Hello and welcome to big foot restoration repair. I’ll go over a few of the jobs that had done in the past and what we did to mitigate them and take care of the water damage Denver that some of these clients may have had. Um, when we had done, actually the den did yesterday was the roof leak that happened in, um, so we got a call and the client, um, said that their baseboards looked a little funny, like it had a watermark on it and they weren’t sure why. Um, so they called us, didn’t seem like a pressing issue so we couldn’t get out, um, right away on that it was a conflict with their schedule. So we went the next day and overnight we had quite a bit of snow mail or over the next day, had a quite a bit of snow melt. Um, so what we have generally in Denver are warm, sunny days and then, um, at night can get chilly and things freeze up.

So as it melts, you get our leaks during the day and at night the leak stopped. So that’s what was going on here. But the day before we went there, uh, quite a bit of snow melt and what they thought was just something along their baseboard now was about three feet out and about 16 feet across in an area, so quite a bit of moisture got in into the house there. So on this water damage Denver job, we went out, um, used our infrared camera so we could tell that it was indeed coming from the roof. Um, we are, we’re not roofers by any means, but we do have done it long enough to kind of can assess what’s going on. And um, so this one, they had an issue as a townhome and, and unfortunately the gutters were clogged up as well as, um, they weren’t draining properly. So you could see along the siding of their house on this, uh, Water Damage Denver job that, uh, all the, the water was pouring down the, um, the side of the house, um, and getting into the inside of the home that way.

So these gutters weren’t, um, very little water was unfortunately coming through the gutter and just a bunch of the water was coming down the siding and then you could see the foundation was exposed near the ground and that was just saturated with water as well. So, um, we went ahead and removed some pad, pulled back the carpet, um, baseboard on some of these newer homes. Uh, they use somewhat like compressed particle board and it doesn’t do well when it’s exposed to moisture, so they swell up and they just can’t just don’t dry back out very well or are they totally lose their shape. So we went ahead and cut out the effect of drywall, um, and the effected baseboard as well. Uh, drywall was, um, pretty much crossing, so traded to the corner of the room where the moisture was coming in. So we did a flood cut on that.

Um, insulation behind there was, was wet as well, so we removed the installation. So when this water job would turned out to be a call just on my baseboards, it look like they’re wet and I want somebody to come out and look to a pretty intense job for this one bedroom. And you never know when you get a call on a Water Damage Denver job, what you’re going to run into and what is kinda behind these walls. And, and so, um, this one fortunately leaks quite a bit the day before we got there. So it was a little bit easier to determine what was causing it. Um, we do have other jobs that were going on as well. They’d had the same roof leaks. So I suspect that that’s what it was. Sometimes these waters freeze and expand and create holes that were kind of there to be a bigger holes.

And, um, once this water starts to leak or melt, it gets inside these holes and into the indoor, the inside environment there. So on this water, Devon’s different job. Once when we moved to baseboard, there was a in a corner, a little bit of mold. So, um, which is indication that this leak has been going on for some time. Um, I could tell it has been just by the sheer fact of what the baseboards looked like and how much they expanded in, in the watermarks that were there. Um, generally you can tell if it’s, if it’s new within a few days or it’s been going on for a while and um, so it’s clearly it was going on. So that’s an indication of, of something like that when you do find a little mold. So this mold was about the size of a quarter, so not too, um, in depth.

It didn’t, it was just on the baseboard itself. So in this Water Damage Denver job, it didn’t involve doing any containment, anything like that. It was a very minor, small, um, like I said, the size of a quarter, um, area. So once that area was removed or that that baseboard was removed, I felt safe. We did spray it down with a product that kills any mold, um, just to be sure and sprayed that on the, the sub floor. We sprayed it on the framing and, um, around the installation as well. So to make sure that we don’t have an issue going forward on this water damage, different job we set up.

Water Damage Denver | Are You Finding Ones To Help?.

A dehumidifier. Um, I didn’t want to introduce, uh, any air until I could come back on day two and make sure everything was kind of wet and I felt like this dehumidifier would dry out the framing. So on this Water Damage Denver job, I didn’t want to put in a fan. Um, anytime you have mold, you don’t want to introduce air, a fan or anything like that, air movie, air movement, um, or this, you’re certain that you’ve got it taken care of. So, um, I wanted to make sure when I go back date to, um, I knew the dehumidifier would definitely dry out that foundation or the subfloors would dry out the framing and it would give me a better indication if there was any mold. Um, everything was still wet on day one there. So we set up a dehumidifier, uh, pulled back the carpet there, uh, and uh, removed a pad that was effected there. So,


Went back date to, well obviously we had to get a roofer out there and then fortunately roofing companies here weren’t available. We called half a dozen companies on this water damage Denver job. We couldn’t get out of roofer. And so going back [inaudible] do we look like the exact same thing happened. So this obviously when you have a hole in something and moisture is continuing to come in, um, you’re going to continue to have moisture and you just can’t fight it off. So, um, the framing was dry in certain areas, but then you could see now where the new water was coming in at this corner area. Um, the rest of it was dry, so we were fighting that off, but for moisture was coming in. So we, it’s imperative that we get out a roofer on this water. Devon’s Denver job, you take care of that corner and take care of the roof there.

So we don’t have an issue with this corner. So one came out on day two, figured that it is the, or assessed that there are two issues with the roof there. It’s a fairly new home. Two years old, um, but sometimes crafted ships, not there and things happen. And um, so I found a couple issues fix those. Uh, ran a ton of water with a garden hose. Fortunately on top of the roof there was a patio up on top rooftop patio and they had a water hook up so we could hook up a hose garden hose and run water for a period of time and make sure it’s draining properly. Um, the water was getting in the siding and in inside. So we did that, ran that. Um, everything was great. Dried out day three, once again, I wanted to run it again. I went to, everything was dry on this water damage.

Denver job, we ran the water one more time, made sure everything was good before we, last thing we want to do is have somebody come in and fix drywall, baseboards and stuff like that and he’s still have an issue. So we want to make sure on something like this, on this Water Damage Denver job, we want to make sure the problem is totally taken care of. So it was, everything was dry after three days there. Um, that dehumidifier, we did introduce a, an air mover in there and that helped dry everything out a little bit faster as well.

So we, uh, had our, uh, drywall company come in, put a new drywall in, baseboard there, new texture, mudding and all that. So, um, took care of him on that part of things. Uh, we laid down the, the padding and the carpet cleaned that room in the area in which we’ve walked through. Generally we’ll clean most of these water deficits ever. Jobs moved clean, uh, whatever areas affected as well as the path we took to get to that area. So whether it’s upstairs or through, uh, through the front door and stuff like that, ended up some stairs through a hallway. All that area will be clean is because you are carrying wet pad, baseboard, stuff like that. And, uh, you’re tracking in and out. So we’re allowed to clean that area. So that’s what we did. So that was day five and six that was done.

Um, and uh, so fortunately got to drywall there the next day. It rarely happens. So, um, there’s water damage, Deborah job within six days from the moment we got the call, she was back to what it looked like prior to the loss. And that’s what we try and do with if big foot restoration is get you back to pre-loss condition in a timely manner. Um, last thing you want is to have a home and a tore up for weeks and weeks. And so, um, it never always comes together like that, but for this job it did. And so within six days on this water damage ever job, it all came together and we had a happy client. And, uh, we, uh, she hopes not to see us again, which is a kind of what people say when we leave. So, um, five they know who to call. Um, if something like this does happen again. So any roof leaks, anything like that, give big foot restoration to call.