Water damage Denver friends, this episode of the big foot restoration podcasts of gold come to you live from my master bedroom balcony. We’ll give this a shot and see how the acoustics and the overall vibe of broadcasting from my master bedroom patio play out to my water damage Denver friends, hope everybody’s enjoying their weekend. Had an opportunity to attend for the second year. A local insurance agents customer appreciation barbecue. And this particular gentleman is an absolute gem. He is a been doing both residential and commercial insurance for a long time, knows his stuff with a very reputable company and writes a lot of policies for his customers. He’s very, very knowledgeable on who needs what and what’s appropriate, um, coverage for people’s particular situations and, uh, it’s very confident in advising his clients, uh, to go certain ways. So it was a pleasure to be asked by him to be a vendor at his barbecue for his customers.

So what he does is he takes one Saturday per year and hires a band to come in, usually has the local fire fighters and EMT people come over and show off the trucks and stuff. Um, then he has, I think probably about 15 to 20 vendors this year. Everything from little arts and crafts type setups to different types of health and wellness, booze, um, roofing windows. Of course we, we were the restoration vendor there for water damage, smoke, fire, well, you know, water damage, Denver, that’s what we do. So, um, we were there just letting people know that if they ever had a need for a water damage Denver company, they ever had a situation, then they needed somebody to pitch that we are the company of choice for this particular insurance company. So, um, it was great. It was beautiful day. Then of course the catering barbecue and it’s phenomenal to just relax and to talk with people and to hear some good music and network. And that’s, that’s kind of where this podcast is headed is that, um,

we were able to not only spread the good word of, of a great water damage Denver company such as big foot restoration at this event, but we were also able to network with a number of other vendors that were there. It just so happened that, uh, the handyman company that was there, um, which employs many handymen and women, I’m sure, um, which I think is a phenomenal idea. I’ve always thought that, you know, if I were a little handier it’d be a great company to start. I, I’ve never met a handyman that’s, that’s slow in business. And so my thought has always been, you know, if you knew the ins and outs of, of the, of the trade and I guess it’s, it’s not really a trade but trades if you really knew your general stuff as somebody who could, you know, dabble in just about everything. Uh, why not open a company where you could have other likeminded individuals, um, locked and ready to go when somebody needed their honeydew list. And of course, you know, those, those sorts of things can be everything from just small little tasks like, you know, patching, little holes, texturing and painting, you know, maybe re adjusting, um, cabinet doors, maybe silly little things, you know, hanging pictures, things like that up to, you know, perhaps replacing P traps underneath sinks or doing some light plumbing or light electrical, things like that. Any in any way. I just,

Water Damage Denver | A Patio Retrospective

I don’t think that you could go wrong if you, you know, you’re competent enough and could get a company going of, of handymen ready to go when folks needed their services. So these people did just that. They took my idea. They probably had had it long before I did, but they, um, they were there and they were incredibly friendly and they just happened to have a very, very sincere and immediate need for a water damage Denver company to be on their speed dial. Uh, this gal indicated that, uh, she just had to fire her water damage Denver company. Uh, as she apparently asked him or whoever it was to go out and assess, uh, what was thought to be a mold mold job. And I didn’t ask the details, but, uh, her exact words were instead of fixing the problem, he flooded the entire complex.

So I didn’t, like I said, didn’t ask for details, didn’t want to know the details. It felt sorry for this water damage. Denver guy right off the bat. I’m sure he didn’t mean to do it, but, um, you know, unfortunately you make a mistake like that and it comes back on the company that referred you and um, you know, basically, uh, vouched for you and, and you have a job go South like that and that’s probably what’s gonna happen. So, uh, anyway, uh, it was a great, great connection for us. We will be getting together shortly and being able to get, we will be able to find out a little bit more about each other’s businesses offerings, um, things like that. And no doubt in my mind that we will be able to, uh, really have a mutually beneficial relationship, uh, as we would, um, love to hand off projects that, um, need handymen to them.

Uh, we don’t do those sorts of things and would love to send ’em send our folks their way as well. So great connection for us. Great. Uh, opportunity. If you are a handyman or no, a handyman out there, um, we would sure appreciate that introduction. Um, when we refer out, you know, sometimes people are busy and so we can just go down the list of, you know, if we have several of those sorts of folks on our, on our speed dial, we can just go down the list and get, um, you know, the most immediately available person out if the situation dictates. And on the other end, um, we would love to be on their speed dial as well. Again, if you are, are you, if you know any handyman people that need a water damage done for company to be of an asset to them, we would sure appreciate that introduction.

The other individual that we ended up kind of a serendipitously meeting was an electrician and typically, uh, we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t think of electricians as being an incredible, as an incredibly, um, consistent referral source. But again, uh, just the way that the conversation kind of, um, proceeded. He said, you know, the bulk of my work that I do is interesting narrative type manner. He said just about everything that he does, um, comes, uh, disaster services. So water damage, Denver, you know, smoke, fire, things like that where he’s called in to do his thing. And there again, I’m kind of shocked me, kinda took me by surprise, but don’t need to ask any questions if that’s, if that’s the way business comes his way and he needs someone to, um, be a reputable water damage Denver company, uh, to help his customer base. We are thrilled that he would, uh, that he would consider us for that.

So two amazing, amazing connections at this networking event that really wasn’t network a networking event. It just, uh, happened. Turned to that. It was more of a, well it’s what it was exactly was a customer appreciation barbecue for an insurance agent. So we, um, we like to be out in the community, we like to shake hands and get to know folks. But um, we also love to have an opportunity to introduce deuce ourself to other trades, to other individuals in, um, kind of a business to business sense and just see if, um, if there can be any sort of a relationship there. Like we’ve said before, we understand that, you know, a lot of trades, plumbers, um, people like that. Contractors, general contractors, home builders, they may have a water damage. Denver company, uh, kinda has their go to, but we have no problem being the second or third or fourth or fifth or sixth company down the list.

You just never know if a company’s are leveraged out or if their resources are out. They don’t have any more labor or equipment to go. Uh, we don’t mind, uh, being, being, uh, down the list a bit. You just never know. And you do need to have those backups just in case. Um, there’s a water damage dimmer situation that needs to be attended to immediately. Um, you just keep going until you find somebody. And, um, that very well could be us and we’d love the opportunity. So seven, two zero five, seven, five foot is how you get ahold of us. If there is an introduction to be made, we would sure appreciate the thought there. Um, but if you just, uh, are curious if you need any sort of help as far as water damage, Denver’s concern, you think you may have a problem that you’d like a professional to come look at it and give you options, we would be thrilled to help you out with that. So I am going to enjoy my evening on my master bedroom patio. Hope this has been enjoyable for you as well. Have a good one. We’ll talk next time.