What’s up, Water Damage Denver friends wanted to sneak a quick big foot restoration podcast of golden here on a super beautiful day in the mile high city. We um, run into an issue from time to time that

kind of throws a wrench in things and regulations and rules and specifics have kinda changed over the years and for a lot of good reasons, uh, things are getting buttoned up on and that has to do with the subject of as best as. So I think a lot of times, um, you know, the general public just feels like as best as, as a thing of the past, you know, kind of pre 84 typically is when mentally people think of if my house was built after that, there’s, there’s zero worries, there’s, there’s nothing even to to consider. But in reality, um, that thinking just kind of has to go out the window

just to keep everybody super safe. And in the event that there is asbestos, you just, you don’t want to even think about the effects of [inaudible] and different conditions that can occur if there’s what is considered a spill. And by, by rule, um, as you know, any sort of mitigation company, Water Damage Denver company, restoration company, whatever the case may be when we’re called in to do any kind of work, um, with respect to Water Damage Denver or fire or mold, anything like that. Um, if there’s any demo that needs to be done, the threshold that you can get to without legally having to require leave or legally requiring and as best as test is right around 32 square feet. So, um, that’s not a lot. You get to that amount pretty quick. And if you’re getting anywhere near there, again by, by rule and as best as tests needs to be ordered, typically the, the testing, the individuals that come out are pretty available there. They’re able to get out in a pretty timely manner, at least the ones that we deal with are, and they are very, very good as far as getting at least a verbal, um, result back to you. The,

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the, um, what would you call it? Official written type, you know, something straight from the lab that, that probably doesn’t get to you quite as quick. But, uh, for instance, we ordered and as best as test yesterday morning at, and we got a verbal result by eight 30 today. So super quick turnaround. And in the case of this test, uh, there was right around 4% material that, uh, or content that came back as best as positive. And that is, that is at a point where you cannot do anything until that’s a beta. So, um, this poor gal, you know, she’s got major Water Damage Denver, she’s desperately in need of getting this, you know, all taken care of and back to normal poor gal is 95 years old. She’s super sharp, super sweet, but you can tell just mentally it’s something that she just wants to get over with and move on and we want that too.

Um, but when, when you do get a positive test like this, it, it does kind of halt everything. It, it requires an abatement team to come in and there are many, many safety measures and things that they do in the course of, of their, their job scope. And you know, they’re, they’re busy people, so they’re again, getting on their schedule, getting the job done and to the point where you can then go back in and wrap up the job can, uh, can add significant amount of time. So, uh, understand even if you don’t care, and literally would never hopefully have to think about this, gone are the days of just, you know, having a flood and having major drywall damage and, you know, moisture damage to a lot of different materials and just starting to cut things out and demo right off the bat. Um, without thinking about having to test for asbestos. And there, again, typically it’s, you know, in materials that were used, you know, over 30 years ago, but there are different types of drywall that come in from different companies and you just never know. You get kind of a cheap brand of this or that, whether it’s dry wall or different sort of texturing material or whatever. And you just never know. It certainly could have things in it that

[inaudible] [inaudible].