Well, it’s going on water damage Denver friends. Glad to spend another 600 seconds with you on this latest episode of the big foot restoration water damage Denver podcast of go hold. So for the next few podcasts, I am going to highlight some of the, some of the things that we do at Bigfoot that we believe set us apart and I want to devote one episode per item so as not to convolute and diminish the importance of each of those ways that we believe that we have intentionally designed our water damaged Denver company to be different than other companies out there. I’ve said many times on our episodes that we don’t necessarily look at other water damage Denver companies as competition even though technically they occupy the same space as we do in the marketplace, they offer the same service. Um, we believe that there still plenty of work to go around and that there’s niches that different water damage Denver companies just um, kind of either intentionally or maybe even don’t or, or even non intentionally have.

But there’s just certain things that they may be exceptional at, um, equipped, have resources to do and others may not. And then the ones that are maybe kind of Bob bottom of the barrel, those, those ones typically weed themselves out on their own. Um, you know, you can’t, my opinion can’t run a service-related business for too long before your true colors start to show. And if you’re not trustworthy, if you’re not reliable, if you’re not professional, um, if you’re not responsible, there’s, there’s probably only so many chances that you will get until you’ve burned bridges and are no longer needed or wanted in the marketplace. So the first kind of unique thing that Bigfoot restoration brings to the table as a water damage Denver company is our 90 minute guarantee. Now, I would imagine that if you look up most water damage Denver companies, they are going to Tao fast response is being one of their benefits to going with their company. I don’t know of a company, a water damage Denver company that would say, no, we’re just kind of lethargic. We’re just kind of indifferent to phone calls that come in. Um, you know, we kind of get on, get to them on our own time. You’ll never hear that. You’ll always hear a water damage number company at least say, yeah, we try to get to you as soon as possible. Well, what does that mean?

Could mean a lot of different things could mean immediate could mean as immediate as possible. Um, or something else.

What it means to us is if an individual calls and um, you know, basically describes the situation, lets us know that they have a water damage, Denver emergency and then they need our help. If we say, okay, we’re ready to go, we’ve got a crew that’s able to come out, we accept this job and if they give us their verbal authorization that w we will be going out to do work for them, then we guarantee that we will be there in 90 minutes or less. Now that’s great that, uh, you know, that means that we’ll be there in an hour and a half. But

what is the but what is the, or else, what is the stipulation that kind of holds us to our guarantee. A lot of companies say, Oh, we guarantee we’ll be there, you know, as fast as we can and this amount of time. But what, what’s the repercussion if they’re not? Is it just a sorry, is it Jay? Is it, you know, we tried type thing, not sure. Never checked on any other water damage dimmer company for big foot. What that means is if we are any later than 90 minutes to a job that we verbally accept that we’ve been given verbal authorization for. If we’re any later than 90 minutes, we will pay $10 per minute that we are late.

So what does that mean? Well, if somebody calls us at two 30, we have the conversation, 2:30 PM let’s just say we have the conversation. Uh, we, we know that we have the resources to be able to help the person and help them out with their water damage Denver’s situation. And that client gives us verbal authorization that we want you to come out and immediately get to work on this job. We say, all right, here we go. Start the clock. 90 minutes from that point we will be there. We guarantee it. We, we want to be there as soon as possible. The client should want us to be there as soon as possible, but if for some reason we are not,

Water Damage Denver | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

there could be I guess a host of reasons, none intentional, but if for any reason we are, let’s just say two 30 so that would be four o’clock we need to be there. If we’re there at four Oh seven that client gets $70 if we’re there at four 14 that client gets $140 if we’re there at four

48 that client gets $480 it’s a way that we put our money where our mouth is and put up what I think is pretty pretty fair stakes to say. If we are not able to meet the time period that we have promised to our water damage Denver customers, then we will dig deep into our pocket to compensate them for our inability to make good on our guarantee. Doesn’t mean we’re stopping for a hamburger on the way and just lost track of time. Doesn’t mean that we’re just, uh, playing an extra game of cards at the shop before we take off. It would literally have to be something pretty catastrophic, like a car accident, like getting a flat tire on the way to the job, like, um, something very serious happening to maybe one of the family members of one of our technicians that’s headed to the job. You know, we, we know that it would be something very serious and very, um, probably not good, but we still want people to understand that they don’t necessarily have to worry about that. I mean, we don’t, we’re not going to make excuses to them. We’re simply going to follow through

on our promise. So in my opinion, that’s, that’s pretty legitimate. That’s pretty,


Pretty apparent that we will be there in a very timely manner and get to work and get your water damage. Denver situation resolved, mitigated, restored in the most time efficient way possible. I don’t know of any other companies that do this seriously. I, I do not know of any other companies that offer some sort stipulation like that really, really guarantee. Really step up to the plate and say, this is what you get. If we aren’t able to follow through on our promise and it doesn’t mean in any way that if we’re late that we’re going to throw our hands up and say, wow, you got us. Here’s your money. We’re outta here. Nope. Quite the opposite. We’re going to get right to work like we normally would hustle, go through the proper steps. It’s just that for that extra minute or two minutes or five minutes or seven minutes or 12 minutes, we said we would do it, we’ll do it. We might not have cash right then and there, but that is our promise. That customer will have cash in their hand to compensate them for the extra literally extra seconds, extra minutes that we were unable to get there. Thankfully this has never happened and not thankfully, because it saved us money, thankfully, because we’ve always been able to

follow through

on the guarantee that we, that we put out there. So that’s a good thing there. Again, we don’t want anybody to be mad that we’re there within the timeframe that we promised. We want them to be pleased. We want them to be happy. We want to get off on the right foot where they know that it is our true intention and desire to get to them as fast as humanly possible. I think our record is like 14 or 16 minutes, something like that. It’s in the teens. So how cool would it be, you know, for a customer call, a water damage Denver company and literally 15 minutes later they’re at their doorstep getting to work. I was pretty proud of that one. I hope the customer was super happy with it. Uh, I think they were. Um, but that’s our true goal. So that will wrap it up for part one of the, uh, the ways that big foot restoration has decidedly set themselves apart as your water damage. Denver contractor of choice, if you appreciate tremendously fast response times, if you appreciate a company that will back their guarantees up in a big way, um, please think of us. Give us a shot. Should you ever have any sort of loss, we’d sure appreciate the opportunity to help. Seven two zero five, seven, five three, six, six, eight is how you get ahold of us. We want to be there when you need us and we will be within 90 minutes, in fact, so we appreciate your time and until next time you stay safe.