Welcome to one of our pilot episodes here on the big foot restoration and repair podcast. This will be one in a series of pilot to podcast that we do explaining our water damage, Denver a restoration services. And today what we’re going to focus on is just a very general overview of the different services that we provide, the type of company we are, and to just give some general information on bigfoot restoration and repair. So the water damage, uh, again, Denver is our, our uh, our hometown. It’s where we have grown up. It’s where we have lived most of our adult lives and certainly a, we have a great love for the city and the surrounding area, the community. And we want to provide a Water Damage Denver 24 hour emergency response for wattage water damage, Denver and, uh, many other, um, disasters as well. So, uh, just to be right off the bat as far as what we provide, it’s going to center around water damage.

Again, Denver, um, mold which can come very quickly after water damage timber if, uh, if things aren’t intended to properly in addition to water damage, Denver and mold. Uh, we do also offer services for the remediation and restoration for smoke and for fires. So God forbid ever anything like that would happen to a, you know, a person at their home or their place of business. A big foot Water Damage Denver is on call all to come out and help get ’em as much work done right off the bat as possible, but really, uh, empathize with the insured, empathize with, you know, the people that are affected and make sure that they understand that we will keep their best interests in mind as we get them back to whole. We also, uh, really, really key on the communication and the relationship with the insurance companies, with the adjusters to, to streamline the process to make sure that everything is being dealt with in a transparent manner and make sure they understand the work that needs to be done and always referencing the standards for the industry to make sure that, again, they’re customers, they’re insured.

Clients are being the proper, being given the proper service that they deserve. So just, um, again, to give a brief overview of everything that bigfoot provides, it is a 24 hour emergency Water Damage Denver response team. So what does that mean? So when a water damage Denver, a call comes in, um, the goal is to answer every phone call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is the goal that probably isn’t going to happen as any restoration. A Denver, you know, water damage, Denver Company, bigger, small would attest to, um, that may or may not happen three 65, 24 hours a day. However, we do have an answering service and we check our messages constantly. So our desire is to be, uh, answering them phone, responding immediately and being responsive to the need at hand. And really water damage. Denver is going to be the type of service that we’ll need, the, the quickest response.

And so in those cases where somebody got a flood, of course these never happen at any sort of what you might call an opportunistic time. It’s going to be at, you know, three in the morning when somebody goes down to the basement, half asleep to turn off a light and they find their, uh, whole basement, you know, with water damage, you know, um, Denver in again, surrounding areas, whole basement flooded and having to deal with that, you know, reality right then and there. So, first thing obviously, is to find the source of, of the damage of the source of the failure. Whether it’s, you know, a hot water tank that’s rusted out and broken, or perhaps a pipe that’s decided to burst, you know, perhaps a leaky toilet, whatever the case may be, the source needs to be figured out primary, you know, it’s gotta be the first thing. It really has to be, uh, the first thing attended to. And once the problem has been identified and has been, um, rectified as far as if it is, you know, a leak, you know, have the water turned off to have that source, you know, stopped the restoration can, um, can start. And that’s where we come in. And so

that’s water damage Denver, that’s that

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that’s a, an immediate response need. And we do have guarantees and such that we, that we put out there and we’ll get into that in a another episode.


But moving on to other disasters that, that could occur that we certainly want to deal with in a timely manner but might not be necessarily the best, uh, or you know, something that would parallel water damage. Denver. Um, let’s talk about smoke. Let’s talk about fire damage. And again, these can be simple things. It can be something that would be left on the stove and, uh, you know, perhaps a significant amount of, you know, smoke comes out of that. It’s left unintended. Somebody leaves the house and forgets, you know, they’ve got a pot of something boiling on the stove and it boils dry and then it starts to smoke and smolder and you come back and man, it’s a horrible thing to have to deal with and that, that odor just lingers and it’s very, very difficult to get things cleaned up and cleaned up properly.

And to the point where, you know, you don’t get that with a voter when you open the cabinet or you know, certain things like that very, very difficult for a homeowner is to try to address on their own. So in that case, um, you know, is, is it something that, you know, an emergency response team needs to be there and you know, minutes to make sure the, you know, nothing progresses. It’s not really the case. You know, it, same thing with the fire again as opposed to water damage. DENVER, it’s, it’s really something where, you know, the fire department needs to do what they need to do. Um, perhaps if the, if it’s a smaller case and the home owner is able to rectify the situation, um, the damage has been done and there is no, you know, kind of, again, in indirect a distinction to water damage number.

It isn’t a case where, you know, you’ve got to act quickly or there’s, you know, the potential of mold and things like that, you know, the damage has been done and oftentimes those, you know, that first few minutes, those first few hours, perhaps the first day is more kind of a reality check for the insured as far as, okay, I have had this situation and, uh, I need to figure out kind of a game plan to get back to being able to function either in my home or my place of business. So in those cases, we, again, we put heavy, heavy emphasis on empathizing with the insured, making sure that they understand, you know, kind of what needs to be done. You know, it, it most of the time and hopefully, you know, again, God forbid it’d be anything you know, other than, you know, a moderate challenge as far as, you know, having some items are replaced and having, you know, perhaps a portion of their house re reconstructed.

But you know, we always put, you know, first value on, on life and health. And so we want to make sure, you know, all the folks that were in the home or in the business are safe and, and healthy pets. You know, we definitely, that’s first priority. Things are just things and we understand that people have a lot of sentimental items in their home and that are very important to them and those things are important to us, but there’s nothing that can replace health or life. So, um, that’s first priority. But you know, right along with that is getting people back to where they’re comfortable and you know, as much of the fact that it is an emotional thing that people go through. Um, you know, we can work together and it hopefully can, you know, our goal is for it to be as positive and as pleasurable of an experience. You know, and sometimes when you go through something, just knowing that people are in your Water Damage Denver corner, that they’re there for support and for help and you know, beyond helping them get their things back and getting things put back together, just really a friend, a confidant, uh, an individual to talk to that cares and um, you know, isn’t distracted that they’re there for them and in a shoulder to cry on if need be. So, um,


smoke, fire, things of that nature. Um, you can have a conversation, you can have, um, a few different things go on that aren’t quite as an immediacy driven as perhaps a bold or water damage Denver type considerations might, might need down the road. We’ll be offering some other services. Uh, you know, there’s just a lot of things that make sense for us to offer assistance in. Um, right now we don’t do much more than water damage Denver w or smoke damage or fire damage. But in the, in the long run, you know, we, and I should again mentioned mold. We’re, we’re certified in bold, we’re certified and the remediation of, you know, anything growth related and those are concerns that again, we’ll get to in another podcast. Um, and they should be very, very, uh, taken very seriously. And, uh, you know, it tended to just, again, to prevent any sort of health considerations down the road. So, um, getting to the point of explaining all of our services and kind of, uh, how we operate for our clients, uh, for insurance industries and last, um, sort of, uh, aerial address with that is for another


referral partner source that we, um, really focus on. We put great value in companies that feel comfortable referring our service, referring the things that we offer and we want to make sure that if they are going to refer us out that um, they understand that they will a very sizable benefit to that as well. And it’s not just a pay for play type thing, it’s not just a, a, um, you know, finder’s fee type thing. It’s a system that we’ve created for water damage, Denver partners and for other, uh, contractors and trades people that really solidifies the fact that we have an interest in them and their company and the fact that we want to see them succeed as well. And it really just goes in a circle as we succeed. They do and vice versa. And the design of the program is for, you know, that, that comradery, that referral partner source to benefit every, um, every party.

So we’ll get a little more specific in some of our file following pilot episodes. But again, for today, uh, for bigfoot restoration and repair, we, uh, we simply want to give some good, palatable, general information focusing on mostly the water damage Denver arena, but certainly, certainly for also the mold aspects that can come as a result of water damage, different not being attended to in a timely manner either by another company or by perhaps the homeowner that we need to go in and address, but also the fire and smoke, um, arenas as well. Um, we’re heavily, heavily involved with the repairing and restoration of those sorts of things. And we look forward to assisting anybody that might be going through one of those sorts of situations. So if you visit big foot restoration.com, you’ll find all of this information. You’ll find that it’s a veteran owned business, uh, which again, um, you know, net doesn’t necessarily mean gold, but it is, um, something where, you know, this particular gentleman gave up a significant portion of his life to serve his country and to, uh, be, you know, there for, for a very, very large cause.

And we apply a lot of those same principles to what we do here. And, uh, we just want people to know that we appreciate our veterans and also we appreciate the, the Veterans Service of, of one of our founders that, um, you know, that that created big foot restoration. We’re available 24, seven by phone, by email, um, we’ll be implementing other sorts of modes to be able to communicate with us. Uh, but when, when those new co one of those calls do come in, we treat every single customer as if they’re our only customer. Uh, the case manager, uh, the field rep that’s assigned will, you know, put everything that they have and to making sure that we address, uh, their, their situation, smaller, large, um, as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will, we don’t want to drag it out any longer than need be. We want to get them back to whole as quickly as possible and we want to do that both for them and their insurance companies.

That’s going to save them a considerable amount of money in a time costs and equipment costs. So we will conclude this a pilot podcast, forbid foot restoration and repair. We’ll get a little bit more specific in future podcasts, but hopefully today has given you just a good comprehensive idea of the services that a bigfoot provides. Everything from water damage, Denver to mold issues to smoke damage and fire damage. And again, we’ll expand on some of the other ancillary services that we’ll be providing down the road and we hope to provide more information then certainly provide the service. If you or any of the folks in your, um, your Water Damage Denver networking, working circle could use our help, we should be happy to, to provide it. So that is offered today.