What’s up, water damage Denver friends. Hope you are doing quite pleasant at the moment.


I’m doing all right. Thank you for asking. It’s very kind of you to wonder. However I want to tell you about my weekend and I want to, I want to have a quick little discussion about, about perception, about


consumerism, about expectations, about kind of the reaction piece to all that. So here is what I got for you. I’m gonna paint a little picture here and then we’ll talk about how this could possibly relate to anything water damage Denver related. So hang tight with me friends. This weekend we had an event here in Colorado that I learned about probably about a year ago.


my family, we’re a big hockey family. We love our Colorado avalanche, but we love the game of hockey. And about a year ago they announced that they would be having a outdoor game here this year. So the concept was super cool and it was kind of built off of a couple other things the NHL had done. Um, they wanted to have it at the air force Academy. So at a service Academy football stadium, um, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. They had done it, I believe at the Naval Academy. I can’t remember if they’ve done it, um, for the army, but I know there was kind of this thing that they were going to do this. It was cool cause of all the pageantry and just kind of all the different people that they could salute and honor and everything. So I thought this is super cool. There’s no way we’re missing this. I made sure that we had the option to purchase tickets very first.

And so those tickets became available I think September of last year. Just for your perspective, it’s February 17th, my uh, wedding anniversary today. So shout out to my amazing wife. She’s the best. Look forward to our anniversary dinner tonight. We, um, yeah, so we hopped on, bought our tickets, but as many tickets as we could, you know, that they would allow us to just for any friends and family that might want to go, we wanted them to have the opportunity. But in addition to that, I went on right away and got a hotel. Just wanted to make a little weekend of it. We don’t live too far from the air force Academy, but I thought it’d be cool to stay down there for the weekend. So that was just a decision that we made back in September for an event six months away. But just like every little trip, you know, people look forward to it. You plan in advance, you, you have to, you know, you don’t write a check for your trip the day before you go. You typically have to save up. You have to know what you can’t afford, what your budget is, what you can do, what you can’t do, what’s available to do seasonally.

And that’s what we did or at least tried to do. And like so many getaways or events, you have a certain expectation, you obviously purchase those tickets to those events or those destinations or whatever with a certain ideal in mind. Now, do I go to a whole lot of hockey games? Yes, I do. Have I been to a outdoor hockey game before? I have


there’s, there’s a certain amount of,

Water Damage Denver | A Weekend You’ll Never Forget

I guess a value in having experienced something before so that you kind of know what to expect and that helps you prepare, that helps you set your expectation. Um, all of these things. So I felt like I had a pretty good understanding of what we were getting ourselves into and kind of how we should prepare both clothing wise. Obviously you’re going to be, you know, essentially, you know, in the foothills of Colorado on February at, you know, afternoon and evening in the winter time probably going to be a little chilly plan, appropriately going to be lots of traffic plan appropriately, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Do everything you can to make sure you set yourself up to have as enjoyable of a time as possible.

So we did that or at least we tried and don’t have time to get into a lot of the specifics of it. But, um, I purchased seats that I thought were supposed to be pretty good, was supposed to be having a pretty good vantage point and definitely, you know, priced accordingly. That in fact wasn’t the case. Couldn’t really see much of anything. It was super bummer with respect to our perspective of the ice. Literally couldn’t much of anything going on, whatever. It’s still a cool event, still fun, unique, different, whatever. But there were a good handful of other things that happened throughout the day, both before, during, and after. That really as I look back on the weekend made, made it, I guess what I would call a disappointment and we will survive. You know, I’m not one of the people that’s gonna demand my money back, like a lot of people are. Um, I’m not mad at anybody. I was that night kind of. Um, but whatever, it’s just, it’s too bad. I’m sure a handful of people dropped the ball and didn’t, didn’t know their logistics, whatever, and it could have been produced a lot better and things could have gone a lot more smoothly for the fans, which paid a lot of money, um, invested quite a bit of their disposable income to try to witness something. Super cool.

So the way my mind works is, as you know, as we kind of headed home from our little weekend, our little family weekend and kind of reflecting on the time we had, you know, we had a good time. It was fine, we had some family time, there was other things that we did while we were down there and we got to be together. But I started asking myself, you know, why? What was it, where were my expectations out? Were there things that I should have understood that I should have set those levels appropriately and not be so bummed out? What if they had this event again? Would I go if I were asked, you know, by somebody, would you what I tell them to spend their heart and money going to that event next time. If it was put on in the same fashion and my answer would probably be, no, don’t do it.

It’s not worth it. It was a buzzkill or I don’t know if that’s the right word. It was. It wasn’t what it should have been. It wasn’t a great experience and I was disappointed as a water damage Denver company. There is a lot that we can take and learn from that sort of experience. Now obviously this isn’t apples to apples. Um, people don’t sit around, you know, looking at their discretionary income, their budget, trying to decide if they need a water damage. Denver project completed. This is not the typical consumer activity especially, you know, even just services related. A lot of people, you know, they like to maybe buy a new TV with some, you know, if they have money in their budget a certain year, maybe they like to go on a little ski weekend, get away type thing. Maybe they want to have some remodeling done in their home.

But all of those things are things that people look at. Say we’ve got some money here. This seems like a good idea to spend it. This is a good way that we should use our cash. Don’t know that anyone has ever said, I would love to have a water damage. Denver job on my hands. I would love to go through the hassle of a smoke or fire damage claim. I’d love to have some mold in my house. These are tolerated and annoyances and we understand that and typically, you know in most cases this money isn’t coming out of people’s pockets so it’s not looked at as a budgetary type item. You do have to cover your deductible. So that could be a challenge depending on what your deductible is. But if you’re covered correctly and your deductible has been properly explained to you by your insurance agent, you should kind of probably have that money saved up just in case you have a claim.

Your deductible should not be, you shouldn’t need at that point to have to think about should I make a claim or not because I don’t know if I can afford my deductible. That is insanity. And that to me tells me that your insurance agent either didn’t do their job or you didn’t listen to them when they gave you options and you decided to opt for one deductible over another. Maybe for a little bit of savings in the short term, but then potentially not being able to just afford, um, what that cost could potentially be if you do have a water damage Denver job. So that’s not really something that parallels what, what we’re talking about. It’s more the experience, it’s more the expectation. It’s more that time of review after, after everything is done for the individual, for the family, for the business who, you know, whomever we’re dealing with is our water damage, Denver client to say, you know, yeah, we work pretty bummed out when we came home and we had a flood in our basement.

Nobody wants to go through that, but we’re so glad that we called Bigfoot restoration and repair. They got out there and extracted the water incredibly fast. Their response time was insanely quick. Um, their communication levels were just phenomenal. We could always get our questions answered when we needed to them, know them to be answered. Everything was just smooth and yeah, it was, you know, a process and on and on and on. But our expectations were set from the beginning, the representation from the company. Let us know, you know, here’s, here’s kind of what, what you’re going to go through over the next days, weeks, even months or whatever. Um, and they were right. In fact, you know, they kind of, you know, they exceeded our expectations, but based off of what, you know, we initially thought we appreciate, um, them being so friendly, so professional, um, being respectful of our property and our schedules that, that’s what I’m talking about. Um, you know, we always know that these water damage, Denver things are a pain that people can get a little emotional and kinda just be upset at life or anybody and everybody that’s involved.


when that emotion kind of dies down and you know, we, we ask for the objective feedback for, you know, they, how they felt about the service, how they felt about the experience. Not that they were super happy to have had it, but just the fact that, yeah, okay, it’s a reality. Now what did these people that worked for us do a great job, do an okay job, do a disastrous job. And at that point, that feedback, that review,

that [inaudible]

experience is going to be tattooed in that person’s mind. And should they ever have another experience like that, they’re going to know right away, okay, we’ve had this water damage Denver situation before we know who to call. We know how great these guys were when this happened to us last time and we’re not even gonna think twice. Let’s dial that number seven two zero five seven five three six, six eight or are they going to have a less than stellar, um, perception of us because st things didn’t go all that great when they had the experience before. So that’s how I tie it in. That’s, that’s how I remind myself and our company every day that we do have an obligation to, to educate our customers as far as what to expect. You know, good, bad and ugly. Everything that goes along with it, what we can control, what we really can’t, what we can try to re control all of those different things.

But no matter what, communicate, remain professional, remain a resource for them. And you know, as an advocate, somebody that’s on their side and God forbid every, you know, anything ever happened to them again, but if it does, they’ll know who their water damage. Denver company of choices. So little bit bummed, still thankful, a good fun weekend, but trying to figure out what my review would be. Not sure. It’s amazing right now. Hopefully though, that’s not the case with us. That’s certainly not our goal. We want to have always great reviews, great experiences, and if for some reason anything ever does slip up, we want to know immediately so that we can address whatever we can make it right. That’s our goal. There’ll be all our good. Nope, y’all are safe. Talk to you soon.