What’s going on. Water Damage Denver friends, this is another lovely episode of the big foot restoration repair podcast. Podcast gold. Pardon me. So here in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado, the summer is winding down and I don’t know about your, uh, your experience growing up, but as I recall, we never went, we didn’t go back to school until like the end of August because I remember literally being in school for about of about a week. And then it seemed like, um, labor day, labor day was, and I remember we always used to do a labor day trip, so that’s why it sticks in my head that I barely was back to school for a week, maybe just a little bit over a week. And then there was like a, a Monday off labor day off. So the fact that my kid start school tomorrow, which I think is August, would it be August 7th?

Something’s wrong. I don’t know. But that just seems incredible. That seems like they’re getting gypped out of two to three solid weeks of summer. I don’t know. Maybe they build, maybe they get them going back to school sooner so they can have those built in days off for, for snow days. Um, which it seems like they are quick to pull the trigger on those. Uh, around here. Um, even just the slight hint of a storm, it’s pretty funny on a say two or three times. Last year we, uh, we just kinda had a forecast for the potential of a, a decent sized storm the next day. And they shut, they shut her down, they canceled everything, everything was on high alert. People were running into the store, buying up all the Twizzlers, all the milk, all the bread, all the, all the new DVD releases so that they could hunker down and prepare for a crazy blizzard with shirt.

You know. And on our side we’re thinking, okay, well if this is going to happen, maybe we’ll have some Water Damage Denver jobs to get through to, maybe we’ll have some freezing pipes that we need to go help people out when those pipes burst and have legitimate Water Damage Denver jobs for us, but a pretty funny kind of frustrating. But pretty hilarious actually. Um, I would say I can remember two, maybe even three days last year where they canceled and literally the next day it was beautiful in, it might not have been like beautiful, like sun’s out and beautiful, but like maybe just this nice beautiful little picturesque snow in the morning, like one that you would think about like for a Christmas, a white Christmas, just like this beautiful light, super slow motion snowfall thing that accumulated like zero inches. Like it literally hit the pavement and disappeared.

You know, there might’ve been a thin coat on the grass, but it was such a joke. Um, I remember that happening two or three times in like literally, you know, people are having to cancel work to take care of their kids or figure out something to make sure their kids are not home alone. You know, just kind of throws a wrench in all sorts of different schedules and you’ve got these meteorologists doing a back track, Oh, the Doppler must have done this or my sources must have not clicked. I wish that I could just throw darts at a dartboard with a blindfold on and make stuff up and have people trust that what I’m saying is true. But when it doesn’t happen, be able to just kind of giggle and laugh at it, laugh about it and be like, Oh, well yeah, uh, that was a twist.

Water Damage Denver | A Lovely Car Ride To The Job

I can’t hardly imagine going into a water damage Denver job and um, you know, giving everybody, okay a playbook of okay, this is what’s going to happen. Uh, we’re going to dry things out with this equipment. We’re going to install this amount of dehumidifiers. We’re going to, you know, employ this system. Uh, here’s how many days to expect it and do that and literally get done with the job. Not even monitor. Go ahead and pull the equipment and just literally still have water damage. Denver like everywhere, like water pouring from the ceiling, nothing, nothing is the way we said it would be. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of the way we said it was going to be, but still having the ability and the Liberty to look that person in the eye and say, well, missed on that one. I’m still going to collect my paycheck and we’ll just, uh, hope for better luck next time.

Let me know when and where there is a water damage Denver company that’s hiring that has, uh, has the, the ability to run that route and I will promptly quit, sell, dispose of everything that I own and that I do and I will go work for that company. Not because I want to be wrong or that I don’t care about being right. But what amazing job security to know that you can just, you know, I know these people go to school for a long time for this stuff and make, make educated guesses. But I would love to make an educated guess and be 1 million trillion, billion percent wrong and just laugh it off and make a, make a funny joke and make a passing remark and maybe throw it onto the sports guy for the evening sports. I don’t think that would happen in our industry, can’t see it.

But in any case it is a, it is the end of the summer for us. It’s back to school time and the quick hitter for today, the little negative goal, the little, the little tidbit tidbit we called, the big footnote of the day is, you know, in some of our other companies, some of the services we do with, with just general cleaning, carpet cleaning, polstry uh, just about every surface in your home or office space. You know, this time of year we typically notice a bit of a lull in, in jobs being scheduled. And we, we just kind of write that off to, you know, the fact that parents have had a certain schedule for the last few months, kids had been home, it’s probably been hectic, quite a bit of craziness going on and now they’re trying to transition, they’re trying to get back into school mode and different schedule and the house is going to be quiet and less traffic and so on and so forth.

So they take a week or week and a half to kind of get back to what the reality is gonna be for the next eight or nine months. And they don’t want to schedule a lot of home services. They don’t want, um, contractors coming in and out of their home as they kind of redefine what their life was gonna look like on a daily basis. So Water Damage Denver friends, if that sounds like you with respect to a service that we offer, whether it is something where you know you’ve got a moldy crawl space or there’s something that just doesn’t quite smell right in your, I don’t know, underwear your kitchen is, you think there might have been a leak that’s caused something that you just don’t love and you don’t want to wonder what it is from here on out. If you need a crawl space remediation, whether it’s, you know, kind of dealing with a moisture down in the crawl space, mold, putting up a new vapor barrier, things like that.

Yeah. If, um, you know, you have had a water damage Denver thing that happened maybe at the beginning of the summer, but you tried to DIY it and now you’re not so sure that you did the best job and you want a professional to come out and just walk through with ya and, and give you, you know, a good professional opinion. Reach out to big foot. We understand that, you know, summer gets crazy. Um, you just can’t think of, you know, the potential of getting into a, a job that might require a little bit of invasiveness in the home when the kids are around. It’s all good. Uh, you know, rarely is it ever too late. You know, there’s, there’s things we’ve talked about before where you really need to get the process in motion, but ultimately, um, you know, if you do have a water damage Denver situation or something else that you’ve kind of put off, kind of wandered about but just haven’t had the time or energy to deal with through the summer and get those kids back in school, get, get the new schedule in line, figure out kind of what your day to day is going to look like and then reach out to us and let us know what would be the most convenient for you as far as us coming out and taking a look and offering our assistance and our resources to help you decide what the best route is.

Maybe it’s not something that you need to hire us to do, but perhaps, you know, it is, there is significant evidence from a previous water damage Denver loss that a something does need to be done and perhaps there are options within that scope of work. But in any case, we’ll always be an advocate for you and be a, be a trusted resource to help you get your issue, water damage, Denver job, bigger, small, taken care of. And so, and to make, just again to make sure that everybody’s happy, healthy, safe, and has a great school. Year seven two zero five seven five foot is how you get ahold of us. If there’s anything that you ever need. We are ready to roll when you need us. We look forward to talking to you soon. You take care.