What’s going on water damage, didn’t bear friends. So incredibly humbled to be in your presence. However, you are listening to this bigfoot restoration, water damage, Denver podcasts of gold. So just to put this podcast into context, it is June 16th, 2020, And times are a little nutty right now. We thought they were naughty before February things started to get the nuttiness rap re ramped up a little bit more by March. I don’t think the word nutty really applied anymore surreal and somewhat, um, shocking and may was kind of a continuation or April and May were kind of a contingent continuation of that shock and awe and confusion, maybe mixed with a little anger and frustration and angst and sadness. And here we are on June 15th, 16th, sorry. As a water damage Denver company, I’m trying to kind of navigate Our future the way, you know, we will be Doing business going forward. And I think just about every business has had to consider some sort of adaptation to the, uh, the way things have been for the past few months. And I guess the somewhat, um, liberating thought for us is that, uh, you know, water damage, Denver jobs continue to happen. Smoke losses, fire losses, mold jobs, continue to continue to happen. And disasters inevitably will continue to be a thing. Unfortunately, no matter, you know, kind of what we are going through locally, nationally, internationally,

Things still happen, bad things still happen that we need to respond to and respond to the most quickly. So we want to be respectful of the suggestions and respectful of those that are considered higher risk. And also just in general practice. Good. Mmm, with the best good practices. And we’ve always had a number of guidelines internally that would dictate what we consider to be proper practice, whether it’s, you know, the cleaning and maintenance of our equipment and vehicles and everything that we use as well as the way that we look at each one of our client’s homes before, during, and after the water damage Denver job. But we also want to, um, I guess not raise any sort of issues when it comes to some of the extra things that the CDC has suggested. And what’s interesting is those things, those suggestions are fairly fluid. They come and they go, and then they come again and then it’s a tweak here and a tweak there and, um, can be a little confusing sometimes, but that’s okay. I mean, I guess the bottom line is that, uh, we’ll always keep an eye on that and make sure that, um, we pay attention to those sorts of recommendations and do our best to, um, you know, follow along with what we can offer you today.

Now that You know, seemingly changing guidelines and suggestions that they put out. And that’s not to say that we’re, um, in any way against or, um, that we don’t agree with those things. It can be just a bit, um, difficult to keep up with and difficult to understand why it would change and change so rapidly and why things would be, uh, this way over here, but not over there, you know, and kind of some inconsistencies and some, um, some very interesting differences. So Water Damage Denver is my game friends. We kind of already have very strict guidelines and practices in place. And so I guess the nice thing is that it really didn’t cause us to have to modify really much if anything, um, with the health situation. And so it’s nice to, I guess, be, um, a bit emboldened that we were taking maybe even extra precautions before these, uh, more recent things spring up upon us. Um, but I think this whole deal has also, uh, maybe just kind of eliminated the need for, uh, sanitary practices and the need for the application of disinfectants and sanitizers to, um, you know, to hide touch points and surfaces that are high touch points and equipment that certainly get used and handled by a variety of people. So, um, that has helped us, uh, I guess you could say kind of step by step up our game, but also, um, you know, just really solidify really what we kind of had been doing before. So regardless of whether it’s a Water Damage Denver job, a smoke job, a fire job, or a mold job, um, the equipment, the vehicles and the technicians, um,

Undergo good hygiene, good Cleanliness practices, and will always be attentive to, uh, keeping both ourselves safe, our customers safe. And certainly, if there’s a, you know, one of our main concerns really when we ever go to, into any water damage Denver job, or, you know, I guess, um, You know, maybe some of the other types of work that we do are maybe a little bit more important even too, but, um, you know, we’re always one of our first questions is, you know, is there, who’s living here who, But who occupies this place? Are we dealing with any children, any elderly, any people with the compromised immune system, any asthmatic folks, anybody dealing with any sort of more serious condition health condition, we really need to know those things so that we can proceed accordingly and, you know, most likely, um, remove those individuals, you know, kind of on a, more of a longterm basis, you know, perhaps they need to go stay somewhere else while the project is completed, just a, no need to take a risk. Um, when it comes to people that might be more adversely affected by the condition in their home or workplace, in any case, we always put the safety and the health and the wellbeing of all of our clients at the absolute top of our priority list. And we sure hope that you appreciate that in a Water Damage Denver company, we would love to prove that to you. Should you ever have the unfortunate experience of having a water damage Denver situation in your home? Please feel free to reach out to us. We have a phone number. We have a website, we have an email, we have a Facebook account. We have all sorts of things that will allow you to get in touch with us. So please do. So if you ever have a Water Damage Denver situation and we will be there to take care of you and your time of need, but until then you stay safe.