Water damage Denver friends. Nope. Wherever you are. It’s as beautiful as it is in Denver, Colorado today. Last few days have dipped quite a bit and temperature. We’ve gone from a pretty solid string of summer days. Pretty, pretty hot and dry to fall temperatures. Nice little crisp in the air in the morning. Um, dropped about 20, 20 degrees and average temperature high per day. And love, love, love this time of year. Not necessarily ready for crazy snow and cold quite yet, but um, I love putting that sweatshirt on in the morning and at night definitely crawling under the covers to a chili chili temp as opposed to sweating like crazy fighting with the air conditioner to do its job. So anyway, uh, we are going to spend a few minutes with you today on another edition of the big foot restoration podcast of Google. And I think we’ve covered this topic before, but um, as, as a restoration company in Denver that primarily services losses with respect to water damage Denver to mold, to smoke and fire. Um, we always want to communicate the fact that that isn’t all we do. Um, there’s a lot of things that we do and we can do and we’re more than happy to help out with that. Don’t necessarily follow any of those things that I just talked.


Though, all of those things. Waters, moat, fire, mold, any, you know, any large lots with respect to water damage, Denver, those, those are things that are very serious and require immediate attention. And we want to be the water damage Denver company of choice when it comes to those things. But we provide a lot of other services with [inaudible]. Our experience with our tools, with our equipment that we can help out with. And case in point is, um,

jobs that with respect to attic spaces, say attic spaces. What, what possibly could I need up in an attic? Well, consider this. Um, you’re getting ready to sell your home. You’ve got everything all beautiful outside the curb appeal is on point. Everything’s looking the lawns green. You’ve got the flowers planted, brand new coat of paint on the front door, step inside. You’ve got your wow factor. Everything’s looking stunning. Uh, everything’s cleaned up. You’ve got all the clutter minimized. And so it’s just showcase quality. You’ve got it staged, got all the items, the personal items taken down, like your rulers told ya, and you’re just thinking this thing’s gonna fly off the market. We’re going to list this sucker and it’s going to be sold before the first day is over. And so of course with the, with the home that’s looking sharp and priced fairly, you’re going to get a lot of action for sure. And you’re probably gonna have multiple showings and you’re probably going to have a significant amount of interest.


when people are looking at purchasing a new property, there’s a fair amount that are just enamored with those peripheral peripherals with uh, the icing on the cake. And they’re going to just look at the,


curb appeal. They’re going to look in, you know, just kind of take a quick look around and you know, kind of make a decision pretty quick. And there’s the other percentage that are going to get pretty picky. They’re going to look around and really start checking stuff out. They’re going to get real, real, um, specific when it comes to looking for things that may be red flags or little indications that maybe things have happened in the past that need to be

mean, need to be discussed. And that that could happen either up front. When somebody initially looking at the house, maybe they’re walking around looking at the floor blower floorboards looking at did anything, is there any swelling, is there any indication that [inaudible] that there was water damage Denver in the past. And you know, somebody just slapped a coat of paint over it hoping that nobody would see. Um, all sorts of different things that people can and really should look for is they look at a house and whether they do initially or when they have the inspection done, there’s probably gonna be things that are, are noticed. And obviously if somebody’s going to go ahead and put an offer on the home,

Water Damage Denver | Are You Showing The People Your Attic?

get to that inspection process, you know, they’re going to have some skin in the game, they’re going to have some earnest money down and there’s going to be all the different deadlines. But I’ll tell you a real life example occurred when this exact scenario happened and the inspector got up in the attic and realized that there was basically raccoon infestation. Those little guys who crawled up, punched through kind of a little

event type thing up in the attic space and gone ahead and went in and made their little, that little attic, their home. Uh, they literally made their beds, literally had their little bathroom and it was pretty gross. Uh, lots of insulation and it was just really, really compromised with respect to their droppings and their pee. And obviously if they’re up there betting down, nobody’s going to want any part of that. So what we had to do in that situation was take out all of the insulation in the attic, um, cut out a little bit of dry wall that had been stained and really gross from the urine and the feces that was on the drywall from above and do a little remediation up there and put back in the new installation. Nothing water damage Denver related, nothing, you know, that was uh, maybe something that you would normally think about water damage Denver company doing or something like that. But, um, we have what’s said, we’ve got the tools, we’ve got the equipment, we’ve got the experience to handle things like that. And additional, uh, job that we’re right in the middle of and right in the middle of multiple, multiple is another are other attic jobs that, um, just happened to have kind of a foam

blown in insulation that was installed incorrectly. And so it’s not providing the R value that it should and it’s not, um, apparently when it gets hot it smells like fish. So that whole system, all of that foam installation has to be removed and it is a thorough super specific job. You, everything has to be taken down perfectly to the stead because when they go back into reapply it, um, they need a, a perfectly clean, pure surface to get this stuff to adhere. So, um, it’s a very tedious thing. It’s crazy. It’s not fun. Addicts are hot, they’re not comfortable. And then obviously getting that insulation out and getting it down and chopped up. We have specialized vacuums that take that down, chop it up, put it into big holding bags and then those holding bags have to be disposed of. So pretty crazy stuff. Not something that you would necessarily think, but when you’re talking about a home, whether you’re living there and you can, you plan to continue living there or you’re getting ready to list and you want to make sure that, um, there’s no red flags, there’s nothing that would, you know, cause a major delay in the S in the processes people are showing interest in potentially doing, um, inspections.

Definitely. Um, keep Bigfoot restoration in mind, whether it’s a water damage Denver job or something that you’re just kind of curious, I, I need help with this problem. I’m just not sure who to call. We will always be willing to talk and offer our recommendation. And if it’s not something that’s in our wheelhouse, we’ll try to hook you up with somebody that, um, would be a benefit to you. So we appreciate consideration when it comes to anything that you need. And please think of us as a resource with any sort of water damage, Denver situation or any other loss or, um, property issue that you have. Seven, two zero five, seven, five foot is how you get ahold of us. And until next time we want you to

a safe [inaudible].