What’s a bought a damaged gym for friends. It is such a pleasure to be spending the next few minutes with you on this big foot restoration water damage Denver podcast of gold. One thing that we try to focus on quite often is our reach in with the different analytics and things that social platforms do. And the way Google does it these days, it’s imperative to be able to maximize your reach. Why is that? Well, we have a physical location and so oftentimes, uh, just out of habit, people will Google water damage Denver near me or restoration companies near me or carpet cleaning companies near me that isn’t always real necessary. Um, you know, especially for uh, uh, you know, an an individual, a service technician that’s coming to your home, not really sure why people care if they’re near them necessarily. I mean, obviously it’s going to be local, it’s going to be someone that’s fairly close to you. But do you really need somebody that you know, has a business, a mile or two away from you? You might severely be limiting your results by asking just for water damaged. And for companies near you or carpet cleaning companies near you.

If you do that, Google will send you the reason, those exact results that you requested. They will give you a map and they will show you which companies

pop up

very, very near to your location. So we want, we want our reach to be much farther than, you know, we’re kind of in an in an industrial area.

So [inaudible]

there’s houses around us for sure, but it’s not heavy residential and not like it really, really matter if it, if it was, but you know, we’re talking about not exactly the demographic or like the, I mean it would just severely limit us if we just focused on people and houses that were very near to our physical location. So we want to have our reach span, the entire Denver Metro area. So if you live in the Metro area, then you are familiar with what I’d be talking about. And so some of, but not all of the cities and kind of areas that we would do water damage Denver number services for would be Denver, Inglewood, Littleton, Highlands ranch, lone tree, Parker, Colorado Springs. Maybe if it was a job that would necessitate going down there. Um, but Frank town maybe monument.


Let’s come back North a little bit. Aurora commerce city. Then we go onto the West side, federal Heights, Lakewood, golden conifer, evergreen, Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, anything past kind of that Thorton area. Again, we’d go for certain jobs. So places like Brighton or whatever way out North there.

Water Damage Denver | Can We Help Those In Wyoming?

We would consider it. But we want to try to stay to the Metro area so that we can beat up places when people have water damage, number jobs. We want to be able to get to them in a very time efficient manner. And if we’re traveling hours away, it’s not very time efficient. So that’s our goal is to be top of mind, top of Google, top of everything when it comes to water damage Denver companies in the Denver Metro area today, how ever we received a call from a gentleman who said he had some mold, he thought it was black mold growing in his building, which it sounded like it was commercial. He said he’s got people coming in and going out. There’s quite a large HVAC system that exchanges, they’re all over the place in, in this building. And he was concerned that, you know, he might need to have some mold remediation done. So he called in the morning and uh, we were super busy today, but we got him called back as soon as possible. And you know, just because we do so much work on, on attempting to become, you know, one of the more recognizable water damage Denver companies when people put in their Google searches, I just kind of went off the assumption that he was in that

it’s kind of little map, that predetermined map in my mind, uh, that would have him be somewhere, you know, say within 45 minutes of where our physical location is.

So we went into his situation. He has a, a roof that’s damaged and you know, moisture’s not being deflected very well. So he’s got a constant moisture source and from the sounds of this place, just the way that it’s occupied and what it’s used for, it sounded like there was a ton of organic material. So, like we’ve talked about many times, moisture plus organic material is one of the most perfect breeding grounds for mold [inaudible]. So we went through his situation, his building, what he perceived to be, but I perceived to be his water damage Denver situation. And probably about 10 minutes in the conversation, he, uh, let me know that he lives in Wyoming, which Wyoming isn’t terribly far away. You can probably be there from our physical location in about an hour and a half, so not crazy far. Um, but obviously that’s just the border. So that’s just to like Cheyenne, um, just across the border

on the North side of Colorado. Well, he doesn’t live right on the border. He doesn’t live in Cheyenne. He lives in, I don’t even remember the name of the town at this point, but I just, just for the fun of it, had him give me the little city name and uh, popped it into Google maps and he is about four and a half hours away from us. So we probably won’t be the best choice for him, you know, if there was some massive, and you know, hopefully not for him, we never want this for anybody, but if there was some massive loss with lots of work that would need to be done, you know, quite honestly a very high ticket type jobs and we would probably consider making that that drive. But to not know really what the situation is, you know, truly what he needs done. We can’t go up there for an for a, you know, a job walk or something like that. So um, heavily encouraged him to get or at least attempt to get a hold of someone local, which he said he had tried and what was is he said just by going on his Google search way far away from us when he asked for [inaudible] when he typed in, you know, top rated restoration companies, our name came up, came up and

for us to be that far away from him but still get a, yeah, it popped up from that inquiry. That far away is incredibly interesting. Um, have no idea. We are not attempting to rank highly on services in Wyoming. So I have no idea how that could have been the case, but it was, and I guess just a PSA. As a result, we are attempting to do water damage Denver jobs, not water damaged Wyoming jobs. Maybe someday we will open up a branch in Wyoming if,

if we need to, if there’s that much of a need up there. But I would suspect there’s plenty, plenty of individuals up there that can take care of his situation. So unfortunately not a water damage Denver situation for us, but interesting to note that apparently we are popular beyond the state’s borders. So if you are within the state borders more specifically within the Metro area borders and you need water damage, Denver help, we would sure appreciate the opportunity to check out what you got going on. 70 zero five seven five foot. But until then you stay safe.