Good morning water damage Denver friends, beautiful day here in the mile high city. And uh, it looks like we’re in store for a nice string of, of beautifully mild spring days. It’s, um, you know, it, it’s something that I’ve probably been accused of more than once in my life, uh, as a, as an overthinker that maybe, maybe the p word has been used on me a couple times. Procrastinator and I never, I never really hung onto that word very much. I didn’t think, honestly if I was being truthful with myself and being rural self reflective that I was intentionally procrastinating, putting something off, um, just to avoid having to deal with it, which I think is kind of the, the root of that word. Haven’t looked up the definition recently, but in my opinion, procrastination is knowing what needs to be done, knowing something that needs to be dealt with and just finding an excuse to, to not deal with it or finding another item or action to, to prioritize above that.

So never really felt like that was the case, but I definitely can, can say that I intentionally overthink things. I want to be well prepared. I want to know my options, I want to know, um, kind of, or maybe not know, but I want to do as much research into trying to predict kind of what outcome there might be for a certain decision. So, um, that’s kind of the basis for our quick little podcast of gold. This morning we’re going to be talking about water damage Denver surprise, right? Um, but we want, we want to just, uh, go through a couple scenarios where, where that word procrastination or you know, overthinking a, um, a situation when it comes to the types of things we deal with on a daily basis. So water damage Denver smoke, fire, uh, certainly mold, those sorts of things. Um, unfortunately don’t, uh, don’t allow us, don’t give us the liberty to, to just, uh, sit there and meditate and think about it for days and days on end is as far as what course of action maybe should be taken.

So let’s talk about this morning. Um, some of the reasons why, uh, we need to act quickly and promptly when it comes to one of these losses. Again, water damage Denver smoke a mold to make sure that our loss is as minimal as possible and there’s ramifications of, of kind of letting things I’m set. So some of it might be pretty obvious, but we, uh, sometimes is as human beings, we can be a little dense, we can be just a little bit stubborn and we need a little repetition on our lives. So, um, let’s just take a very simple water damage Denver example, we’ve got one going on right now. We’ve got a gentleman that I’m, believe it or not, uh, I believe his water last loss occurred probably about three weeks ago, three weeks, three and a half weeks ago. It’s was pretty simple. It was a, a simple, clean water, a malfunction, and in one of his pipes in his home and, um, he did a good job in finding the problem and, uh, actually DIY wanting it to the point where he was able to fix, um, fix the problem in fixed the leak.

So that was wonderful. However, by the, by the time he found it, and by the time he fixed it, uh, he estimated that it had probably been leaking for about a week or so prior to that. Um, so that was his calculation. And, um, you know, there’s no way to know for sure, but, um, unsolicited he gave that, that information that he felt like, yeah, I probably, um, you know, just from whatever he was experiencing in the home, he had found some wet carpet, um, didn’t really know why. And, uh, he, he put the timeline on it and he estimated maybe about a week, maybe a little bit more. Okay. So good. Whatever. That’s the reality at that point. That’s the water damaged and read that it occurred at that point. Um, he didn’t know what else may have may have happened. He just knew he, he had wet carpet, somewhat dry, dry wall, maybe some wet insulation underneath in the crawl space. So he called his insurance company. And I can’t speak to exactly the conversation that happened or, um, what sort of advice or initial, um, suggestions that they may have made to their insured. But, um, in any case, um, I received notification from the insurance company that they had suggested that this gentleman call a big foot for his water damage Denver situation and to be expecting his phone call. So I did and I went ahead and reached out to him, you know, just trying to be as, um,

you know, prompt for him as possible. I didn’t, you know, sometimes people get busy, they forget to, uh, to make that phone call or make that email. So I reached out to him actually a couple of times, reached out to him on a Wednesday, both by phone and email, followed up with him again Thursday, nothing. Friday I got a, I believe a phone call saying, Hey, uh, um, think I got a problem here. And I said, okay. Yeah, you do. Sounds like it sounds like you do have some water damage Denver guy. Um, we need to take a peek of this. We need to get, um, get a good honest look and see what’s going on. And it’s never a situation where, you know, hey, we want to start work immediately. We want to start ripping things apart. That is not the case. We simply want people to understand why they need to move quickly. And there’s a moral to this story and it all goes back to that keyword that, uh, overthinker type situation, guy, Gal, whatever. And I’m not sure.


You know, I don’t, I haven’t done a character analysis on this young man, but something was going on to where whatever he had seen, whatever I had said just hadn’t motivated him enough to understand that we need to put this at the top of the priority list. And sometimes water damage Denver, it doesn’t resonate with folks and we don’t want to be pushy, but we want to save people from greater loss, higher costs, and there’s always a chance at the end of the day that quite frankly, the insurance may deny the claim. So in that case, you’re just costing potentially costing yourself even more money right out of your pocket. So let’s get back to the story. Uh, this gentleman, um, you know, he had a schedule and he set a date and time for me to come out and meet with him. And I was there the second that he said I could be very nice, pleasant young man. We walked through, he explained everything to me. It made complete sense exactly what was going on. And I got right into kind of analyzing the degree of, you know, moisture in his structure and the materials. Um, kind of looked around at a number of different things. You always have to kind of play inspector, inspector gadget type role where um, you don’t just take for granted things that

that may be there that uh, you know, might not be readily obvious. So long story short, after peeling back a couple of layers of material and looking at a few different things, we had some mold on our hands and at that point you have to shut her down once, once there’s visual identification of mold and this guy actually had a fan blowing in that particular room, it’s got a, it’s got to stop immediately. You don’t want to disturb those spores. You don’t want to disturb anything that could make that mold airborne and you have to isolate it. You have to go through a number of steps. But you also as a water damage Denver, a mitigation restoration company, you have to make sure you get the work authorization. You can’t just start doing things on people’s homes when you haven’t been given the okay. And uh, he in my opinion, was kind of overthinking things and was trying to justify, you know, doing this or doing that, trying to figure out who ultimately would pay for it.

And at that point, you know, you just have to wait for the of, would you like me to take care of you? You’re visible mold here. Would you like me to start to mitigate the water damage  Denver guy? Is that okay with you please for your health and safety so you don’t experience any more loss? Well, it just wasn’t going to happen. He needed to reach out to his insurance company and, uh, told me to follow back up with me. Well, guess what? No follow up. Um, even with repeated efforts on my, on my end. And, um, so here we are, uh, it’s been probably about a week and a half since I stepped foot into that gentleman’s home last night. I get a call from water damage timber guy. He, um, he’s made an appointment with his insurance company. Their gesture is going to come out on Friday. Well yesterday was Monday.

We’re, we’re at a timeline now where it’s been a good solid five or six weeks since he discovered this water damage, this water damage. Denver Guy, he has discovered, he is, he’s traced back the first time he discovered this situation almost a month and a half ago. Folks, that is not anything but the definition of procrastination. I’m not sure if overthinking, I don’t think if there that there’s been a lot of thinking at this point. Um, and if it has, if there has been, it just hasn’t been the right kind of thinking. Um, so we’re, you know, again, we’re not the decision makers. We just try to pass along our education and our, in our understanding of what the standards are. And um, when we’re not given that, go ahead. We are hands are tied. So, um, we will see what happens on Friday. We’ll see what I’m sort of water damage. Denver, the what, you know where, where this has gone. It could have been a very simple thing and I’m talking about super duper simple. If we would have been called out within a day or so of the initial discovery, if he had jumped out of the shower that day, gone into his guest bedroom like you said he did and said, oh man, water damage. Okay, Denver, uh, what I’m in, okay, I’m in the Denver Metro area. I’m going to Google or I’m going to just call my insurance agent. I’m gonna get somebody out here.

It would have been super duper simple. He probably wouldn’t even need tomatoes, make a claim. I’m quite sure that the dead, the deductible wouldn’t have even been reached. But that, um, that process of thinking of wondering of maybe not fully believing a professional of understanding that you have water damage Denver, but, uh, I dunno, maybe it’s not that big of a deal. Maybe it’s not that extensive. Um, again, all things we’ve touched on before, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but you’ve got to have a water damage, Denver professional come out and help you understand that. And I understand, you know, quite often people just associate that with, oh boy, here comes a big bill. Here comes somebody trying to weasel me into doing massive amounts of work on my home for no particular reason. You know, I can’t speak for other companies. Hopefully that would never be the case.

But big foot is a water damage Denver Restoration company that will, that will always, you know, just read the facts as they see them and advise appropriately. Um, but we have to get that phone call and we have to be taken seriously when we try to communicate kind of what’s going on. So anyways, uh, five or six weeks out, we’ve already got established probably three weeks ago. We have mold on our hands and you know, at this point, not sure, haven’t seen, haven’t seen the home and about three weeks, um, we could peel back those materials again and it could be much worse. And unfortunately the estimate, the bid that we gave three weeks ago, I don’t know that I could put a, um, you know, cap on it as far as what it could be now. It’s just, it’s going to be more, there’s going to be more work that needs to be done.

There’s going to be test that needs to take place and there you go. It’s uh, it’s just something that we see far too often. And um, being an overthinker myself, I understand the need, the desire to want to think through, okay, we could approach it these three ways and try to figure out what the outcome’s going to be, what they associated costs are going to be, all the different ramifications. But, um, unfortunately, water damage, Denver situations require more immediate action. They require, um, not as much overthinking, certainly no procrastination. And ultimately we’re talking about money and trying to save it and trying to make sure claims don’t go any further than they are going to. And certainly the insurance company doesn’t find their insured negligent or passive in, in mitigating the situation. And that’s something that they can ultimately deny a claim for based off of customer’s potential negligence.

So you saw you spot water damage, Denver, you feel water damage Denver, you’ve, you, you think that you might have a situation on your hands, don’t procrastinate. Try not to overthink, but if you want to think through the problem, give us a call. We’ll be happy to advise. We’ll be happy to come out and you know, do some tests for you. You know, some preliminary stuff that can kind of give you a roadmap of exactly what sort of, um, situation you have on your hands. If in fact you do have water damage Denver, if it’s, you know, just kind of minimal and you can get it tackled yourself. Or if you do need the hand of a professional company will be happy to advise you appropriately. Don’t overthink it. There’s a lot of things worth really going through in your day to day that you do need to put some good, solid thought too, that you do need to consider. You don’t want to make, make hasty judgment on water damage. Denver is not one of them. Give us a call if we can help. Seven, two zero five, seven, five foot. Have a wonderful day.