Well. Hello water damage Denver friends. We’ve got a little treat for you today in what I’m going to describe as the raindance bigfoot podcast of gold. I feel like the last handful of opportunities, we’ve had some time to hop on here and literally think about doing about a 10 to 12 minute bit of knowledge on the clouds and rainstorm starts coming in. And so I guess that would mean that the way that we get moisture and the way that we, um, the predict maybe future forecast is simply sitting down and ironing out 10 to 12 minutes for a big foot and podcast. So you thank me now you don’t have to turn your sprinklers on probably for the rest of the year. What I’ll do is just do a podcast every afternoon right around Water Damage Denver, let’s say four o’clock and we’ll get 10 to 15 minutes of rain and I’ll save everybody a hundreds of thousands of dollars while not individually, but collectively, hundreds of thousands of dollars on their water bill.

And perhaps a, I dunno, he could pay us back somehow in our water damaged in our efforts. So today we have a subject matter called how exactly, what exactly can you gain from that helpful neighbor or a friend? Oh Man, we, uh, my family in particular, we are super, super lucky right now. Finally after, after years of just for whatever reason, not having awesome neighbors or not really living in neighborhoods that we really even wanted to get to know the people we do now and what a cool tree it is to be able to just be friendly with your neighbors. That sounds pretty basic and you would think that it would not be all that big of a deal. But, uh, yeah, for us at least, I’m literally probably the first 10 to 11 years of our little family building efforts. Um, we just, we were in a neighborhood and we were around folks that it just wasn’t that awesome, uh, to live in the same neighborhood.

And not that they were horrible people or anything like that. At least for us, what I knew at least, and that’s the way we learned to keep it, is that they just in general weren’t incredibly friendly, didn’t want to be all that neighborly. And despite our best efforts or our best attempts to be proactive and bake them cookies when they moved in in the neighborhood or Water Damage Denver if there was a little child about our say our kids same age, you know, trying to do a little play date, play date or something, you know, at some point you just read the writing on the wall and maybe not tossing the white flag but just say, okay, um, if this just isn’t going to be a good fit then we’re not going to try to force anything and that’s okay. And we had plenty of other things to do as far as um, you know, just hobbies and family that we could go see.

But it is super cool if the folks that you live fairly close to are just normal kind doesn’t mean you have to agree on every single thing and be the same political party and have the same average income or have the same age of kids. But just a friendly chat when you see each other out side, maybe a little get together from time to time. And for us in particular, water damage Denver friends, we actually lucked out and literally in our little cul-de-sac, and we have this, uh, kind of pact that we try to get together at least once a month and kids all go to one house and adults all go to another and we just have an evening where kids play games together. We play games or do some sort of activity and um, just kind of cool to get to know each other and hang out and be, be a friendly and certainly build that little community so that, um, you know, you just kinda drove, build that trust factor and if anything ever happens or you need any sort of help with something small, like, you know, needing to move a chair in, just hey, go grab your neighbor.

And lickety split would just get that sucker moved in and don’t have to call a friend or a family member to drive over. Super Fun and, uh, super convenient. So, you know, in the last couple of weeks we’ve been asked to feed our neighbor’s dogs when they’ve been out of town. We’ve asked for the same favor. We were asked to put our neighbor’s trash out and bring it back in so they didn’t get a nasty hoa letter easy. Takes us two minutes to run over and do that stuff for them and happy to do it. And you just, you know that some point down the road you’ll need a bit of a favor. And I don’t know, I don’t, it’s, I understand it’s not that big of a thing when you, when you’ve had it maybe for a long time, but again, going from a little situation in our last neighborhood where people Water Damage Denver literally when you walk down the street, they were more apt to turn around and walk toward the garage than walk out and wave and say hi and just say how you doing?

Whatever. I don’t know. We’re just, we’re tickled that, that we have neighbors that are fun, are super cool and are there to lend a helping hand and, and look out for, for us and our kids and our house or for, if we’re not around, what does all this mean and how does it pertain to water damage Denver? Well, there can be an incredible benefit to having good neighbors and friends and people that you know are there for you and have your back. But it can also get to a point where it might not be the best thing in the world. And here is how we’re going to kind kinda wrap this up and put it all together. It’s illustrated by a job that we’re pretty much done with, but I have a little bit left to go with the, with the very nice, uh, Gal’s house that we, uh, Wiki.