Hey, Hey, Hey Water Damage Denver friends. Good to have. Just a couple of minutes with you today. Want to pass along some valuable info that I feel like we’ve um, kind of had just a


a number of claims that have kind of had a little bit of a twist and turn and in effect, it is what’s the difference between a number one and a number two? Um, okay, let me back up. I’m not being gross. I’m not trying to be a six-year-old and, and joke about but well I guess it kinda does relate what I’m talking about and I guess actually if I’m being completely a hundred percent accurate, I’d say what’s the difference between a number one and a number two and a number three. And there again, I’m not trying to be gross or immature, although I have been accused of that from time to time. This is not one of those times I’m trying to keep it professional because what I’m talking about is a category of water loss and there are three. Category one is clean water is no, um, affected, uh, not tainted necessarily. So we’re talking about a water supply that splits. For some reason, we’re not going to get into why or what the purpose or the reason of the losses in this podcast, but we’ll just keep it super simple and say my, um,

my main water lines split just did. Um, I looked at it wrong and it split and it’s pouring out of my basement ceiling and I’m gargling it, it’s coming right out of the ceiling into my mouth and it’s nice and cool and um, but the unfinished basement. So it’s literally coming right out of the pipe into my mouth. But I only want a gargle so much. I need a Water Damage Denver restoration company to come out and fix this leak. Uh, that would be a straight-up number one category one water loss category ones can quickly turn into category twos, however, even category three. So I’m going to come back to that in just a second, but we’re going to move right along to category twos, which is [inaudible]. Um, so my affected water, it’s definitely not clean. It, um, may not be grossly unsanitary, but it would be considered unsanitary. Water Damage Denver

So, um, let’s see. Things like that may be a, um, a garden hose that was on right by the base of the home that, uh, at some point, uh, you know, there’s so much water that’s come out, it goes down and through the soil, through all of the, um, different material that’s in the ground and comes back up through the foundation. And you’re again having, um, legit water damage, Denver issues in your home. Now as this sewer water is it, you know, a, a sewer drain that’s backed up, um, that is got also to grow, grow, grow stuff may be number ones and number twos have a different kind in it. No, this is not that kind. Um, this could also be, um, just kind of drain water, maybe your, um, P trap on your sink or you know, some sort of drain under, um, a sink or foster, whatever, um, is leaking or failing.

It’s contaminated but not grossly. It’s definitely not something you would drink or want to really be around very much. But, um, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Different precautions for each have to take place. Um, and just circle back real quick to a number one that can turn it a number two and we’re a number three. If that clean water that I was talking about is pouring right out of your pipe and it’s not being tainted whatsoever, but it hits carpet that has experienced maybe some accidents by the dogs or cats or whatever, uh, then we have to, and by the book immediately classify that as a number two, at least if not a number three, depending on how, um, grossly contaminated that substrate is that the clean water has, um, has come in contact with. So, uh, you know, I mean, I think some agents and in some, you know, other parties would potentially say, well, you’re getting, you’re getting a little extreme there.

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You’re just trying to upcharge for this or that. Well, um, it’s like, you know, pretty simple illustration is if I have a nice, perfect, uh, pitcher of water on, on the countertop, um, would not hesitate in a second to pour myself a glass of that water and drink it and feel great and go on about my day. But I have that same picture of water and I put a swatch of carpet in to that water that has been urinated and dedicated on by cats, dogs, hamsters, Guinea pigs, whatever. Uh, I would not participate in drinking out of that container any longer. I would have literally two seconds before when it hadn’t been tainted, but unfortunately Water Damage Denver, it came in contact with, uh, that substrate, that material that had been compromised. And so I would not only not consume anything out of that picture, I would also empty that picture out. And I would also, um, I would also wash that container very, very thoroughly and make sure that I

clean it up so that it could be used down the road. Finally, a category three losses would have to do with, you know, very, very grossly contaminated, um, situations. So a sewage drain that backs up and has all of the obvious things in it. Um, those have to be dealt with in a very specific way. Lots of additional safety measures have to be in place, and that isn’t just for the workers that are performing. It’s also for anyone else that is, um, going to be in or around even just going through to inspect, um, certainly down the road once everything is done for the family or inhabitants to, um, you know, not have any worries about, um, anything that’s been overlooked or not attended to properly, uh, down the road as, as things are kind of patched and put back together. So one, two and three differences of protocol and approach on all three. Um, also number ones can turn in twos or threes if they’re not dealt with in a very time-efficient manner. So that’s why we want to get on water damage Denver jobs immediately so that we avoid any of those things that may make the process take longer or be more costly or be more, um, kind of potentially, um, curious as far as, you know, the ramifications that go along with so, um, our minds are always how do we make this, um,

go away and how do we get this problem taken care of the quickest and simplest and safest way possible. And, uh, sometimes it can happen the exact way that we hope sometimes TA doesn’t go quite the way we planned, but we roll with the punches and, and kind of regroup and, and make sure we’re continuing to, um, be forthright and get things done as quickly as we can, no matter the circumstances are kind of the curve balls that we may be given from time to time. So, uh, anyway, remember that category one, two and three for losses for water damage, Denver jobs we will assess properly and deal with appropriately. We hope that you never experience a one or two or three water loss, but if you do, you know who to call, please reach out to us. We’re happy to assist in whatever way we can and tell them though, you guys stay safe.