All right. DENVER, good to be with you again. This is yet another rendition of big foot restoration podcast of gold. And what we’re trying to do and accomplish in these short a 15 to 20 minute little snippets is really, really reach out to the Denver community. Um, as we know, water damage Denver, uh, is just something that nobody ever wants to deal with. Smoke, fire, mold, all of the things that we help mitigate a remediate, repair, whatever you want to call it. We quite honestly don’t really want anybody to ever have to deal with it. We want to educate our customer base. We want to educate the community on how to protect themselves from every having to deal with anything, uh, that you know, we provide service for. But just with the amount of people add look, acts of nature, so on and so forth.

Inevitably there’s going to be water damage Denver, there’s going to be smoke and fire damage. There’s going to be mold that is a direct cause of, you know, just a, a moisture source. And in that case we are ready to help out, but we’re always going to do our best to help prepare people to, I’m really not ever have to experience any of this stuff. So we’ll get to water damage Denver in just a moment. I’ve got kind of a, a special, uh, subject matter today as we dive into kind of the information of this podcast. But it is today a beautiful, beautiful April Spring Day in Denver, Colorado and this time of year can kind of trick us a bit and make us think that it’s time to get out the shorts and sandals. Um, get out the jet skis, the motorboats and get out on the lake here coming up real quick.

But the fact of the matter is we still have some, some nasty spring weather to deal with. As a matter of fact, in the next probably 24 to 36 hours, we’re going to be 40, 45, perhaps even 50 degrees lower than what we are right now. So it’s a beautiful 70 some odd degree day, uh, that is going to change quickly tomorrow morning and looks like, according to all the pros out there, temperatures are going to plumb it. Wins are going to pick up and it’s going to go from pretty Dang comfortable too. Absolutely miserable real quick. And there again, just a, uh, a harsh reality that we have to deal with. Probably not just in Denver, uh, you know, water damage Denver, it’s not, it’s really not just us that are dealing with it in the, in the nation. Um, quite honestly, we have a pretty, pretty a nice climate and we do have some seasonality, which is nice.

I think it’s good to experience a seasonal temperatures and we do get weather with it, but, uh, I think we’re pretty blessed and pretty spoiled relative to the rest of the nation and even in the country. So, um, with that being said, uh, enjoy today. Enjoy, maybe a brief part of tomorrow, but understand that you still need to protect yourself, your home, your business, any property that you might have in a way that won’t allow, uh, water damage to happen, pipes to be compromised. Um, let’s just not get too loosey Goosey with how, how we treat our things, our homes, our properties. Because it, it, the temperatures will dip down low, probably not time to turn on those sprinkler systems yet. Another major way that a flood water damage Denver can happen. Um, you know, you get, get those systems back in effect and you’re getting your lawn nice and beautiful and green.

And then we have a couple of these, uh, spring freezes and people have huge headaches on, on their hands. So just a tip for spring weather here in beautiful Denver, Colorado. But today, what the subject is yours going to be is how big foot really makes a solid effort to be a financial blessing to anybody that we can possibly be one to. Now, probably a few eyebrows were raised at that statement and I totally get it. But, uh, we made some very specific intentional goals as we created this company to not just take, not just provide a service, but also give back as much as possible. And I’ll elaborate on how that can potentially be, um, you know, an aspect to just about anybody we do business with. Now there’s a couple of scenarios where it might not be the best thing in the world and I’ll explain that, but we want people to understand that we’re, we’re both, you know, invested both in theory but also in practice and that’s where we kind of step up and let, uh, you know, the financial realm of things do the talking to just kind of solidify in the community that it’s, it’s real.

We, we do, obviously we have to make money to survive and grow. And you know, we, we love, um, the lucratively of the, of the industry just as much as any other company, but we’re, we’re not 100% focused on every water damage Denver job being as lucrative as it can. As you know, making sure that every call that comes in means major, major splits. And uh, that’s just not our main focus. We want to have a good, you know, stable financially stable company, but we also want to benefit those in our community. So without speaking in generalities anymore, let’s get right into it. The very first way that this can be

a real thing to the folks that we do business with would be to an insured person. So just a regular old Joe like you and me. We have a situation, we’ve got water damage. Uh, Denver is probably where you are or in or around. So you’ve got a situation, you come home and your hot water heater failed and you need immediate help. So you have options. Who Do you call? Do you call water damage experts that you have used before? Do you call your real estate agent? Do you call a general contractor that you’ve used a plumber? Uh, there’s friends, family, everybody’s going to have a recommendation or you know, an idea of what, what you should do or who you should call. Inevitably, you know, we were kind of biased. We think you should call big foot restoration and repair the water damage Denver as experts and we want you to not hesitate.

We want you to get right on it. Uh, your insurance company is going to appreciate that. It’s called not being negligent as a homeowner. So the quicker you get on the phone, the quicker you, um, kind of get the troops rallied in as far as getting, um, this, this problem tackled as quickly as possible. The better for you for, you know, the whole whole situation. Um, obviously first thing we needed to to do is depending on the cause of, of the water loss, if a plumber needs to be involved, basically we need to do to eliminate that source. So that’s the very first thing. However, so we don’t go down that rabbit hole just called bigfoot restoration and repair the water damage Denver experts. After that, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to have a quick conversation. We’re going to find out the nature of things, what’s going on, you know, get, get an idea of exactly what you are experiencing.

And after that, after that brief conversation, we’re going to you, would you like us to deploy here? Do you want us to get a crew out to you asap? If we get a verbal authorization for work to start, we’re on our way and uh, we might need to grab a few extra supplies depending on the sort of water damage, a number that you have. Uh, we might need to, you know, figure out a route if you’re not close to us. Um, but in any case, here’s the bottom line. We enact at that point of verbal authorization, we act what we call our c big foot in 90 minutes or less guarantee. What does that mean? That means that if you have water damage Denver and you call bigfoot and you give a verbal authorization after we’ve had that brief phone call to gather information, were there in 90 minutes or what?

What’s the, what’s the guarantee? A lot of people, there’s a lot of companies out there that will make claims 60 minutes or less, 90 minutes or less, 30 minutes, less, five minutes or less. But what good is a guarantee if there’s not some form of accountability to back that up. Ours is very simple and it’s pretty legit. It’s very legit. It’s extremely legit. One ten one minute, one minute late is $10 in your pocket, two minutes late as 20 do the math. If you know how to multiply by tens you can do that pretty easy. This is cash money folks. This is our commitment to you that we will be there. Obviously we never even want to get close to the 90 minute threshold, but if for any reason, doesn’t matter what it is, fortunate, unfortunate, whatever the case may be, if we’re not arriving to your property in 90 minutes from that work authorization, we give you $10 for every minute that we’re late, we’re not going to pull up and have a conversation about it with you.

We need to get right to work, but that is something that we document and this is not a gift card. It’s not a subscription to the jelly on the month club. It’s nothing silly like that. You will be compensated for our inability to get there in that time frame that we want to, that is simply to hold us accountable. Again, we never want to have to pay a customer a dime and they shouldn’t really want us to either. They should want us to get there incredibly in a timely manner and have their water damage Denver taken care of promptly and efficiently. But in the case that we aren’t there in 90 minutes or less, that’s our promise to our customer. So God forbid that’s the case and more 99 minutes, you know, in route, uh, after we’ve received that verbal authorization will work to be performed, uh, nine times 90 bucks and that’s a nice dinner.

So we want you to go and enjoy yourself that night. We’ll continue to get to work, but, uh, that’s how we can be, uh, you know, potential financial benefit, I guess you could say to our customers. Again, it’s, it, the point isn’t to ever have to, to hand out a dime. The point is to get there as quick as humanly possible and that’s our commitment to our customers. But that’s just a form of us stepping up and saying, you don’t have to worry about us making a guarantee and then not acting on it. That is a super intentional, sincere guarantee. But here’s what we’re going to do. Should we not be able to, um, perform on what we say we will. Okay. So if there’s any questions on that and be happy to elaborate, in my opinion, it’s pretty cut and dry. Should be pretty easy to understand.

Water damage. Denver is not the only reason we would deploy immediately, but it’s probably the most, uh, most likely if you know, if there’s other situations where people that want to call up and talk about, okay, we, you know, we had some smoke damage here a couple of weeks ago. We’re getting our insurance involved. We need someone to come out and look at things and assess damage. Um, or perhaps, you know, we had a fire, you know, in our garage, somebody put, um, you know, burning embers out there and sure enough the fire department had to come out. So not only is there smoke damage, there’s now water damage Denver. Um, because you know, obviously the fire department had to get out there, the equipment and put the fire out. So that could be a scenario. Um, mold, you know, I’ve, we’ve had a leaky roof and now we’re concerned, you know, the, the wife is getting sick, you know, when she spends time in this room, we need somebody to come out and take a peek.

We are more than happy to assist and go out and assess and talk to folks about their condition. But those things aren’t ones that nes necessitate immediate water damage. Denver. Do you know what I’m saying? It, it, it’s, it’s not as, you know, Code Code Red Code blue of an emergency that uh, we would need to drop everything that we’re doing and come out just to advise the customer on, you know, some smoke, Amazon or something like that. So we can explain that. We can talk about, you know, why, you know, there might be, um, some examples of some appointments, you know, we can set them up for a day or two from now when you get off work or whatever is convenient for you. But there are definitely scenarios that aren’t necessarily something that a is a flat out emergency disaster. Let’s get to it right now. Water damage, Denver areas, you know, Metro area. Those are, you know, those are the situations that we’re wanting to get out to asap. So that is with respect to the insured, the homeowner, things of that nature. I think we’ll, uh, we’ll, we’ll probably save the other two. Um,


fat. You know what, let’s, let’s just get into it. It’ll just take a couple of minutes here because it’s not, it’s not incredibly lengthy. Probably don’t need to clarify a whole lot, but let’s just go into the other two ways. So you’ll see right on, uh, some of our website, uh, head main page material that we will step up for insurance agents and adjusters. We want trusting relationships with that demographic. We want folks that trust the big foot restoration is going to do work promptly. They’re going to take care of water damage in Denver and smoke damage, you know, in the metro area. Mold considerations promptly and in an effective manner. But they’re not going to drag things out. We’re not going to have a bunch of line items that don’t, uh, have anything to do with the job, aren’t necessary. And we want insurance agents, adjusters to understand that, that commitment. So our promise to those folks is that if they feel that they, uh, want to put us to the test and have us go out and look through a job, see what needs to be done and have a local qualified, reputable, uh, we don’t really consider any people competitors, but just another company in the industry, a reputable, like I said, can’t be somebody that pulls up in a 1968 VW bug that, you know, has, has, uh


restoration company named that they registered with the secretary of state, you know, half an hour ago or something like that. So if it’s a company that, um, we feel is reputable and, uh, does a great job, we will make a commitment to beat any other bid by 10%. And that’s not because we don’t think their bill is fair or right. It’s that again, we want to, again, just try to be as much of, I have a financial, um, how would I state it, um, beneficiary to, to that side of things. We know money’s always the bottom line and you know, they want good, reputable work to be done, but at the same time, uh, they don’t want to be gouged. They don’t want their insurance company to be, to be charged any more than they have to. So if, if another competing company has a thorough proper estimate and everything’s written up how it needs to be, uh, we will honor our commitment to do the same work, to follow the same protocol, do the, you know, same professional, uh, attention to detail and we will simply come in 10% under that, that quote.

So hopefully, uh, insurance agents and adjusters appreciate that approach. Finally, I wouldn’t say it’s proprietary, but it’s definitely something that I have not heard of, um, in our industry at least. And it’s something that we offer to who we consider good, powerful, our referral partners, kind of a B to B type approach. And this can include any sort of industry from plumbers to there. Again, insurance offices can be a part of this as well. A general contractors, roofers, uh, just about anybody involved in the service industry that comes in touch with clients that would trust them if they ever have any water damage. DENVER, smoke damage, mold issues, any, any, anything that kind of is synergistic with the services that we provide. We um, we want to offer them something and what we call it is our shared marketing program. And I’m going to, I’ll reserve a detailing that program for a future podcast.

But what we want to do in that case is really help companies grow their businesses that trust in us. And so by bringing us, you know, their clients trusting us with, with their water damage, Denver smoke damage, mold, you know, anything that we do with them, bringing us their referrals and trusting their friends and family with us, we then want to help them grow their companies. And it’s just kind of a win win situation for everybody. It’s a giving back type thing that, uh, allows them to promote their companies. In the, in the metro area as well. Get more exposure, pumps some more dollars into their marketing budget and the folks that have participated in it. It’s just been a phenomenal thing, you know, and all we want to do is, you know, see everybody grow, everybody improve and we certainly want to do that with, with our referral partners.

So if you’re in an industry that you think might, uh, fall into that category of, of being a good, strong referral partner for us, please reach out. We’ll be happy to take you out to lunch for a coffee, whatever works out for your schedule and we’ll, we’ll show you how that program works. We’ll show you how it, you know, really the sky’s the limit as far as what financially it could be, um, to your company as far as pumping, you know, more value and more dollars back into your, your marketing plan, your marketing budget. Marketing is not cheap these days. It is not. Um, and there is no such thing as a deal when it comes to, uh, getting the word out and getting the word out effectively as far as who you are, what you do, how great of a company you own. So we’d love to be a part of that.

We’d love to help nurture other companies in, in the metro area. And, uh, like I said, it, it just seems to be a win win thing for everybody. So if there’s another water damage Denver Restoration company that’s offering that I sure don’t know about it. Um, but even if they, if somebody does pick up on this and they, they think it’s a good idea and they want an offer, offer it too good for them will be flattered by, uh, by being copied. But, um, three ways that we can, you know, kind of have a positive effect financially on, on folks that we run into. We sure appreciate all the support, all the, uh, the good positive response and reviews that the community has given us. And we want to be the water damage Denver experts. We want to be the Goto for smoke, fire, mold, anything that, uh, pops up in somebody’s world that’s just kind of an emergency and something that they need done professionally to get them back to whole. Uh, we think big foot should be a part of it. Thank you, Denver for again for your support. We will check in with you soon on the next podcast. Take care.