Well, two damaged Denver friends. Oh, I’ve got a song in my heart. So just wanted to share that with you. I feel, um, I feel like, uh, sometimes, sometimes you just need to sing, um, maybe in the shower, maybe randomly walking through the grocery store, whatever in, you know, recently I’m noticing a lot of people with songs or maybe raps, maybe a little hip hop in their heart. I’m noticing a lot of folks walking down the street just going to town with a tune or a wrap. Usually it’s, it, it seems rapid to me. And so I guess I’m just, uh, I want to be cool like that and um, just bust into song from, from time to time. So if act do don’t hold it against me, uh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna work on that for you, but got a couple treats for you on this fine, fine, fine day water damage of her friends.

Stuff doesn’t always happen. Like you would imagine when it comes to losses that you have to file a claim for. You’ve seen a one of the larger insurance companies in town? Well not in town, in all over the country that talks about funny claims that they’ve had submitted to them. And usually they’re a little tagline as we’ve covered it. We’ve, what is it? We seen a thing or we covered it. We been around, we’ve seen a thing or two, something like that. Anyway, we have our own little situation, water damage, Denver lost that we’re dealing with right now that is along those lines. Um,


And I can’t wait to find out how, how it goes. Hopefully we’ll, we’ll get a, we’ll get a little bit of the unfilled back but exactly. Well almost exactly one week ago, tomorrow morning at yesterday, last week, sorry, last week, six o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday, get a call from a general contractor that we work quite often with and they have some work that they need for us to assist on. There is water damage. Denver, there is lots of it and it is at a home about 20 minutes away from the shop. So had a lot of stuff due that morning. Certainly had a full full day, um, planned out however we were needed. And so we modified and we got over to this job just as quick as we could.

Um, we came to find out that the home was actually one of it was actually the home that belonged to one of the owners slash operators of this company that we work fairly closely with and the actual owners were out of town. But there was a little situation that occurred that caused crazy, crazy damage. And what really is a bummer is that these people have been remodeling their house and it is stunning. It’s beautiful. Brand new handrails, brand new staircase, brand new hardwood flooring, brand new kitchen cabinets and fixtures and beautiful, beautiful high end viking stainless steel appliances and a beautiful farmhouse kitchen sink and all these things.

Why? Well, there was a, there was a leak on the second floor. Now how does a leak occur on the second floor when nobody’s home as a good question, there’s an answer for it. And the answer in this case is the dogs were left in the bathroom, didn’t ask any questions, but I guess that the, somebody decided it was appropriate to leave these two. Um, I will not, uh, mention the breeds so they don’t get a bad rap but super cute dogs. Um, maybe just to touch hyper, I don’t know. But um, in any case they were left in the bathroom. I don’t know for how long of a period of time, perhaps for just a few hours between when the homeowner’s left and when maybe the dog sitters came over. I didn’t ask questions. I don’t know the theory behind why that was chosen, but what I do know is that one of those sweet little pooches jumped up on the bathroom counter and turn the faucet on.

Also, they knocked a washcloth into the sink so that the sink quickly filled up and overflowed causing major, major water damage, Denver to that immediate area, a good portion of the second floor, a significant portion of the main floor, and then down into an unfinished basement. So by the time we got there, a wood floors were starting to buckle. Starting to crown dry wall was incredibly saturated content, moisture content in these brand new beautiful kitchen cabinets was super do pri and there was just all sorts of craziness. And you know, again, like I said, the bummer big bummer was literally so much stuff. So much of this stuff was brand new. Literally they, they were just on the verge of wrapping up a fairly major remodel. So in this case it, it wasn’t anything that had,


Been around, you know, literally these fixtures. I want to say within the last week or two, these things were literally brand new. But when it comes to loss and water damage, Denver, you know, just depending on the situation, it doesn’t matter if the stuff is 50 years old or 50 hours old. There are determining factors that may say that that content must come out. And I won’t go into all the specifics of that on today’s podcast, but it’s really, really hard demoing brand new kitchen cabinets. It’s really hard thinking that, uh, you know, these beautiful, super high end appliances could be considered a total loss and you know, feel kind of bad for, for everybody involved, you know, including the insurance company in that case because, um, just the price point of the claim goes up exorbitantly, right. So I don’t know if

if, um, the, the story was, was told accurately to the adjuster. I have no clue what the parameters of a doggy doing things. I don’t know why it matters. I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s a kid or a dog that that leaves a faucet on in this sort of thing happens. I’m sure they’d be covered in any case, but I would, I would assume that there was a fair amount of embarrassment and just probably not the first, um, they probably weren’t looking forward to disclosing that the water damage Denver, um, had occurred from one or perhaps two dogs that had been locked in the bathroom. And that’s a tough one. You know when you’re dealing with insurance companies and dealing with major water damage, Denver, it, you know, it’s honesty’s the best policy you might be persuaded or attempted to to kind of make up a story that suits what you think will be looked at as favorable as far as what a claim, um, what, what an adjuster might think is a legit claim, but water damage, Denver is water damage.

And again, whether you fib a little bit now or later, you know, you could back yourself into a corner and then have to try to explain yourself out a little white lie or a big white lie or the complete fabricated story and it’s just not just not worth it. I think just being forthright with the adjuster is the correct way to go and begging with them to have mercy on your soul and to get your water damaged. Denver situation taken care of a certainly to get everything dried out and a healthy and safe for the indoor environment, but then everything built back to the way it was presently constructed. So we have some pretty pretty crazy pictures, you know, light fixtures completely filled with, with water from the water damage Denver from, from the sink, just a few feet above it. Um, brand new, beautiful wood scraped floors that unfortunately probably are going to be gone zone and have to be taken out and replaced. Uh, so crazy, crazy situation. Not Traditional at all. Puppy water damage. Denver is just as legit in my mind as any other type of water damage numbers. So keep your dogs in a different spot. Perhaps a Kennel, perhaps a dog run, perhaps just

I have a dog sitter come over and avoid something crazy like that happen so that you can enjoy your vacation or your little time away as opposed to having to be on the phone 24 hours a day with friends and family that are trying to help you out. Insurance adjusters, insurance companies, water damage, Denver companies that uh, are all trying to help out. But man, what a, what an annoyance while you’re trying to spend some time away. Hope this is been just little bitty bit of entertainment for you today. Appreciate the opportunity to be of service in the Denver area. 70 zero five seven five foot is how you get ahold of us. If you ever, ever, ever have a water damage Denver situation, we are here to help. Thank you so much for considering us. We will talk to you soon.