Water damage Denver friends. What’s up? Hope you’re doing well. Want to just give a quick little dissertation on another water damaged inverse subject that’s near and dear to our hearts and it’s going to follow in the brief little series that we are doing explaining some of the ancillary benefits of working with big foot restoration as your water damage Denver contractor of choice. We do a lot of meetings with other businesses, uh, that we feel could provide us, um, consistent referrals, potentially property management companies, other contractors, HOA boards, um, real estate agents. And some of these people literally have never had a relationship with a water damaged Denver company and so they don’t really have a precedent for what

what they would like or what they don’t like. Um, you know, I guess their bottom line typically is, okay, you want us to refer you, um, you need to be, you need to do good work. Kind of goes without saying. Um, I don’t think any of us would want to pass the contact information onto an individual for a company that wasn’t going to do good work. We would never want to get feedback saying, yeah, those people that you referred to me. Yeah, they, they were awful. So that goes without saying. But what we do find when we’re sitting down with these businesses or HOA boards, so on and so forth is okay, if you’re going to be our water damage, Denver company of choice, you need to communicate.

That is probably the number one word that we hear that people say, you know, maybe we’re, we’re kind of happy with the company we currently use. We’ve got a good water damage, different company, but now they just don’t get them again, communicate that well with us. They don’t let us know what’s going on. They don’t know that. They don’t let us know the status of the job. They don’t provide documentation and reporting that lets us know that everything is being taken care of properly and that’s especially especially especially important for someone like a proper property management company. A company that runs multiple. These people are an interested party. In those cases they, they need to be kept in the loop. They need to have information either readily available to them or response time lickety split when it’s something that they need to know. And just again, taking it from the horse’s mouth, the response has been, you know, we just, we don’t get the reports we need. We don’t get the information in a timely manner and doesn’t matter if the work that’s being done is quality work or if it’s being done efficiently. You know that that kind of pales in comparison when we need, uh, to be kept in the loop and that’s not not happening. Yeah, it’s an incredibly frustrating experience. So gives us a perfect opportunity to let them know that our,

one of our staples of our company is that communication piece is that responsiveness. And what we always tell people is we, we may not have the answers that you want to hear, but we’ll have and provide the information that we have for you and anything that we know you can know too, doesn’t have to go through some ladder of people before it gets to them. Anything that’s readily available that we have on file, they will be privy to that information as well. And more often than not, that is going to go over very well with an HOA board, with a property management outfit. Um, I think most of them understand that, uh, there are limitations that, you know, there’s lots of different people involved and there may not be

100%, um, success with respect to projects on time, on initial budget. But that’s another integral piece of communication is letting anyone in everyone interested know, okay, here’s what we thought, but here’s what we found and here’s how it affects the scope of the project. When you walk into a water damage Denver, um, situation for the first time, there’s a lot of assumptions that you can make and a lot of things that you can see visually and you’re able make, um, you know, pretty definitive statements. But if there’s any demolition to be done, if there’s anything that needs to be checked that you can’t see, well, there’s just no way that you can know for sure exactly what you’re going to encounter until you make the removal of that drywall or that flooring or that surface material that allows you to see back behind the structure or whatever the case may be. So again, just kind of being Frank and upfront and transparent when it comes to those sorts of things. Again, that is something I think most reasonable

Water Damage Denver | A Positive Situation!

property management companies, HOA boards, so on and so forth. I think they can get onboard with that stuff pretty, pretty easily. So yeah, we’ve talked about that business to business dynamic. Let’s talk about,

talk about the customer. Let’s talk about the typical water damage Denver situation where a homeowner comes home from a day at work. Nobody’s been in the house all day and the toilet’s been overflowing all day and they have three levels of damage. They have soaked carpet, drywall, you know, stuff coming down from the ceiling, odors, whatever. We’ve talked about this many times. But there’s no doubt that is a life changer for them. At least for the present time. It’s not something that can be worked through, but you know, people have enough on their plate with families, kids, spouses, responsibilities, work chores, whatever else they have going on. So to add something to the mix that requires, you know, potential demolition of a good portion of their home, it’s not something that people welcome quite often. So with the reality of that new challenge in their life, we want to kind of establish that relationship upfront that we can give them as much or as little information as they would like. And that really does vary from party to party. Some people love to really be kept up to date on anything and everything that’s going on, who’s coming and going from the house, why they’re doing this, what they’re doing, how the project went, when they’re done, kind of a continual.

And then there’s those that literally say, look, I’ve got enough to deal with. Do what you need to do. Give me a timeline here. General timeline, go for it. Please don’t bother me unless you absolutely have to and I’ll talk to ya, you know, if and when we need to talk. And then you’ll have people that are everywhere in between. So we like to try to customize the experience to each individual when it is the typical residential insured, water damage, Denver project. Um, we don’t want to overwhelm people with information, but we also don’t want them to feel like anything’s being kept from them or they’re,

they’re a,

they’re, they’re not a part of

a part of the circle of, you know, information that’s available. It’s really does depend on the person and what they’d like. And it’s okay if they change their mind during the course of the thing. Maybe at first they really didn’t want to know and then, you know, partially part way through they decide now, you know, I’d really would like to know kind of what’s going on in the day to day. So communication, communication, communication, combined with responsiveness, responsiveness, responsiveness. That combo is something that we know Bigfoot offers that probably most water damage. Denver companies just don’t, and it might not be an intentional thing. It’s just you know when some companies are on the larger side or maybe there’s just you know, kind of a hiccup in the process or the chain of command, that ball can be dropped or maybe people, some companies just don’t think it’s that important, but

we don’t want to just make up and assume what is important to people. We want to hear directly from them and again, based off that question being asked as far as what, what’s missing in that typical water damage Denver relationship with the business to business dynamic is, is that communication piece. So anyway, if you would appreciate that attention to detail in your water damage Denver company of choice, if you have a business or you know I’m a business that needs to have us on speed dial just in case (720) 575-3668 is the best way to get ahold of us info@bigfootrestoration.com will work as well. Please don’t hesitate. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions when it comes to your potential water damage Denver situation, or if you just need to get some questions answered before you feel like we are the company that you’d like to refer out trope. It never happens to you, but until it does, you stay safe.