Low will convict foot restoration repair and go over some water damage Denver jobs, um, in the last couple of weeks and kind of see what we did there and how we mitigated, uh, the issue there, the one of the jobs, uh, we did here in the last couple of weeks was a, uh, a water damage, Denver job and it, uh, the water came in through the foundation of the home. Um, sometimes, uh, homes just even with foundations aren’t sealed completely. And if we get excess amount of rain or if there’s maybe a leak from a sprinkler system or something like that, it can penetrate the foundation there. And water always seems to find a point within the foundation where it can come through. And so that’s what happened on this particular water damage. Denver job, we got a call there. The basement was, was wet. Wasn’t sure why or anything like that. They’re do, they do have some fresh water lines that were in that room as well.

But, uh, we found out it wasn’t from those, um, had some assistance out in a plumber, evaluate everything and it wasn’t that, but we could see kind of how it was seeping in through the foundation there. So, um, on this water damage Denver job, it had been going on for quite awhile and so anytime you have that continuous moisture, you have that possibility of mold. And that’s what we had here. It was, um, it was in a basement, but then they had a crawl space as well. So, um, in that crawl space there was voice Sher in there, um, as well as the, they had a vapor barrier, but so at least it was doing its job, but it still certainly had, um, still had moisture on top of that vapor barrier. So, um, we had to deal with that. Um, as well as when we pulled the carpet pad back, we could see mold was on the tech strip on the sub floor.

Um, so we knew we had to take care of that as well. You know, a lot of water damage to Denver jobs. We get, um, if somebody hasn’t found it or it’s been occurring for some time, there’s a strong possibility of mold. Um, it’s just unfortunate common, uh, current Sarah. So we, uh, went ahead, pulled the carpet back, removed the pad that was affected, all the tax strip that was affected. Um, we treated the sub floor in the back of the carpet with an, uh, a product that we use for mold. Uh, we contain the room. We didn’t want it to spread throughout the house, so we set up a containment inside the room here and we are going to set a dehumidifier, an air scrubber, um, to dry everything out, um, and then just scrub the air with the air scrubber. It’s going to use a HEPA filter to scrub the air.

Um, a lot of our water damage timber jobs that we deal with, um, that have been going on for a period of time. We’ll put, uh, an air scrubber in place. This helps it cleans out the air and makes sure everything is safe. Um, you know, once we get it completed. So this one retreated that, uh, we were going to come back and do readings. So we did readings with inside the chamber, um, outside in an effected room and then outside as well. So we did these, um, so each day we’d go back and do readings on these, uh, on every water damage timber job we do. Uh, we generally will be back every day and yet it falls on a Saturday or a Sunday. And that’s the nature of the business. Um, we understand that, but it’s imperative that you check on every job every day because things can change that drastic, um, equipment could not be working.

Um, water leak could be what you think was completed or you found the source may not be the actual source. So waiting two days with some companies may not check it every day. Um, they, they come back when they think it should be dry to pull equipment at that time. But, uh, we take the extra steps and every one of our water damage Denver jobs that we do, we check every day. And that means a weekends, Saturday and Sunday. And so we had to do that on this particular job, uh, ran from a Friday and until over the weekend, but we checked it H each day, um, and made some adjustments as needed. So he took care of the, took care of the, uh, the mold. We treated that. Um, but this particular one, there was some residue on the,

Water Damage Denver | A Crack In The Foundation

on the plywood. Um, like I said, there was a crawl space, so, um, crawl space, water was extracted but no mold was found in that crawl space. We were able to handle that. But um, the other rooms, we are the other, the other areas of the room on this water damage. Debra job, we had to, uh, once we got to dry, which took three days to dry, uh, there were some signs of mold that we would have to encapsulate or we may not do at every mold job, but when we mitigate it and we could use a wire brush, HEPA vacuum, we have to vacuum everything. Um, and sure we get all the spores out. Um, so on this particular water damage denver, every job we were able to treat it. And saw some residual that we knew we wanted to encapsulate. So the encapsulation guy looks like a white paint. So every area that was affected, we wanted to hit and went ahead and go ahead and treated that and painted it and capsulated it. Um, and that would take a day to completely dry out.

So we did that on this job, treated it. Um, so we were gonna totally do the complete mitigation on this one and in the put back as well. So what that would involve would be, um, once it was encapsulated day of drying, we’re going to put in new tack strip, which went around about 30 square feet. Uh, not a whole lot, but certainly something that would needed to get done. New tax strip, uh, new pad. Um, but then we would install the carpet and clean the carpet as well. So that’s what we, uh, had planned on the fifth day was to go back. So we did that. We put in new tech strip and pad, um, making sure there wasn’t anything else, no additional leaks or anything like that in the crawl space have got in there. Made sure that was drives it should be.

And it was. So we went ahead and moved forward with everything, felt comfortable, um, that this particular client, um, sometimes they want the whole wall removed so you can have access to the foundation and you can do some repairs. Um, they did some work outside that they felt would help with a drainage issue. Uh, they didn’t have a drain above this room at all. So that water just poured down into right alongside the house, the foundation in with seep through. So installing a new drainage system, pushing that water away from the home. Uh, we felt comfortable that that was the right thing to do for them. We don’t do that type of work, but we, um, made sure and gave our recommendations on what needed to get done. So we did that for them. So we felt the foundation wouldn’t fail again with that. So they’re willing to take that chance and not want to do any excavating or anything like that to try and repair this combination.

So we re-installed the tack strip, put in new pad, um, clean the carpet rate, installed the carpet, tighten it up with our power stretcher and um, tucked in the carpet. Uh, they did have some furniture stains which can become and um, from furniture that’s sitting there and carpet getting wet and the finish from the furniture could wear off and on this water dam distemper job, it did do that. Uh, so the carpet had water or had that furniture stains and they understood that. But um, they just looked at it is that’s where the furniture was going to go right back. So it wasn’t a big deal to them. So went ahead and, uh, cleaned the carpet on this water, damage to him or job cleaned. It, removed all the containment. There was tape, there was some closets that we contained as well. So all containment barriers were removed, um, smelled much better, fresh, um, clean.

Um, after we cleaned the carpet, it was all set. It’s generally 12 to 24 hours on drying time. Basements may be a little bit more, but on this water damage Denver job, um, I felt it would be, uh, closer to about 18 hours on drying completely to where they could then put down, put back their furniture and they’d be all set. Uh, it turned out well. Uh, start to finish was about, uh, five days where it was five days. A happy client was it disrupting their house too much for those five days. Sometimes any equipment can be loud, but I’m on this water damaged ever job. They were very happy, um, were able to get to finish everything and get right in there and complete the job. So that’s what we take pride in, um, with a big foot restoration is, uh, when we start a job, we’re going to try and finish that as, as soon as possible and not have it wait two, three weeks down the road. So if you ever have any foundation issues, water damage issues, be sure to call big foot restoration.