Hey, hey, hey, Denver Water Damage Denver friends and family. It a, it is a crazy gloomy, rainy day here in Water Damage Denver, Colorado. And to be quite honest with you, the, uh, the weather fits kind of the mood of the city today. Um, we, uh, we live in a beautiful state. We are just incredibly spoiled with the climate here, with all of the activities that, um, we are afforded to be able to do.


And, um, there’s just so much positive about Denver and Colorado and probably something that, you know, natives like me take for granted quite often. But, um, for whatever reason, our city, our state has been riddled with tragedy, high school tragedy struck again yesterday and, um, it’s, uh, it’s probably at the point now where a lot of people are desensitized to it because it happens so often, are way more often than it should.

That is not the way I meant, um, way more often than it should. Uh, it, it happens and that’s more often than it should. But, um, you know, we, I guess what I’m saying is it, it’s just unfortunately in this day and age, something that we see and hear about both in the USA and across the world, um, and doesn’t necessarily have to do with one mode of evil as far as weapons or devices that are used to harm others. It’s, it’s just hatred and men’s heart. And I’d, I have a personal views on why that is and, and kind of where it stems from. But, um, that’s a, that’s a slippery slope that then we won’t go down. Um, probably in any big foot restoration repaired podcast. Our focus here is to educate and assist, uh, Water Damage Denver, um, victims and victims of smoke and fire damage, mold occurrences.

Um, but we do try to keep things current. We do try to address things that are going on currently and bring a bit of a personal touch to things, not just drone out drone on and on about, uh, the mundane things that we go through every single day. But just this is somewhat of a Cathartic medium for us to be able to, uh, speak on things that are happening good, bad or indifferent. And, uh, you know, it’s interesting. It just kinda seems like there’s always, um, some opportunity to weave in kind of what we do and what we’re about, um, into, um, just about anything I’m going on. And, and certainly on a day like today where, um, you know, there’s, they’re stories of heroism from, from what was going on yesterday. Also reports of, of a fatality, which, um, you know, I know everybody yesterday was just holding their breasts because there was just reports of injury.

And today, um, we find out that one beautiful young man lost his life and the report is that he lost it in an attempt to disarm one of the shooters. So this kid’s a hero. He, um, he laid down his life for his classmates and no greater sacrifice could be made. So, um, definitely want to learn as much as I can about this young man and, and, uh, honor him and support his family. This community has always done a great job of, of being there for, for each other when, when these crazy things happen. Uh, unfortunately, you know, way back before my water damage at Denver days, my, my cleaning and restoration experience. Um, you know, I was just, uh, a kid kind of fresh out of high school when Columbine happened, um, years and years ago. And that, uh, unfortunately, um, was, was impactful as well.

New Friends, family that were involved that both went to the school, um, were involved in the rescue effort part of the Swat team and um, you know, other people in the community that, that I knew that either had friends or family that, that were either injured or killed in that, in that situation as well. So our hearts go out and a lot of people are, are triggered by people saying their thoughts and prayers are with people. Well, um, certainly that, that, uh, that’s too bad because my heart, my thoughts and prayers are with these folks. And in addition to that, um, we’ll do everything we can as a business, as a, as a, a member of the community, as members of the community to reach out and be a resource, whether it’s, um, providing, you know, things for officers and resource staff as they attempt to help, um, put things back together or an investigator wherever they need to do to students. Um, we don’t have our own nonprofit set up, but we definitely want to be charitable. We, we want to be, um, philanthropic and we want to be, um, a source of good in the community. So we tried to, to give back and um, we want to definitely get aligned with, um, with an effort that’s near and dear to our hearts and that’s definitely on the front burner for us. So, um, anyway, the,

the, the gravity of the situation today kind of far outweighs anything that we have personally going on. Water Damage Denver related or otherwise. Um, we were able to, to get into a couple of jobs this week that we’re having massive success on getting some great, uh, drawing. Whereas other methods a previous, previously tried weren’t working. And so that’s always what we consider a win. You know, um, it, it’s just helping people out in their time of need and it’s, it’s, um, it’s great I suppose, but there again, um, when something like this happens, I think probably, um, I can’t imagine a person not, um, you know, taking a water damage Denver situation or a, you know, even their house catching on fire and exchanging that for the health and safety and in the lives that are affected by something like this. So we, we take what we do very seriously and we know it is a serious, um, part of life, getting people back to whole and being able to concentrate on their lives and their families in their work. Um,


But, uh, something like this just puts it in perspective. And so if this is a bit of a, uh, rambling today,

that’s just the way it’s going to have to be. Like I said, this is sometimes more of a cathartic thing to us to be able to speak on events that are happening in our community. And again, we just were so grateful for the support from, from the Water Damage Denver Metro community and for those that have experienced Water Damage Denver situations to be able to put their faith and trust in big foot. Uh, we just wanna we want to try it to, to give back and to be able to, um, you know, speak on, on things that, that are maybe more important than what we do, but also reiterate that we’re, we’re here, um, in much more of a capacity than just, um, for water damage, Denver situations. We’re also here when, um, when things go horribly wrong and, um, if there’s ever anything that, um, anybody out there thinks we could be a part of as far as an effort for something like this, please, uh, please reach out.

It would be an honor to be able to be called on, um, you know, in the community to be able to perform a specific duty. So we’ll always do, you know, be definitely, um, forward thinking and trying to, trying to reach out and being ahead of the curve when it comes to things that are needed. But certainly if there’s ever something that, um, is needed of us, it would be, it would be incredible to be able to provide something. So, uh, I suppose that’s a bit of a generality as far as, um, as those statements are concerned. But, um, we would love to help. So we, um,


we’ve got just this a nice crazy little cold front moving in here in the early parts of May when typically it’s, it’s very mild and warm weather and we do have these kind of late spring storms, but it just feels appropriate that today is kind of groggy, Kinda gray and gloomy in light of everything that that happened yesterday. And I’m really kind of, not that it matters necessarily, um, logistics wise or a location wise, but we, we happen to live, my family and I happen to live literally a half mile east of, um, where this, the stem school is located. And so, um, pretty difficult to get that text and these automated phone calls during the course of a given work day where, uh, you know, you’re basically being notified that your child, your children’s schools are on lockdown. And there’s very little information, but I’m just hang tight basically is what most of these messages say. And a then obviously news starts reporting or trying to report, um, social media goes crazy and, um, there’s just a Oh, an overwhelming amount of information that, um, that you’re trying to discern and figure out what’s right and what, you know, what’s applicable and um,


yeah, it’s just, it, it’s like drinking from a fire hose. So, um, thankfully, you know, the, those were just precautions and um, you know, I appreciate the efforts of all the responders doing, doing their due diligence to make sure all the surrounding schools and facilities are safe. And ultimately they were, it was, it was just an isolated thing with that one school. But certainly I’m very, very, very close to, uh, to home for us. So in any case, um, on a day like today, I was, I wish there was a way that we could, um, not necessarily ignore what’s going on, but, uh, be able to provide, you know, maybe a more applicable podcast for Water Damage Denver issues or information or being a resource in that respect. But, um, we can do that tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. Today is a day to um, reflect even though it has zero to do with water damage Denver or pretty much anything that we do.

Um, you just have to pause and, and think about the sanctity of life and of these children and of the families that were affected and um, and you know, just I guess resolve to be a part of the solution, whatever that is. And again, we will never go into social or political issues here, but I’m, it’s for every kind of parent and community member to, to decide what, what sort of course they want to do. What I do know is that it’s incredibly important to offer a positive word to a child, to really to any stranger brighten people’s day. When you have a moment, when you have a chance to make them smile, offer an encouraging word. There’s nothing that, uh, that that can be, but a positive experience and maybe the only positive experience in that child or, or person’s Day. And if you can afford them, that you just never know what that could do for them.

Um, the, the way things are going these days and how, you know, fragile, um, the human mind seems to, seems to be due to, you know, very legitimate circumstances. Um, you just never know what people are going through. And so if you can provide an encouraging word, uh, you know, uh, a smile, a joke, something that brightened somebody’s Day, it’s, it’s something you’d never regret. Something that, uh, is incredibly important. At least I think so. So that will do it for today. Big Foot restoration repairs, always here when you need us for Water Damage Denver, you know, um, we do much more than that, but specifically offer those for those, uh, situations than you incredibly timely attention. We, uh, we want to be your trusted resource for that. So hope to bring more of a lighthearted and little more applicable subject matter in our podcast to com. But thank you for riding with us today. Have a blessed day. We’ll talk to you soon.