Well, it’s water damage Denver friends, Real estate, real estate is my spirit animal. I think it is. I, um, even after graduating college went through a course, Two Get licensed and, um, I guess certified as a real estate agent, I went ahead with the course, passed the test and had everything in place to apply for a license, but never really followed through with it. And I think I didn’t because I was young. I didn’t have savings. I didn’t have a never-ending supply of supplemental cash from a rich family member or something like that. And it was just intimidating to me to think that As a hundred percent commission based job, I could be sure that I

Would be able to survive. And now a long, long time later, it’s kind of interesting to think about, but it’s all good. I know there are a lot of positives to being a real estate agent. I know there are a lot of negatives. I was just talking to a good friend today. His wife is a real estate agent and she’s a very good one because she’s very accomplished. Tons of experience is aligned with the very high-end real estate company. And she has yet to S to have a closing on a home this year that blew my mind. And I understand that there’s a lot of craziness going on in the world right now, but to

Be a very savvy real estate agent with tons of experience under, under one’s belt, and go Oh four. Um, You almost half the year now that is, that is just super sad to me. And it sounds like people are just incredibly finicky right now. And, uh, you know, There’s always a chance, you know, with any transaction that things may fall apart at some point, even the last minute, but it sounds like that’s been kind of more of, of the, uh, the experience this, so thus far in the year, but there’s still quite a market, especially in the Denver area. There is still quite a, quite a buzz about

Mmm. You know, just sales in general. And it, um, it’s still creating, you know, kind of an uptick in the value of the property. Uh, I think that that, you know, the restrictions that were in place for quite a while, just kind of added, um, added to the overall pool in the market of individuals that were looking for homes, they were not able to purchase during that two month time. And it’s very difficult to, you know, view houses and have any sort of, um, contact with other parties. And of course, you know, there are options when it comes to meeting on online and different things, but it can be a little frustrating and certainly challenging, um, when an industry that, you know, relies on a lot of people to person interaction is shut down when Water Damage Denver strikes.

So I guess whether or not you’re looking or you’re not looking or you’re selling, or you’re thinking about selling, uh, just a couple of tips today to kind of look for, if you are in, in the buying mode, if you’re one of those people that’s looking to relocate, maybe it’s a first time home, maybe you’re looking to upsize or downsize this way, provide a handful of tips to look for as you select your potential home as well. I think potential sellers could benefit from these tips, um, and, you know, make changes where they can be made. Um, and certainly think about these things moving forward, but as a homeowner, as a potential homeowner, when you’re looking at different places, it’s, it’s just as important to look at the layout of the house to look at, you know, the functionality of how that particular home would work for you.

Um, so many people have, you know, their checklist of things that they want to see on a house. They want a big kitchen, or they want a huge backyard for the kids, or they want, you know, to get to be in a certain location, that’s convenient for their work. Uh, they need, you know, X, many bedrooms, X, many bathrooms. Um, the list can go on and on, and certainly you want, you want a place that suits your needs and your, your desires. And, if you’re going to make, you know, the biggest purchase of your life, you want to be very, very thoughtful and very, um, specific in how, how you determined, where You want to move and where you want to, where you want to call home.

But yeah, I think so many people get enamored with, uh, how big the houses are, how neat, you know, the, um, you know, little bells and whistles of a house are that they may gloss over some potential red flags, uh, by just simply, you know, not putting as much stake in What could have happened in the past. What could have, what little warning signs could I be seeing that That could tell me, um, you know, perhaps some sort of a Water Damage Denver job happened here in the past. Maybe there’s kind of an ongoing problem. Um, things to look for things to consider, uh, as you potentially spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property. So, number one, I would say, as you are, let’s start on the outside, just look at the perimeter of the home, go around, look at the facing of the home, look at the

Brick or the stone or the stucco or the siding. And is there staining, is there, are there, is there rotting of boards? Is there something that tells you if the roof isn’t functioning properly or the gutters aren’t functioning properly, that moisture is allowed to kind of go wherever it wants to follow those gutters down to a ground-level where they draining, do they have extensions? Does it go into the ground to some sort of a, um, system that discharges at somewhere else? Those can be, but if they are, you know, if they fail, if they get swallowed up by tree roots or they get plugged up, where’s that water going to go? Also, look at negative drainage as you walk around the home. Are there any places where the landscaping kind of, um, is great at back toward the house as opposed to down and away from it now, even if certain landscaping might be grated back, you know, sometimes there’s still little slurries that are created to divert water down and around with some of the best.

Um, you know, that that can be a thing that French grain drains can be created to divert water and drain it off somewhere else, but take a good solid look at the perimeter of the home. Notice egress windows, um, take an extra special look around those. Do they have, is there any signs of, um, flooding in those, those can, um, be a problem if they’re not designed correctly, if they don’t have, um, certain barriers and things in place as you go into a home notice in bathrooms in, I guess, anywhere there’s a way water source, look at the baseboards, are they swollen? Are they stained? Look at the trim around showers? Can you tell me that there’s some sort of a water issue with a shower? Well, um, often you can, if you take a look at the base of, of the shower and kind of the surroundings of it, a lot of times that wood or that trim will be very compromised, swollen, cracked peeling, and you can tell that, you know, maybe the stripping on the shower door, isn’t good, or something’s going on to where there have been excessive amounts of moisture.

And that’s something that probably should be investigated a little more than just glossing over and saying, Oh, you know, that makes sense. It’s just right outside of the shower, things get wet, um, in the basement. Look again, look for water standing. How, um, in an unfinished basement, do you, are you able to see signs of, you know, potential, um, foundational leaks, things like that if the basement’s finished, um, whereas where’s the furnace, whereas, um, the hot water tank you want to look at inspecting or have, you know, in your inspection, make sure that your hired contractor is looking at condensation lines. Are they running and diverting outside? Like they’re supposed to be the hot water tank in good condition? Is there any evidence that that, you know, has leaked at some point in time, or maybe even worse, failed and caused some potential Water Damage Denver number in the past?

Um, a lot of these things you could probably just put an extra big bug in your inspector’s ear and say, Hey, I am especially concerned about water damage. I know that you know, it can be problematic, maybe not immediately, but kind of down the road. And could you take an extra close look at all of the systems that would have the potential for failure in that area? And let me know if there’s anything that you should you think I should be cautious of. Um, you know, as we decide if we’re going to purchase this home or not, a lot of times, it’s not, you know, like a crazy, huge issue, but you also don’t want to get yourself in a pickle to where you just have that regret of, I wish I would have been a little more attentive to this sort of thing, you know, and now you’ve purchased and moved into the home and you’re needing to, you know, rip things apart, redo things, do, um, you know, spend money that you don’t want to, or hadn’t planned on.

Um, because there was either something that had happened in the past that went unaddressed that now needs to be fixed, or, you know, something that, you know, was looked potentially problematic, but kinda shoved to the side. And now, in fact, things are happening. And again, um, money’s being spent that wasn’t, wasn’t a that wasn’t the plan. So keep those items in mind, as you look for, for your next home, um, have us out. If you have any sort of questions concerning Water Damage Denver jobs, we will be happy to offer our professional opinion and point you in the right direction. If you need our services, we’ll be happy to help if it’s, uh, another type of service that is needed, I’d be happy to provide that resource if we can for you as well. So I’m sure I hope you don’t experience any of that, but if you do, we are your water damage, Denver company of choice. And until we meet you, stay safe.