, always want you to take precautions though. We will have some of these dipping temperatures, um, randomly really through the beginning of May. So it’s always something where if you have had your sprinklers turned on at this point, go ahead and just insulate that a backflow exposed pipe, um, right by your house or right by where your regulator is on your sprinkler system.

Just wrap that with the towel sleeping bag, something that protects it and doesn’t have it completely exposed to that cold air and, and everything should be fine. So, um, anyway, yeah, hopefully we’re back. I mean, literally yesterday we were in the 70s, this weekend. Um, it was just gorgeous, kind of hot actually. And um, probably we’ll be back that way soon. But Anyway, um, definitely a, a coat day here in Denver and pants, coat and pants, nope, you have to wear pants a number one and not get arrested. But number two, it just, uh, it wouldn’t have been a good idea to either not wear pants today or perhaps a wear your shorts or something like that. So pants and coats here and, um, good day. Got a lot of good jobs going on and not going to go into much of that in today’s episode. But what I did want to touch on briefly is, um, the choice that, that people have when selecting a water damage.

Denver Company, a, a company that provides a mitigation for water, smoke, fire, you know, mold prevention, mold remediation. It’s important. And we, um, we’re obviously in a fairly decent sized town. There’s a lot of companies that do the same exact things that we do. And that’s okay. Um, we feel in the way we’ve always done businesses. We can be an asset to their companies and other companies can be assets to us. Um, it, it really is not so much about competition with us. Obviously you want to, you want to be well positioned and, and you always want to be the best. But, um, I think my focus, our focus is more always been, uh, compete with ourselves, be the best we can be and make sure that, um, we’re on our game. Everything else will come together. But, you know, it’s interesting. We, we here kind of through the grapevine, we’re, we’re plugged into the cleaning and restoration community very well.

And a, you just hear things and it’s not just gossip, but it’s not just, uh, you know, people whispering behind, behind closed doors. But it’s, um, it’s stuff that is going on in the industry, both good and bad. I mean you always, um, kind of get a gauge on the ramen or of how people are doing if it’s busy or not. And that’s kind of more on our cleaning side where we have, you know, customers calling in to get, you know, there are different textiles, clean their homes, their businesses, things like that. Obviously water damage Denver is more reactionary. You’re not going to go shopping for um, those sorts of services until you have the, the express needs. So, but we’ve heard some concerning things lately and it’s just something I wanted to touch on because you know, you always want jobs to go well.

You always want people to be treated fairly and you, you always want organization and timeliness when it comes to water damage Denver or any sort of loss. Um, the claim needs to be handled with, with the utmost care and respect. So that’s always the goal of ours. And we are not a perfect company. There are things that happen that just slipped through the cracks and man, do we want to make sure those cracks are super slim and you know, hopefully nonexistent. But you do slip up from time to time, sometimes overlooked or something’s assumed and you have a bit of a, a hiccup and it just happens and it happens with every company and there will be companies that will act like it doesn’t, but it does. And really it’s how you deal with those sorts of situations. Just like with life, you know, you’re not going to be dealt the perfect deck cards all the time.

And it’s really about staying resilient and making sure that, you know, your reaction to those issues and challenges are, you know, are put your back on course. So, um, like I said, not perfect, but we, uh, we’re pretty close, I think anyway. Um, when we stepped into a customer’s home from the very first call out, it, uh, we have our head on a swivel. It, it’s something where we want to really notice everything about someone’s home, all of their intricacies, how they live life, what they’re, you know, kind of trigger points are if there’s anything that’s incredibly important to them. Um, you know, just kind of what their perspective is on how they approach things. And we want to modify the way we do that job to that specific customer. So it can be a bit challenging sometimes because people’s personalities are all over the map.

But we certainly make that attempt to go in and really connect with the customer when we first introduce ourselves and get going on a job. Um, but what, what we’ve understood is that maybe not all companies I feel that way and they’re, you know, they’re just not all that interested in, in kind of customizing an experience for the customer. They just want to get in and get the job done and do their own thing. And there’s not really anything inherently wrong with that. But what I’ve found in my 20 plus years in water damage Denver Metro area, um, cleaning restoration is that you do want to be super tight with your technical skills and with how you do things and how in the, certainly the results are the big key, but just as much of, of the whole experience for the customer is, you know, how comfortable were they with, with everything was their mind put at ease.

We’re where they talk to about, um, things that were really important to them. And when you sunk, when you ask someone, Hey, what, what is a good cleaning job? What does that to you? You’re going to get answers all over the board. There’s, there’s going to be people that are very, very interested in just the technical sides of things that are, be other people that say, hey, you know, I have pets. I need to make sure that they keep an eye out for, for my pets and make sure that they are safe. I’ve got kids, I’ve got, you know, elderly folks in my home or, you know, I, you know, my wood floors and my pride and joy. So I don’t, I don’t want anybody walking on them putting hoses on him, all sorts of different things. You never know exactly what, what, uh, you know, what exactly is important to a person.

And so it’s good to ask and it’s good to meet them on a level where once you, once you have that information, how do you respond to that? And, uh, it’s very simple thing in my opinion. But I guess unfortunately it’s just something that maybe not all companies are, are real concerned about. So an illustration of that is a, a unfortunate situation that was laid out for me where, um, yeah, going to definitely skip a lot of the details, but let’s just, let’s just say that the job was entered into hastily and probably the intentions of the texts were, were super sincere and you know, they thought that they knew exactly what needed to happen. Um, but I think they overlooked a lot of things and, uh, so it was a pretty simple water loss from what I understand. But, um, the fact was is that they got called out for a water damage Denver job and their timeliness was there.

They arrived in there in a reasonable amount of time, but they, they didn’t talk to the customer. They didn’t try to gather information as far as, you know, any sit inside information, you’re, you know, when did this happen? How long is it? How long has it been going on? Do you know this? Do you know that the more, I mean these are the people that live there that would have the most firsthand account of everything that you’re trying to figure out. Why would you not spend some time gathering that information? But for whatever reason it just wasn’t a part of, you know, what these folks did that day. So they tried to figure that out all on their own. And from what I understand, there was a fairly large amount of water damage Denver it happens and uh,

they needed to get right to work. They needed to get, you know, some things turn out some, some demo done and probably some equipment set, um, asap. So in the midst of, you know, looking at the big picture, they, uh, they just kinda didn’t really take a specific look at the contents we call, anything that’s in the home content. And that could be anything from silverware to clothing, to art, to furniture. Anything that’s in the home is considered content. They didn’t pay incredible attention to the content of that home. And had they, they would have realized that this individual just happened to collect very fine rugs. And a fine rug doesn’t have to be some huge rug that takes up the whole room. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial as far as size or whatever. But, uh, they not only did they not recognize what this individual had in their home, um, they didn’t approach, you know, what content the home can be dried out, but so can the content.

And so when there’s water damage Denver, they’re, it, it’s an effort to, to stay, save and mitigate the structure, but also the person’s belongings as well. Well, um, I believe I heard a figure in the, in the range of $80,000 worth of rugs that were, had been compromised that were wet from this water damage Denver. So, uh, they didn’t think anything of it though, and just kind of tossed him over in the corner of the room along with some other things. And, uh, let’s just say that the homeowner was not too pleased when they found that, um, you know, basically their rugs were, I don’t think they were quite ruined because the next step, these, these rugs were being packaged up and I believe they were being flown out to somewhere on the east coast for these people to do some very specialty restorative type work on these rugs.

Try to salvage him because I’m pretty sure that the insurance company would rather than pay for that as opposed to replacement. So, um, just kind of a hasty bad decision that, you know, that’s, it’s, it’s not something that I’m really sure would be covered by the homeowner’s insurance and might be passed on to that restoration company if they were negligent. And that, I have no idea, but I have a hard time, uh, thinking that the company would just to accept that additional expense that probably could have been spared the other. Absolutely. I mean, so that’s something that, yeah, it’s, I mean large scale item and there’s examples of, you know, technicians not really treating things properly and then, and but those are all things, those are all things that, yeah, at the end of the day they can be replaced. They can be probably hopefully, you know, found somewhere else and you can get the person that type of a rug back or something, but then it gets real serious and it gets so serious that the next example is an example of a heating piece of heating equipment that was put in and not put in properly, but again, just improper communication with the elderly individual that was living there and this, the scowl wasn’t given proper instruction.

Um, again, not going to go into too many details of this job and this is something that I was told by a very reputable, well connected individual in the industry, but a Gyn water damage, job, water damage Denver area job that had, uh, been attended to by a local company and sometimes air movement is introduced. Sometimes dehumidification is introduced, sometimes there’s heating elements that are, are introduced to get, um, element, you know, parts of the home drive structure dry. Well, a lot of the equipment that we use will naturally kind of increase the temperature on its own. But when, when specific items are brought into to just to do that, to really heighten the temperature, um, to assist in the drying process, there needs to be a massive amount of debriefing to two people that will still be in the home or the workplace as to what’s safe, what’s not safe, and it’s gotta be thrown. It’s got to be comprehensive. And it was none of that because this poor elderly gallows I understand actually ended up passing away because she was not given that information and the heat just got to be too much for. And so that is significant and that just breaks your heart. And that is not something that can be rectified. I can’t understand. I, it just blows my mind. It’s one of those things where I honestly, I’ve never heard of it before. Hopefully I’ll never hear of it again. But, um,


it’s a, it’s a reality that can happen. And so our, our goal here at this, at this company at bigfoot is always to deliver a positive experience, but just as much as anything, it’s to educate, it’s to assist. It’s to be a resource for any of our customers that experience water damage Denver smoke damage, fire mold. We want, we want to do a great job and we want to get people back to normal ways of life as soon as possible, but we also want to give them powerful knowledge along the way. Um, maybe it’s due to what we’re doing in their home or workspace, but, you know, certainly just to be safe and, and healthy. And that’s one thing that we always talk about is there’s, there’s no replacement for herself, safety, health and in life. So, um, bit of a heavy subject to end on. But please, please, please, thoroughly vet your restoration company, your water damage Denver company that comes out. And, um, just make sure that the communication is, is there and that that’s, that’s something that they deeply value. As you know, one of the foundational things that they operate with that is certainly the case with bigfoot restoration where you can find us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at seven two zero five seven five foot, big foot restoration.com until next time, take care.