Water damage. Denver friends.


there had been a lot of bear sightings in kind of city areas in the last couple of days. We uh, we always want to bring education and drop knowledge. And before I get into anything, just, uh, just as a little PSA, take a look, take a look around you, keep your head on a swivel today. Don’t want, don’t want anybody getting to dawn by a bear. Definitely, uh, doesn’t sound like a good way to go. Um, and so keep, keep your eyes out, keep a look out. Don’t be bathing or wearing your Heinz 57 lotion today. Don’t be lathering yourself up with a one steak sauce. We don’t want to do anything to provoke the bears even more than they are. And uh, I want to say water damage, Denver free and bear carnage, uh, snack free as well. So


this is going to be a bit of a segmented big foot podcast of gold today. And the reason for that is just to kind of circle back on something the big foot does for our water damage, Denver

referral sources specifically. Today we’re going to focus on heating and AC. And so we have a number of friends and good connections and referrals in in that industry. You know, some phenomenal people, some super talented technicians that I would hire and have hired on my own personal properties to come take care of heating and cooling issues. There’s not anything much more obnoxious than the a hundred degree day and your air conditioning goes out, or you’ve got subzero temps in the middle of February and your thermocoupler goes out and your furnace and all of a sudden you have no heat in your home. So these folks are worth their weight in gold. They do great, great work, and they keep us comfortable. And I know it’s probably what most people consider a first world problem, but once you get, once you get kind of a used to those creature comforts, it’s, it’s something that can kind of throw, throw you off, try work, and try, try being productive in an office where you’re sweating profusely.

Not only are you going to be uncomfortable, you’re probably gonna smell and be irritating the person next to you. So they’re not going to be productive either. Try getting a child to go to sleep when it’s 35 degrees in your house. And I’ve had that happen. I’m actually back in the day, we actually took our kids over to my parents’ house and had to let them sleep there for the night and we bundled up and made it through. But it was nuts. Um, anyway, so shout out to these people however we we need to be. If you are an HVAC, um, professional installer, if you, if you work on duct work as far as service, um, or install or new builds or whatever, um, we need to be on your speed dial. And the reason for that is technicians make mistakes from time to time. They, they may have, um, you know, lines that they need to open up and maybe they don’t get them exactly soldered correctly when the mission, when the furnace or the AC is turned on for the first time and you have a leak there. Perhaps they’re installing, um, devices like a swamp coolers that, you know, have a consistent source of a lot of water going into them. If though, and obviously a lot of those are on rooftops, so if everything is a completely set and secure there, if that system fails or if there’s any sort of a, a kink, any sort of connection there, you’re talking about major water damage, Denver and we’ve had to assist on a couple of those projects. So, um, you know, also with respect to kind of the colder times of year, um,


furnaces go out and,

and it gets pretty chilly in a home. Pipes can breed, break, they can freeze, they can contract and expand. And when they do major water damage, Denver. So, uh, recall right off the top of my head, I’m a brand new build and model in some model homes here in the Denver area. This last winter that we had called out and this home was empty. It was just kind of being wrapped up, being finished and they said, um, I think there’s some sort of a leak, but they didn’t understand why. Well, the um, it was chilly out. It was really cold and there was something having to do with the final inspection for the furnace system. Hadn’t been completely checked off yet. So they weren’t even allowed by law to turn on the furnished yet. And so typically you would hope and think that houses are insulated pretty well, but believe it or not, um, it was a very interior pipe that frozen burst in this home.

It wasn’t, it wasn’t one that was running down, you know, and outside wall or anywhere close to where you would think that those temperatures would potentially be getting a little precarious. As far as pipes freezing, it was probably 15 feet inside the perimeter of the home re, you know, I think it was the, the plumbing that was going to the shower backed up to a closet. So super isolated, very, very interesting and curious why that pipe would have frozen there. But, uh, something happens like that and obviously a plumber has to go out to fix the pipe. They need a reputable water damage Denver Company and they need bigfoot on their speed dial to go out and assist with the water, clean up the water damage Denver, clean up the drying out of the property. And then obviously, you know, just make sure there’s no other issues or anything that needs to be taken care of before, you know, ultimate repairs and put back or done.

So, if you are an HVAC person, and I guess I mentioned plumbers there, uh, briefly, obviously save plumbers for a different day, but HVAC, when you guys are called out to perform tasks that, uh, that you notice any sort of issue that we can help out with, whether it’s, you know, potential fire from, you know, things definitely caught fire with respect to HVAC systems before probably more often smoke damage, maybe things don’t necessarily catch on fire, but there’s a small little, um, issue that’s maybe put out fairly quickly, but that smoke, uh, does its thing and needs to be, um, taken care of and cleaned up and you know, odor needs to be neutralized so they’re not smelling that smokey smell. Obviously any sort of water damage number or mold. Um, those sorts of things happen all the time. Did a job probably last summer where a humidifying system, so a system that is designed to introduce a little bit of moisture into the HVAC system had failed and caused major, major mold in this Gal’s laundry room.

Uh, not really laundry and more of like a storage area and we’ll maybe focus on that job on a podcast down the road. But, uh, this, this particular gal in her family hadn’t gone down into the storage room for a few weeks in bed. By the time they did it was excessive. Um, it turned it into a pretty big loss and I’m not really sure if the insurance company covered it because there again, it was mold related and I think that particular insured had to fight pretty hard and I’m not sure that they really ever got anywhere. So HVAC companies, if, if you do notice water damage Denver’s situations as you go out into, into homes, um, please put seven, two zero five, seven, five, three, six, six, eight into your cell phone. Keep it on a laminated piece of paper in the office to make sure that your clients receive the help that they need and that they’re taken care of by a prompt and professional company. Sure. Appreciate any sort of consideration for those throughout the metro area that may have unfortunately experienced water damage. Denver issues. We are always here to help answer questions and lead you in the direction that would best suit your needs for staying happy and safe and healthy. So that’s our main goal, to be that resource in the community. We will talk to you soon. Stay safe. Say Dry. Don’t get eaten by a bear.