Hmm water damage Denver people, we are back with another podcast of gold. And today it’s not just gonna be me. So you’d be IPI. Um, I, uh, I’m not somebody that likes hearing my own voice very much. And so this’ll be, this’ll be, um, a nice little switch up for me. And basically what, what we want to bring to you today is not just a diatribe, you know, from a technical standpoint or me trying to come up with some sort of, um, cute little unique way of trying to work sports or competition and to water damage Denver or fire or smoke or any of any of the services that we offer. But we’re actually going to visit with a member of, of our little Water Damage Denver community here, a mother, a wife, somebody that has a 40 hour, you know, ordered longer job per week. So a lot on their lot, on her plate.

Um, all of the things that comes with having a family and the response responsibilities there, plus being a major part of, of a company and for, you know, her professional interests. So, um, I’ve got, I’ve got some just kind of questions for how, how am I, how am mind thinks, how, how somebody might operate and, um, make decisions based off an immediate water damage Denver emergency and you know, what sorts of things are important, what sorts of things are top of mind, uh, to consider? Um, the second you walk into your home from a weekend away and you’ve got, you know, two feet of water in your basement from, you know, a leaky pipe or you know, you wake up in the morning to, um, you know, some sort of and be made, candle tipped over and you’ve got smoke damage through your house. Uh, what sorts of things are super important as you, as you go into making a decision, both in the short term for responsiveness and timeliness?

Um, but also as the experience goes along, um, making sure that you know, all of the priorities and not that, um, you know, it’s always the same from individual to individual, but just thought it’d be good to get a perspective on, on how, uh, somebody else might think. So this is miss k hill and Katie, thanks for taking a few minutes here. And so, um, just just tell me, have you ever had, have you ever had a situation where you’ve walked in and you’ve needed to call uh, an emergency restoration company? Uh, water damage Denver, a company out to take care of a claim for you?

Well, thank you for having me. And fortunately I have not personally had to make a water damage claim in my own home. However, uh, in a home that I have lived in before it, right in Water Damage Denver we had some major water damage in the basement. We’ve had to pull carpet and pad and dry out the, the damage for several days before we were able to put the house together. So now being a homeowner in Denver myself, if I came home to water damage in my basement, that’s not an issue. I would go searching on Facebook or asking for recommendations for, I would go straight to Google. I would type in Denver water damage restoration near me and to see what the quickest thing has to come up. I want to weigh the amount of reviews against their, their reading and make sure that I’m getting the best guys for the job and make sure that, that they’re going to respond in a timely manner.

Well, it sounds like you’re fairly informed consumer and so that’s, um,


that’s pretty much a spot on answer that I think everybody would be well served to kind of have that, have that perspective if they, if they had a situation. So you’re saying that you probably wouldn’t reach out to an individual, a real estate agent, a contractor, I’m an insurance agent. You would, you would be more likely to go, um, to the Google machine and just kind of search, uh, reviews out, um, on the companies. Is that probably your style

in this situation? I would, unless I had a very, you know, specific close contacts that I knew had dealt with this issue before and had a great experience with a specific person. Um, otherwise it’s just not something that I would post on my local community page and wait for responses. I want to get this done. Now it’s a time sensitive situation. We’re making some phone calls immediately.

That’s a phenomenal point. And so that, that makes a ton of sense. Why since time is of the ABS essence, since you have water damage Denver, you’ve, you’ve got this situation on your hands, you can’t, you can’t wait. Um, it’s gotta it’s gotta be a quick decision. And you know, I guess I suppose you’re, you’re operating under the assumption that these are objective, you know, legitimate reviews. And what, what sort of threshold for the amount of reviews when you’re looking at, um, restoration companies are, I mean, if they have five, is that good enough? Is it 10, is it 200? What, what’s kind of that sweet spot to where you want to be able to be able to read, you know, a number of reviews and feel confident that you can make a decision based off that?

Sure. So, you know, I’d say we’d probably want to see some, at least in the double digits, but again, not wanting to spend too long scrolling through them, I’ll probably click on him. I’ll go back, see how, how far back to those reviews date if they’re all within the, you know,


last few months within the last few years, how, how much recently they’ve gotten the good and or bad reviews and then potentially how they respond to those as well. Um, you know, we always, everybody has a bad day now and then sometimes consumers write bad reviews. Maybe they’re valid, maybe they’re not. But, um, there I think the way that a company responds to those, especially in Denver where it’s such a competitive market, you, you got to know the type of people that you’re dealing with, especially when it comes to, you know, water damage restoration, where you’re, where you’re dealing with a lot of potential loss and you want to make sure that these, these people are going to take care of you and your, your home.

Okay. So you’ve scrolled through you, you looked at say five, five ish type companies, read their reviews, you decide you’re going to pull the trigger and you’re going to call company, you’re going to call, let’s just call them water damage Denver Restoration Company. So you call water damage Denver Restoration Company. And they say, okay, we’ve got a mobile response team that we’re going to send out and they’re going to see you super soon. We’re going to get them in route. You’ll see them within an hour. So great. That’s great. It, it’s exactly what you want to hear. You’re not, um, you’re not wanting to make an appointment for this to happen. You want them to literally get there as soon as they can. So they say they will, they show up. And what is a snapshot of kind of the way you hope for them to interact with you or start on the job? We understand that, you know, there’s a lot of,


lot of value in the technical side of things and you know, the experience of the worker. But that’s not, that’s not good enough. There needs to be those extra benefits. And their, and how they interact and how they treat you, um, as well. So what does that ideal situation look like when the individual or individuals show up at your home?

Yeah, absolutely. I would love to for a knock on my door in and I is friendly face to introduce themselves, make sure that um, you know, I know the company that they’re with it, they’re with water restoration, water damage Denver and that they’re going to be taken care of my home today. You know, and if they will ask me to show them the damage, we’ll get right to it. And I, uh, you know, appreciate any extra little steps that I know that they’re going to treat my home with the utmost care. So any type of protective, uh, deals that they can pay around my house, just make sure that they’re not making more of a mess than I’ve already gotten my house. It’s great. I’ll show them, show them the, uh, issues that we’re dealing with, all the water damage that has been done in my basement. And again, that that’s probably the point where the technical part comes in. If they can take their tools out, show me where the water damage started, that they know exactly what they’re doing and where to go to diagnose the problem, then I will be happy and confident that I picked water damage Denver to come and take care of my problem.

Okay, perfect. So, so you’re, you’re the type of person that would like, I mean, you don’t need the entire book read to you as far as what they’re going to be doing, but you would like a little insight as to kind of what to expect.

Yup. I don’t need to know every single step that they’re taking, but the more that they can explain to me, uh, you know, Layman’s terms, I’m not an expert, so I need the fairly simple explanation, but an explanation than the last, just to know that they know what they’re doing just so that I, I know that they know what they’re supposed to be doing. Okay,

makes sense. Okay, so you called water damage Denver restoration. They got a crew out. Sure enough, they showed up when they said they would, they come in, they introduce themselves. Um, they interact with you in a professional manner. They get right to work, they give you a nice kind of compact and digestible form of, of what to expect. But we know that their, their work isn’t going to be complete that day. So, um, we know that, you know, in the case of a, of a flooded basement, we know, let’s just say we’re thinking in terms of, you know, let’s just say at the end of their demo and they do, after the initial initial meeting, they come up and say, you know, Ms. Hill looks like we’re going to be here, you know, or are, you know, we’ll be doing this process for about five days. For that next five days you’re going to have technicians from water damage, water damage Denver restoration, you know, in and out of your home. What does that look like as far as what? I mean it’s, it’s not going to be the most convenient thing in the world, but it’s just, it’s the way things have to go for your home to be got, you know, two for it to get back to normal is as soon as possible. So how does that next five days look for you?

Sure. So obviously by this point I’ve had some interaction with these guys and I, I feel confident that they, um, are confident in their work and it sure isn’t the most convenient thing in the world. I am a busy working mom. I’ve got an office to get to, I’ve got school to get to. I’ve got extra curricular activities to get to. So, you know, ideally these guys would be someone I’d be comfortable leaving in my home even if I’m not there. And from that point on, it’s really all about communication. So if they have given me enough communication at our first meeting, then I would expect that to continue. And as long as it does, I’m going to continue that feeling of comfortability with them being in my home. So at this point, communication becomes key. Um, just back and forth about anything that they’re going to be doing when they’re going to be there, that they get there when they say they’re going to be there and if they’re, if they’re unable to make it communicate.

That’s really, that’s really all I personally would ask for. But then, um, you know, again, just to be able to come into my home after they’ve been there and see that it’s still as clean as it was through their tracks so that they’re still leaving it as good as they found it, if not better. Hopefully, you know, the, the water damage in the basement is being taken care of and they’re not causing me any more of a mess throughout the rest of the house then then we will, we will, we’ll be happy with, with the service. And do you have to keep having them come back as often as they need to because I know they’re going to get the job done. Right.

I think that that’s kind of goes without saying, but I think it’s just a, a concept that a lot of workers, regardless of the industry kind of overlook sometimes is, you know, they’re there to get a job done, but they’re also there to, to not add to the job scope of, of cleaning for the homeowner. And when, you know, when you’ve got a crew going down into a, a wet basement that, you know, is probably got a lot of drywall, it’s demoed and all sorts of wetness and things like that. Um, you know, the facts of the matter is there’s gotta be some sort of a route, uh, you know, up and outside and maybe do the trashcan or the, the roll off or whatever sort of, you know, Holloway trash has been set up. Um, but certainly, I don’t know that any homeowner would be like, oh yeah, just make a complete mess track of my stairs out the, you know, out, out through my wood floors and, you know, I’ll just clean up after you guys.

So that’s, that’s a pretty legitimate point. It’s one that I think a lot of restoration companies would be well served by taking into, I’m taking a mind a little bit more. Okay. So water damaged Denver Restoration Company has to this point met your expectations if not exceeded them by answering the phone, showing up promptly, um, having that good initial point of contact and then um, communicating and I’m executing on what they say they’re going to do throughout the next five days as, as you know, you wrap up and as they show you their progress and they’ve gotten to the point where they can ensure that, you know, your structure is now dry, it’s safe and it’s ready for the next contractor to come in and do any rebuild work that needs to be done to get things back to the way they were before. Is there anything that would be especially appreciated or something that would just kind of put a nice bow on, on the experience with water damage, Denver Restoration?

You know, if they are giving me personal referrals for their contractors to do the rebuild work, then that’s just another piece of research off of my plate. Because by this point they’ve proven to me that they’re a trustworthy company and then I’m going to be led to believe that they deal with other trustworthy companies. So if water damage Denver restoration has been referring a as the referring another company to me to help me wrap up this project and get my home back to being normal, then I will likely take that, take that with, with arms wide open and um, you know, any, any kind of personal referrals to contractors are always greatly appreciated. And I was just glad to have found water damage Denver restoration by, by searching Google and happened to come across a great company to help me out with the work. So at that point, I am just happy beyond belief that they responded, like they said they would and that they didn’t drag it out for weeks and weeks.

And within a week, my house is at least back to a point where we can start the rebuild process. So I am going to go back to all of my friends and family and just say, man, water damage. Denver restoration did such a great job and took care of me and my house and my family. And if anybody needs these guys, I’ve got a stack of their cards right here for ya. And uh, hopefully, hopefully then I’ll have those issues. But when they do, they’re going to call me instead of googling because they’ll remember that I had a great, great experience with someone and they’ll say, I’m not going to search Google, I’m going to go with your company. Who was it again? Water damage. Denver restoration.

Well that sounds about like the best possible scenario for, you know, what’s an unfortunate situation? Um, but things that do happen and they happen at the most opportune times. So, um, I would imagine that most consumers out there would, would probably,


Agree with just about everything that Katie mentioned as far as simply wanting someone to answer the phone, do what they say they’re going to do, keep them informed of, of the process and


Again, you know, not only do do a great job, but also be a resource for any other sort of worth that might need to be done in the home. So, um, that in my opinion was a great, um, great little nugget for us all to consider is as consumers, as we look for restoration companies to consider, but also as restoration companies to really, um, think about what’s most important to the consumer. So, thank you, Katie for your time and thank you for the support and the community. As you guys know, that foot is open and operating 24, seven, three 65, seven two zero five, seven, five foot is how you get ahold of us. We’re ready when you are. Take care.