Well is up water damage Denver friends. It is chilly. Willy will, I know you’re probably not. I’m streaming this live and so who knows. It might be 80 degrees and partly sunny when you tune into this big foot podcast of gold. But, yeah we are looking at about a 45 ish degree swing from yesterday. It was touching 70 around town. It was t-shirt, whether it was incredible and as I speak the thermometer shows 25 degrees. Some big beautiful snowflakes are falling down and it is windy and cold. So I’m going to do a little bit of [inaudible]

exercise here and get us in the mindset of thinking about what were we doing while you were doing yesterday, what, what the weather was like, what the temperatures were like and how drastically things can change. I for sure know for a fact that people were using their garden hoses yesterday, washing cars, spraying down, doing a little honey, do list work,

water, you know, did you know trees and shrubs need water during the winter? They S they get dried out. Super, super, super bad. So on those nice days, they need a little drink. So did you hook up your garden hose? Were you doing some stuff out in the front yard or the backyard and then went in to watch the Superbowl and just kind of threw everything to the side? I hope you didn’t cause you could have a water damage, Denver disaster on your hands today. If you did that. Quick run, disconnect that thing ASAP right now. I’ll wait. Okay. Good job. Um, that’s what happens and we’ve talked about this many, many, many, many times. It is such a large percentage of water damage. Denver jobs that we do is just that simple oops moment of leaving a garden hose, attach water freezes inside. That hose, backs up into your spigot, into the Cobber, inside your home. It will freeze when it starts to thought it will expand. Your copper does not expand like the water does and you have a split and you have a nice little waterfall in days like yesterday, transitioning today’s like today are just recipes for disaster when it comes to that sort of thing.

So anyway, um, that’s, that’s just a the quick friendly reminder from your friends at Bigfoot restoration never want you to have a water damage Denver situation if you can all avoid it. Always want you to prepare and defend yourself against ever having a water damage. Denver loss, there are so many things that you can do to prevent a water damage. Denver loss, there are not pro potentially as many things with respect to smoke or fire. I mean smoke and fire stuff. It just seems like it kind of happens a little more. Uh, I dunno randomly or just purely in the heat of the moment type mistake. I’m leaving something cooking on the stove, walk away.


Water Damage Denver | Are You Feeling Down?

halogen light gets knocked over accidentally and you know, catches a comforter on fire and something sparks. I mean, there’s not really the same preventative efforts that you can take besides like just be careful, just don’t get distracted, those sorts of things. But that’s, that’s kind of, you know, amateurish to say. Obviously that goes without saying. People know this. Um, same thing with mold. I mean we want people to understand the dynamics of how mold works area where there’s moisture, typically cool, dark damp and organic material is a breeding ground in general. Not always. That’s the way it mostly works. But now that we’re in back to winter mode four, it looks like the next [inaudible] I dunno, 24 to 36 hours here in the Metro area. You want to continue to check


those water lines, anything on the exterior, your downspouts, your gutters, um, negative drainage. I’ll just get reminders of things too to take a look at as you take a quick walk around your home. I dunno. Um, so many things come to mind when we have this rash of weather like this. I,

I think we look at it as a huge inconvenience of life, especially when we have some beautiful mild weather. And really besides yesterday with those unseasonably high temperatures, I mean we had probably about a week to two week stretch of like pretty, pretty decent weather. Um, you know, forties kind of at least, partly sunny most days there’s a couple of chilly ones in there, but no, no precipitation, no snow, no rain. As a matter of fact, until just a couple of days ago, it was gonna set a record for like the driest January ever or something like that. That’s what I heard. Um, so in the dead of winter when we have these couple of weeks of pretty mild weather and then all of a sudden we have like an actual one or two or maybe even three day stretch of winter weather, it’s like everybody freaks out and is all annoyed and it just is not all that big of a deal.

It’s winter, we’re in the Rocky mountains and it’s one of the reasons we love to live here is because we do have the ability to experience all four seasons and legitimately we have super cold snowy days. We have beautiful spring, crisp spring, gorgeous, colorful spring bloomy days. We have super hot, crazy heat driven sometimes for days on end summer days where all you want to do is be at the pool. And then we have absolutely stunning fall leave colors, super comfortable, kind of just cool. But light jacket, weather fall days as well. One of really the only the very few parts of the country that [inaudible] every year you can count on being able to experience all four seasons. You don’t believe me moved to somewhere on either coast, moved down to the South, move up to the North, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. You might have one season, maybe you have two. But that is about it. And not to say that those places aren’t beautiful and there isn’t great things to do or reasons people live there. But um, Colorado’s just a spot that is different. So anyway, um, the main objective of this, uh, water damage Denver podcast of gold, again, was just to revisit some things we’ve talked about many times in the past.

Don’t allow complacency to creep in and to accidentally think it’s going to be warm when we’re still in smack-dab of winter. We have those funky days, but we still have to protect ourselves, protect our homes, protect our workplaces from a potential water damage. Denver, Los. So reach out to us if you need any questions answered, if you need any guidance or any sort of resource when it comes to anything. Water damage Denver related, smoke, fire, mold, even some odd things. If you don’t know who else to call, give us a ring. We’ll see if we can help out or such. You up with somebody that can, if we can’t personally. So stay warm, stay safe, talk to you next time.