Water damage Denver friends, family, strangers, enemies, everybody. So, so good to have an opportunity to deliver another podcast of gold to Ya. And um, hopefully everybody’s doing well. This is a new week for us here in the mile high city and um, we are on pace to have quite the nice we care whether wise and it um, it looks like we finally turned the corner like a, like we’re going to be staying in mild temperatures even during the evening, even during the night and definitely warm to hot temperatures during the day. So I’m right around this kind of first, second week of May is typically when we can hopefully Kinda, sorta, maybe, hopefully put away our snow boots, put away, um, are heavy winter gear. Although I did see, uh, I did see a little Facebook memory pop up today from, from the 12th of May, five years ago when we were literally in the midst of a blizzard.

So thanks. Can still happen. Wacky things can, a wacky spring storms can move through. But just looking at the 10 day forecast here, I think we have turned the corner. So what does that mean? Well, we’ve touched on it a bit probably in previous podcasts, but that means that sprinklers are going to be going on. Those outside water spigots are going to be turned on. Maybe people were still kind of iffy as to if they want to do engage all that stuff because of just last week we had some snow and you know, deep down in her thirties and people understandably so, get a little bit antsy as far as potentially getting some water damage Denver and you know, it, it definitely is understandable that you don’t want to, um, run the risk of turning your sprinklers on, getting your hose all hooked up and all that.

And then having a, a freeze and having significant water damage Denver issues. So, um, if you’re like me, you know, I was holding off a little bit. I still had my, a sprinkler system off. I still have my, um, water spigots all tucked away and insulated and I’ve used them a couple times during the winter. But like we’ve mentioned before, if you’re ever going to use your water spickets during the winter, you just want to make sure that you, number one, take the hoses back off. You never ever, ever, ever want to leave a hose hooked up during the cold season. But number two, it’s a really good idea to just get one of those little $5 insulative caps that you can just put right on your spigot. And there’s kind of a little drawstring there that you snug it up real tight to the, to the exterior wall of the house. And it, it really does a great job of protecting that little bit of piping there.

So I’m going to be calling the sprinkler company out. I’m going to be having them look at things, making sure that, um, you know, all of my zones are intact and all the sprinkler heads are working and no leaks. And what, uh, what brought me kind of this subject matter was yesterday was mother’s Day and unfortunately my wife was not even here. She went to go visit her mama out of state. But, so anyways, had brunch with my mom, had a good time but definitely had some time in the afternoon to get some chores done. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day outside. So lots of kids out messing around, just running around the coldest sac and it, it gave me an opportunity to try to check some things off my list that I’ve been needing to do. And so as I’m plugging along with my stuff, one of my neighbors pokes his head around into my garage and said, hey, how, what do you know about water sprinklers and turn on and getting the system going.

And I know a fair amount, but you know, I don’t, would never go door to door offering to turn people’s systems on for them. Every system is different and has its little intricacy. So, um, we went over, took a look at his, at his a timer and his regulator box or junction box or whatever they call it. And they had tried, they had tried to do with themselves and you could hear, um, I don’t know, I guess you’d call it the pump going. You could feel the electricity trying to move water through these pipes. Um, but it just wasn’t happening. When I asked him a few questions, kind of relative to the way my system set up in my house about the on off, you know, shutoffs inside and you know, making sure if they were quarter turns, if they were to make sure they were parallel with the pipe.

And I said, are you guys just wanted to get going, your on your watering today or what’s going on in? And the Gal said, well, you know, I, I just didn’t want to pay somebody to come out just to turn the water on. And so it just, it resonated in my mind. Interesting. You know, I’m, I love to save a little bit of money here and there, just like the next person. But there’s a number of things that, in my mind at least, I’m more than happy to pay a professional to do, to have the job done right. And it, it kind of, um, elicited a little bit of emotion with respect to the services that we provide, whether it’s smoke and fire, the Asian mold, water damage Denver, it’s a lot of the same sorts of things where people try to DIY DIY at themselves to save a few dollars or two, you know, I don’t know, just, um, maybe just a little inflated of a, of a, um, confidence in what they can do and obviously water damage Denver mold, all those sorts of things that, you know, that can carry a pretty heavy price tag, um, to have your sprinklers turned on.

I don’t imagine as that much, I’m thinking if I remember back, you know, to last year what we pay or what we do pay every year. I think it’s right around somewhere between like 65, $70. I’m not 100% sure, but the, the benefit in my opinion of what, what these people do it. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s fairly simple. It’s fairly mundane what, what you pay, you’re paying them to do as far as just turning a few knobs. But they also go around and they inspect the system and they make sure that everything is working properly and that you’re set up for the summer for your system to do what it’s supposed to do. And to me, that’s gold. You know, and, and I’ve, I’ve seen many examples of homes are homeowners that have a leak in their, in their sprinkler system and they have no clue because why would they, you know, it’s not like they’re going to go around and just do some deep investigation everyday of, of what’s going on.

Um, and there are certain indicators as you get into the summer, if you notice, uh, a rough patch in your grass or something where it just isn’t looking right, there might be an indication that you need to check things out. But, um, there’s, there’s so many times that people are just going along throughout the summer and they’ve got, they’ve got a failure within their sprinkler system. Well, the, one of the kind of nasty ways that this resonates is on your water bill. If you have continual water pressure on your line, it’s going to leak. It’s going to continue to go out wherever it can, wherever that break is and your water bill will spike dramatically. And then people are upset when they get their water bill and then they have to have a company out to diagnose things and they get probably a little snippy with the water company and it becomes a thing perhaps that could’ve all been avoided if they would’ve had their professional landscaper or irrigation specialists, whatever a sprinkler system company come out when they turn the system on to go around to each head, um, in each zone and ensure that everything and these people know what to look for.

They know what to, um, what it, what to dig in further if, if things just aren’t flowing right, if they’re not getting the pressure that they want, um, they can tell you and then they can probably do the repairs, you know, right then and there and it might cost you a little bit of extra money. But number one, you can ensure your, your system’s going to be doing what it’s supposed to be throughout the rest of the watering season. But number two, and also ensure that you’re not going to be spending money on a bunch of wasted water coming out of a pipe or align that’s, that’s been damaged. And that can happen even if you had your water system blown out properly in the fall. Uh, there’s, that’s no guarantee that there couldn’t be just a little bit of water left and one of those plastic little popups, sprinkler heads are in one of the lines.

And if that happens and it freezes and expands when it, it comes back very good chance that there could be a break. And there you go. You’ve got to, you’ve got a system failure. So that’s, that’s kind of the best case scenario. The, they’re a little more muddy sort of scenario is when it affects align either by the house or inside of the house, perhaps due to improperly shutting the system down. But there again, what happens like these folks were doing yesterday, if you’re trying to just pop around, turn everything on, you know, not necessarily probably thinking that there could be anything too problematic, um, to, to prepare for. But I guarantee if these folks, um, engage their water system and all of a sudden they had a leak either right by the house or right inside, it would have been a nasty, nasty major mess. And there again with these folks that come out, we would hope and pray that each one of them are professional enough to do use a system and to go through properly so that if there is any sort of concern or idea that there could be, be some water damage Denver as you engage the system, that they’d be prepared and they would know immediately what to do as far as which water shut offs to, to get to and perhaps they have some safety measures in place. So, um,

never will tell anybody how to spend their money will never tell anybody. You know, you’re going to be in a world of hurt if you do it like this as opposed to doing it like that. But please take it from somebody that’s been in the water damage Denver Industry for more than just a little while. These things are,

are necessary there. They’re really, really important. And just budgeted in two your, you’re kind of spring and fall plans as far as spinning, whatever it is. I mean get, get some quotes, get some bids from people that you trust or maybe referrals, have them come out and tell you kind of what you can expect for how they shut down, uh, your sprinkler lines and your water outside water and the in the late fall. And again, how they turn everything on and what, what exactly they do when they engage the system in the spring. Um, you know, grilled them on now you’re not just turning on the water here, you’re really going to check for me to make sure that everything is running properly and I don’t have anything that needs to be prepared, prepared, right. And just make sure that it’s a company that dots their i’s and crosses their t’s and sets you up for, for a nice know, solid summer of, of just having your system working properly.

The last thing you want is to have to deal with, you know, a four to, you know, $5, $5, four to five figure bill with a flooded house. Because you got crazy water damage Denver that you could have avoided by just having a professional come out and look through and get you set up for, you know, probably less than a hundred bucks. So, um, with neighbors you don’t want to be too preachy or you know, imposing as far as what you think they should do. It’s their house, it’s the way they want to operate. Fine. But I took one look at their system and it was just, it wasn’t like mine. It wasn’t what I was used to seeing. So, um, I couldn’t be of much help and I saw them kind of go back to tinkering with things, but I just encourage them greatly to, to maybe think about having somebody come out and they kind of gave me the yeah.

Okay. Yeah, sure. Okay. So probably they didn’t listen and I hope that it works out for them, but um, you just never know. And for me it’s, it’s one thing that is well worth the money, well worth the investment to make sure somebody comes out the, knows exactly what they’re doing. Desert desert, right. I don’t have to worry about it. And we would, we always appreciate when that sort of mindset is, is given to us in the way we operate here in bigfoot restoration or pair with anything water damage Denver related, any of the services that we offer, smoke, fire, mold, so on and so forth. Um, we appreciate people treating us like the professionals we are. No, no what we’re doing do it every day and they can rest assured that it’s going to be done right. Yes, they could probably try to tinker with a few things themselves, but just not worth the risk of what could happen down the road. Appreciate all the support in the community. Seven, two zero five, seven, five foot. We’re here for any water damage Denver situations that you might have. We appreciate the opportunity until next time. Take care.